The Amazing Career of Sheldon Lavin

There are very few CEOs who are as well respected as Sheldon Lavin. He has pretty much done everything that a successful businessman can do. He has achieved goals that very few people would have thought possible. He has been able to do these things because of his enormous passion for what he does for a living. He enjoys his job. He also gets pleasure out of making deals and making his company bigger. Lavin is the man who is in charge of OSI Group. This is a company that is mainly known for producing a wide variety of meats.

Sheldon Lavin became the CEO of OSI Group after becoming friends with a guy named Otto who ran the company. At that point, it consisted of only a single factory that was located on the outskirts of Chicago. From these very humble beginnings, Lavin created a massive company that spans the globe. Lavin decided to buy a piece of the company after helping to get Otto the money he needed to update the machinery in his meat factory. He figured that he had the skills to make the company much more successful than it already was. He turned out to be right. Sheldon Lavin quickly expanded the company into other states. The response from customers around the United States was beyond his wildest expectations.

He kept opening new factories. He would use the same strategy every time. He would make sure that there was no competition around any of his factories. This made OSI Group the only game in town. He would choose cities that did not have very good economies. This is because Sheldon knew that opening up an OSI Group factory in these towns would help to create jobs. This was his unique way of helping these poor communities. The legacy of Sheldon Lavin will be the company that he helped to build. OSI Group is now in many other countries around the world. Sheldon has accomplished his business goal of making the company a global success. There are very few people who could have done this. Lavin is a very gifted businessman.

Jeremy Goldstein Success Story

New York City is the home of many professionals. Most top executives prefer to set up their offices in this area because of the population and the profits they get from their companies. Jeremy Goldstein is among experienced lawyers living in New York. The company he co-founded is in this location too, and it serves customers from everywhere. The lawyer and his very experienced team focus on advising company leaders, businesses, management teams, and compensation committees about business. Because of the knowledge, he has accumulated over the decades, Jeremy Goldstein works as the chairperson in the mergers and acquisition committee. With his help, many customers have closed big deals and increased their returns. These organizations have also managed to stay away from court cases because of the advice given.

More than ten years ago, Jeremy Goldstein made a discovery. Most of the companies had problems whenever they were dealing with executive compensation. None of the lawyers in the market was willing to give the assistance the clients needed. The attorney understood this area well, and he knew that he was going to offer the best advice. A law firm that dealt with this subject would solve the challenge many clients were facing in the market. Many years later, Jeremy is glad he took the first step and built his company. Apart from making a living, the company has helped many.

Being the leader of a top legal company is one thing Jeremy Goldstein does not take for granted. The lawyer has devised various ways of making sure that his days are productive. His primary goal when he gets to the office is to advise his customers about their payments and careers. According to Jeremy, these two subjects are very critical, and they need someone to be ready and experienced. In this industry, there are no simple shortcuts while helping clients. The whole process of negotiating, advising, and drafting needs his full commitment. His dedication is full time. His family remains to be dear to him, but he focuses all his energy on his clients.

Giving back to the community is not something many lawyers love to do in modern times. Most of them prefer to stay in their officers and deal with court cases away from the public. For Jeremy Goldstein, people, especially those who have mental health issues, need assistance. Many individuals are living their happy lives without thinking about the needy. Goldstein used his resources for fundraising and assisting Fountain House. The charity foundation deals with people with a mental health condition. The lawyer wants the organization to continue raising awareness about different mental conditions. When the patients speak about their challenges, then it will be easy to solve the problem and continue with their lives.


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The career of Gulf Coast Western president and CEO – Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western or Joint Ventures and credits their rapid expansion to working with other partners. The company was founded in the year 1970, and according to the article from the Daily Forex Report, has locations in – Mississippi, Colorado, and Oklahoma with its main headquarters in Texas. The oil and gas brand contribute two specific deals to their expansion in Southwestern Louisiana with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The two deals allowed the company to produce more wells and other drilling locations. The production of these wells was depicted to put them over the top from what they were prior. Gulf Coast Western has also used seismic data for their other projects to develop the surrounding areas. Another credited partnership that they believe allowed for a lot of expansion was with a partner named Northcote Energy Ltd. to expand in Southeast Louisiana to produce more oil. Aside from just doing this, Gulf Coast Western has invested in other companies. They do not plan to stop just there though as they insist to expand throughout the United States and work with other partners as they have been stamped with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The last section of the article summarizes the work and life of their CEO – Matthew Fleeger as he completed his education from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. He credits the skills he learned in college as being necessary to later work for various oil and gas companies along with leading one in Gulf Coast Western. Prior to being a part of Gulf Coast Western, he founded his own companies in MedSolutions and two successful tan businesses named Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan.

Daily Forex Report – main article

Under Armour Philanthropy

Under Armour founder and chairman Kevin Plank was born in Maryland, played college football in Maryland where he concepted the idea for Under Armour and has since gone on to become a billionaire who’s philanthropy has greatly impacted his community. Plank has spent much of the last few years with his hand in several business endeavors such as Plank industries, which consists of a real estate firm, a land developing company, a whiskey distillery and beautification projects throughout the state. Plank’s father was a prominent land developer in Kensington, Maryland where he grew up and it seems like Kevin has followed in his father’s footsteps as he has worked with his companies to revamp popular Baltimore attractions and activities such as the water taxi program and renovations to sites like the Pendry Hotel.

Plank’s philanthropy has involved donating millions to Maryland schools, creating and funding summer jobs for disadvantaged youth in Baltimore’s rougher neighborhoods and donating to create community centers. In addition to being the chairman of Under Armour, Kevin Plank also sits on the board of several committees, including the Greater Baltimore Committee which serves to beautify and rejuvenate the Baltimore area. Plank sits on the Board of Trustees at UMD, where his Under Armour story began. In 2015, Plank pledged $16 million to St. John’s College High School in D.C. which went toward funding athletics, academics and young entrepreneur programs. Growing up Roman Catholic and having attended Catholic School for many of his formative years, Plank donated one million dollars to the Archdiocese of Baltimore so more children could go to Catholic School.

Plank has stayed close to his roots as he lives with his wife and two children in a suburb just a few miles north of Baltimore. A fixture of the local community and sports community abroad. Read more about Kevin Plank:

Luke Lazarus Dedicated In Helping Startup to Succeed

Luke Lazarus is one of the premier consultants of our time. His shrewd pieces of advice spans in Australia, Southeastern coast. He has set track of records as a megastar, world-class consultant and entrepreneur.

He graduated with MBA from Melbourne Business School at the age of 24. In one decade, Luke Lazarus stepped into fullness his purposes at the age of 33; he had solely established four companies and sold them.

Tips for Establishing a Startup

Luke Lazarus is the founder and the CEO of Lazarus consulting. As an established business leader, he clearly understands the central factors that help in successfully launching new products into the market. He understands the essences of partnership.

Mr Luke is skillful and talented in pinpointing, defining, and addressing matters that steer the success of your business. With his two decades of experiences, Mr Lazarus flourishes at what he does and has played vital roles in the success of many firms.

His professional strengths are enumerated by his capabilities helping startups get off from the ground or bringing businesses back on track. Lazarus whose gift of acquiring more wealth, love of advising, and mentoring catapulted him, his inevitable step as consultants is a distinctive feature that defines him.

Luke Lazarus considers that the basis of trump achievements relies on making your brands unique. He noted that a business plan is a blueprint that guides entrepreneurs in realizing their goals. To him, a well-structured business plan is a masterpiece that attracts potential investors and partners. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

His passion is what drives him in achieving limitless possibilities. Seeing entrepreneurs’ are capable of defining and redefining their goals, plans, and vision, and bringing more joy, his pride comes from there. He noted that entrepreneurs need to trust their intuition and surround themselves with talented people who will help them in accomplishing their task in unusual ways.

To establish a new product or rebrand your product, it vital to create the identity of the goods you are offering. Along with that, the entrepreneur needs to design the growth model, estimate the income and lay down the marketing strategies.

The foundation of a successful enterprise is determined by the great story you are going to tell, he stated. Entrepreneurs need to capitalize on customer needs and desires. Through continuous market research on trends and e-commerce, Luke Lazarus is capable of bringing new ideas at the table. He invests his valuable time in identifying market gaps and ways of achieving them.

He lives a balanced life; he jumpstarts his day with morning exercise and meditation to clear out his thoughts and bring more energy to life. Luke systematically arranges his daily activities to ensure all the tasks are completed timely.

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Ted Bauman Advising his Followers to Invest in PayPal

Ted Bauman is a highly successful Atlanta based investment analyst and serves as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. At the firm Bauman authors, a couple of newsletter and his writings revolve around asset protection, migration, and privacy issues as well as low-risk investments. Bauman is an economics and history graduate and has previously served in senior positions in several NGOs dealing with housing and has also served as an advisor to governments and the United Nations.

Ted Bauman, in one of his articles, explains to his readers why they should invest their money on PayPal, an online cashless payment company. According to Bauman, the world is evolving, so is the money industry, and the use of cash for transactions is coming to an end. Bauman, in his letter, takes his readers back and asks them to remember the last time they used cash for purchases. The last time the majority of people used cash for transaction maybe months for some and others years ago. According to Ted Bauman, that is a clear indication that in few years to come people will no longer be using cash for transactions but will be using digital currency such as PayPal. Already many companies, even small local business have started accepting PayPal as well as credit cards for Transactions. See more on

Ted Bauman says that still there are those people who are using cash. However, from research, those people are only using cash for small purchases and plastic cards or digital payments for significant transactions. Statistics from the Federal Reserve supports this fact, and according to them in the years 2016, only 35 percent of all transactions were made using cash the rest were digital payments. Moreover, of the 35 percent cash transactions, the amounts that were involved were less than 25 dollars.

Ted Bauman recommends that his followers invest their money on newer cashless payment systems such as PayPal as opposed to companies such as Discover and Visa. Bauman says credit cards will not remain a lucrative transaction option for a long time as a newer and better cashless mode of payments is invented almost every year. Other than PayPal, there are many different digital payment platforms such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. However, according to Bauman, PayPal is the best due to its successful track record and adaptability.


Small Business Opportunities With Agera Energy LLC

Small Business Opportunities With Agera Energy LLC

Agera Energy LLC partnership program is a brilliant new program. Many small businesses are currently looking to diversify and offer services that will make them stand out compared to their competition. Read more about Agera Energy at

How will small businesses accomplish this task? Simple, the answer is networking. Agera Energy LLC realizes the importance of innovation and creating new partnerships in order to compete in the emerging Global Marketplace.


Insurance and Accounting Firms that work with Agera Energy LLC partnership program small businesses now have the ability to add additional services, and Agera Energy Products as a benefit to their current customers. Visit to know more.

OSI Group Executive Discusses Company’s Expansion to China

OSI Group celebrated the twenty year anniversary of its expansion into China. The leading food processing and distribution company has been serving the Chinese market by offering high quality food products to consumers. By operating in China for twenty years, OSI has been able to further establish itself as a leading worldwide food supply company. During the 2008 Olympics, its branch known as OSI China was responsible for providing a variety of food products to customers which resulted in a very high level of satisfaction among them.

Shortly after the company celebrated its twenty year anniversary of being in China, one of the company’s top executives talked about the keys to success in the Chinese expansion. OSI’s president and chief operating officer David McDonald said that one of he things that led to the company’s expansion was making it local. He said that it was important for OSI to get a better understanding of the needs and demands of Chinese customers and then cater to them. Making the company adapt to the local market enabled OSI to provide the products and services that the Chinese consumers wanted. By becoming local, OSI was able to successfully expand to China.

Another key to success that David McDonald mentioned was sticking to the company’s principles. He said that although OSI was expanding into a foreign country, it still looked to maintain its main principles of food quality, food safety and customer satisfaction. The company kept these principles intact while looking to serve the Chinese market. As a result, it was able to become a successful enterprise in this foreign market within a few years.

When looking to expand into China, David McDonald also revealed that OSI Group was able to succeed due to its ability to develop trust. The company realized that like all cultures, Chinese customers preferred to work with companies that they feel comfortable with. In order to develop this trust, OSI spent a lot of time meeting with customers to find out what they are looking for in food products. OSI also mentioned its reputation in the United States and revealed its track record of customer satisfaction. By developing trust, OSI was able to ensure that it would be able to successfully expand to China. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

HCR Wealth Advisors Help Plan for Life’s Biggest Challenges

HCR Wealth Advisors

In a recent blog post, HCR Wealth Advisors discussed the tools that can protect your family and provide peace of mind in the case of death or a serious illness. HCR Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm servicing high net worth individuals and their families by providing comprehensive wealth management solutions. Part of that process is planning for the inevitable. Fortunately, HCR Wealth Advisors develops a personalized strategy with each client to help each reach their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors establishes relationships through education, trust, and service. These long-lasting relationships (many clients have been with the firm for over ten years) make it easier for you and your family to be ready for unexpected events like death or incapacitation long before they occur. In their blog post, they discussed how a will, an advanced health care directive, and durable powers of attorney are essential planning tools for the time when you might be unable to make decisions for yourself. Creating an estate plan now, with the help of an estate planning attorney, can help protect your family and your assets.

HCR Wealth Advisors has been helping clients protect themselves against risk, educating clients on investments, and creating personalized financial strategies for 30 years. They are an independent firm that works in their clients’ best interests. This allows HCR Wealth Advisors to develop a strategy with each client to manage whatever life may bring and help them to reach their financial goals. Good planning now will help you and your family navigate life’s unexpected turns for years to come.


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EOS Lip Balm Review – Favorite Flavors

If You Love Fresh Strawberries For Dessert, Then Check Out This EOS Lip Balm Review

There is something to be said about the fresh flavors of summer. The flavor of fresh strawberries ranks high on the favorite flavor list. Another summer favorite is a nice refreshing dish of sorbet. What happens when you combine the two? You get a favorite flavor of EOS called Strawberry Sorbet.

EOS lip balms are 100% natural lip balm and will have your lips thinking that dessert time is all day long. It even comes in a pink sphere. The all natural ingredients will help to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.

Besides the sweet taste and pleasant smell, what else makes EOS lip balms the best lip balm ever? The fact that they are made with all healthy ingredients. The ingredient list contains natural items like Shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, honeysuckle flower extract, and more. For those who have chapped lips will notice the difference right away. After applying, your lips will appear to be plump and have a soft healthy glow. The lip balm lasts for about four hours, and it goes on smooth and not sticky. This is one dessert that is healthy for you.