Maarten De Jeu Smart Investment And Diversification

For Fortune 100 companies, Maarten De Jeu is a highly recognized strategic advisor. He assists individual investors in attaining long and short-term investment goals by using investment opportunities in commercial real estate to their advantage. He teaches that it is extremely beneficial to use commercial real estate as a pillar of investment holdings. He also advises that becoming involved in real estate is now easier as the opportunity to invest in real estate has become more accessible for average investors. These hard asset investments are lucrative and in the past were only reserved for institutions or extremely wealthy investors. With increased access to projects in commercial real estate, individual investors can pool their investment efforts.


Maarten De Jeu realizes how broad the category is for commercial real estate investment in for-profit properties. These include office buildings, warehouses, industrial parks, multi-use complexes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail spaces. The difference between commercial and residential properties is that residential properties are used solely as housing. Commercial properties, on the other hand, are typically a great deal larger and significantly more expensive to build, purchase and maintain than single-family homes. This is what prevented individual investors from taking advantage of commercial real estate investment opportunities. Recent changes in the laws that affect investment allow expanded access to the benefits of commercial real estate ownership equity. 


The 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS) was one of the largest changes in recent years. The act permitted businesses to use crowdfunding to attract individual investors who otherwise did not have sufficient enough capital to invest in a new business venture. This differs from crowdfunding’s donation model where individuals contribute to a cause without ownership or a return on their investment. At a minimum of $5,000, non-accredited investors can invest in commercial real estate that has been pre-selected. One option available to commercial real estate crowdfunding investors is the monthly collection of interest payments form a borrower’s secured loan payments. Either option allows the investor to reinvest gains from the initial investment into other invests that will allow tax advantages. Learn more:


Unlike traditional investments involving stocks and bonds, investment in commercial real estate is based on particular assets that do not involve selling the investment according to market fluctuations. As well, property investment is insulated from the factors that make stock market investing risky. There are also minimal associated investment fees. Securing mutual funds and a traditional investment portfolio requires a certified financial advisor whereas commercial real estate investment does not require the same level of management fees. Tracking and monitoring the performance of the individual real estate investor’s assets is highly efficient and cost-effective for them due to having online access.


It is wise for any investor to prioritize diversification in terms of investment strategies. There are diversification opportunities in commercial real estate that simply do not exist in traditional investments. An expected return form monthly rent reduces concerns about dips in the stock market as those changes do not affect the occupancy of a building or the amount of rent collected.

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Texas’ Gulf Coast Western is Changing the Oil and Gas Industry for the Better

A new gas and oil company has been shaking up the gas and oil industry in a great way. By focusing on properties geological and geophysical advantages and well-developed structures, Gulf Coast Western searches for companies that have a high level of return potential as well as a quantified downside risk to its affiliates. As the Managing Venture of gas and oil partnerships, Gulf Coast Western combines talent, resources, and industry expertise in order to acquire and develop domestic gas and oil reserves located near the Gulf Coast.

Meet the CEO

CEO Matthew Fleeger is highly revered for his innovative strides in the gas and oil, tanning, and waste management industries. In particular, he is heralded for his expert incite in contract negotiation, team building, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. Before becoming the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger founded successful companies such as MedSolutions, which versatile holding company that specializes in the transporting, treatment, and disposal of medical waste from healthcare companies. After serving as the CEO for 13 years, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle Inc. a company that remains a leader in the industry to this day. Additionally, he was also instrumental in founding two major tanning enterprises, whose combined revenue was a whopping $100 million.

Gulf Coast Expansion

Gulf Coast WesternIn addition to acquiring domestic gas and oil reserves on the Gulf Coast, Gulf Coast Western is also preparing to expand beyond the United States. With more than 1,000 collaborations across the country, GCW continues to push forward while also focusing on its core values of ethics and business integrity, which has led to an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It’s Not All About The Benjamins With JetSmarter’s Sergey Petrossov


And A Way He Goes  

In 2019, Sergey Petrossov has a business that is valued in the millions and millions of dollars. 10 years ago he took his first private jet flight and noted some problems. The main issue was that they rely on analog data rather than digital management systems. Sergey Petrossov had always been a techie at heart. At that time, he saw an opportunity to improve the way private jet services were offered. So he got to work.

Wait A Minute – You Already Got A Job!

Sergey Petrossov began consulting with both friends and private jet industry leaders to see where he can be of use. Improving the management system was just the beginning. Though he was working at another tech start-up at the time. He always thought he would get back to the private jet industry at some point. That first flight and his subsequent consultation gave him an education. His brain started ruminating on an app that would make everything work easier.

As he thought on that thing, this wunderkind noticed that the big issue in the private jet industry was that the flight hours were severely underutilized. Back in 2012 with a few years of consultation work under his belt, he wanted to do something about the fact that private jets flew on an average capacity of 10 to 15%.

In short, Sergey Petrossov felt that “it wasn’t an effective use of the plane”. That’s where the idea of a sharing medium came into play. Fast forward to today. He has ideas to expand to India, China and South America. This is in addition to its current corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. JetSmarter also has offices in London, Dubai, Zürich, Moscow and in Saudi Arabia.


At the ripe old age of 31 there is absolutely no telling how high, Sergey will take this private jet company that has become the Uber of luxury air travel.


LocationSmart; A Cloud-Based Approach

It is very important to manage electronic interfaces and all mobile devices in an efficient and controlled way in the world of today. This ability allows developers of consumer applications as well as business ones to find and use answers that enable necessary management through transaction verifications, access controls, location insights, fraud prevention and device profiling.


LocationSmart is the company that can offer its customers all of those features and even more by their cloud-based approach that is both a multi-source and secure method. They are able to accomplish this by using an API platform that is powerful enough to work without having to install an application on the particular device. This type of technology goes on to provide location insights that are real-time for devices that are connected around the world that include computers, M2M/IoT assets, tablets, laptops and smartphones.


Essential accessibility is provided successfully with LocationSmart. Their progress in the industry is highly due to their (LaaS) Location-as-a-Service platform. They are the world’s largest in this type of platform and they can provide businesses with location intelligence that allow engagement services for mobile devices that are connected to workers, assets and consumers.


LocationSmart can serve countless customers for entrepreneurial startups as well as Fortune 500 businesses. By offering ways to change the way that these companies do business, their end results are more efficient and productive. Their technological advances offer a cross-carrier platform that is veryu comprehensive and able to cover many needs that deliver a large footprint and broad reach in the market. It can make the adaptation of this platform both easy and practical.


Since by the year 2021, the global use of connected devices will increase to at least four or more each day, having a unique IP address to both identify the location and device will give companies quite an advantage to increase efficiency in strong manners. This will help to prevent online fraud with the ability to expand the use of IP intelligence and IP location.


Using IP geolocation will also help companies to engage customers with a more personal touch. Observing copyright protection, managing network security and traffic and complying with all iGaming regulations will also be possible with IP geolocation.


Using (IoT) The Internet of Things, is a way of using technological advances as a beneficial way in asset tracking. There is an expectancy of the device connectivity to exceed at least 30 billion by the year 2020 and even twice as much by 2025 according to the Statista company. LocationSmart can offer a service to understand GSID by using its cloud-based platform.


There is a reality of connectivity that needs to be accepted by businesses in order for them to be successful. Since LocationSmart can offer that real-time location data, it is now possible.


LocationSmart states that there is no virtual reality. The main goal of their company is to give clients the ability to know where all of the devices are located and which other devices their are connecting with.


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Oren Frank’s Quest To Change Views on Mental Health

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, which is the number one online and mobile psychotherapy company. The app is very convenient to those who are looking to improve their mental health. Talkspace has helped over a million users find connections to licensed therapists. The company was founded with his wife in 2012, after going through couples therapy. Oren and his wife, Roni, launched the company after experiencing benefits and believed that everyone deserves access to affordable and convenient psychotherapy. Their vision was “Therapy for all“.

Talkspace has raised over $100 million in financing since being founded. With the new capital, the company has two new targets. They want to leverage its machine learning and AI capabilities, along with accelerating the growth of its commercial business. Talkspace has now partnered up with Optum. This is a pharmacy care service group and benefit manager.

Oren Frank wrote an article called “Mental health and wellness aren’t the same“. The business man notes how several companies and departments tend to believe that mental health and wellness are the same thing. Frank believes that the two should not be seen as the same thing because that makes mental health seem like less of a health problem, which is why the two terms “wellness” and “mental health” should stay separated. With how big of a crisis mental illness is around the world, not putting an emphasis on mental health on its own pushes people to not find proper and professional treatment.

Before becoming successful with Talkspace, Oren Frank mainly worked in fields such as communications, advertising, and marketing. He even had a stint writing articles for Huffington Posts. Oren Frank wrote various articles such as technology, politics, social media, and mental health. One of his articles show that he is also a supporter for U.S Senator Kamala Harris, during her presidential campaign for the 2020 election. Read:

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Prioritizes Each Day with a Work Plan

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is a Brazilian businessman who runs Estaleiros do Brasil. His company builds complex floating storage projects off the Brazilian coast. His company also builds shipyards. His company completed a major shipyard project in Sao Jose do Norte. This project was the result of pre-salt field and oil discoveries. Such platforms can produce up to 150,000 barrels of oil each day.

The government of Jose do Norte was supportive of the project. It was also good for the community because it hired a lot of qualified workers in the job applicant pool. Godoy anticipates that his company will build three to four such platforms each year. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is an excellent manager and leader. His education background includes degrees in business administration and engineering. Professional institutes have also awarded him a number of certifications.

Godoy enjoys challenging his management team to come up with new ideas and to think outside the box. He abandons any ideas that are likely not to succeed. Once he gives an idea a green light, he draws up a workable plan of action. He usually assigns the task to one person to implement the plan.

It is always interesting to look back in time and discover the origins of how a company began. The concept for Estaleiros do Brasil began as a result of overwhelming demand for FPSO platforms. Of course, Godoy was able to use his experience and education as an engineer to design and bring bring projects to fruition from the start.

Each day Maurício Mendonça Godoy starts his days the same. Maurício Mendonça Godoy makes a list of the important tasks of the day. He follows his own progress to make sure he is on track to get things done. He pays close attention to the most relevant tasks on his lis and gives them priority. He also likes seeking out people within the company with insights on both large and small company details. Godoy knows from experience there are a lot of ideas that go undiscovered because people feel that no one will listen. His company maintains an open-door policy.


Real Life Lessons In A More Realistic Environment.

If you are looking for a more personalized learning experience for your child, Teach To One may be the program you need. Teach To One is a learning model that has been active for about 10 years and is still getting attention from students, parents, teachers, school districts around the nation and philanthropists.

The core of the program is innovation in the method by which students learn math. Traditional looking classrooms are out in favor of floor space called centers that are designed for larger groups of people. The center may hold 2 or 3 typical classroom sizes of children along with enough teachers to accommodate them.

This floorspace is divided off into different sections that deliver different curriculum to students during the day. When one portion of learning math is done, music starts playing (instead of an annoying bell) that indicates it is time to move on to the next phase of learning for that day, reports by

According to wordpress, these students are all given personalized learning schedules at the start of each day that is tailored to their skill level and how quickly they are picking up on their math studies. So instead of one classroom, one teacher and one way of learning you have a more fluid and active environment from which students can better learn based on where they are in terms of skill in the area they are learning.

The Teach To One program is a shift away from the state accountability based programs that typical public schools use, and moves towards an academic growth based mindset that dictates what and how a child learns. In other words, Teach To One does not teach children to pass a test. Teach To One teaches children math that can be used in real life applications. Less algebraic equations that most will never use and more studies such as how to balance a check book, how to calculate interest and how to budget you household income and expenses.

Gustavo Martinez Promotes Business Networking And International Marketing

Gustavo Martinez is working in the marketing industry. He helps charities that help community projects. Martinez gives business networking an easy place in his business. He’s the CEO of J. Walter Thompson WW. Gustavo Martinez has learned to invest money in businesses. Gustavo chooses to work with international ads to get the attention of consumers and citizens.


Gustavo knows that marketing ideas can start with a consulting firm. He used his education to start a business. He used training to form teams that focus on advertising. The teams have had a lot to work with when it comes to advertising and marketing. Some projects take community projects to start them. Martinez focuses on giving advice as the projects are planned.


The international marketing firms team with Gustavo Martinez to finish community events for citizens and veterans. Business counseling seems to help form more business ideas that Gustavo can use throughout a company. He emphasises his learning techniques to convey that he likes to advertise to companies. Gustavo has a natural outlook on advertising because of his target audience. He’s figured out that business should flow in order to keep production in place. Martinez uses business plans to project what he wants for an area.


Martinez wants to learn about handling international markets that use business plans to follow business agenda. Gustavo Martinez gets advice from his business colleagues. The business owner helps to expand other businesses that look for international investing and management. Martinez gets better as he devotes his work to learning about starting different markets. Martinez consults about banking, investments, and the food industry when speaking to international colleagues. Gustavo Martinez chooses to invest money that will help gain better solutions. He knows that investments could lead to starting trends.


Gustavo has the education to start ads for any company. He chooses to meet with business owners that want to place their input in on the ads. Most advertisements can be in the local newspaper or through technology. The technology can reach customers that wouldn’t know about the business marketing industry. They could start their business and use an ad that would promote their products or services.


Gustavo Martinez is ready to hear the ideas from his customers. Martinez helps clients meet to network and to share business information. Business colleagues can learn through the lectures that have been put together. The feedback can help with marketing so that businesses can become better with distribution.


Gustavo Martinez can be reached on LinkedIn.

Changing Lives With Prevagen

There are many different types of supplements out there today. Supplements for weight loss, ones that are supposed to make you healthier, and many other things.

Read more: Prevagen Improves Memory Regular Strength 10mg, 30CT

The newest supplement on the market is Prevagen. Prevagen is taking the world by storm. Prevagen is a supplement that helps with memory loss that is in the mildest stages.

Prevagen has gone through many different trial runs before being put out for the public to consume. The brain works in a mysterious way. We use our brain every single day for everything that we do in our lives.

There are many things that you can do that will help improve your memory. Sometimes no matter what people are doing their brain function will not get any better. This is where Prevagen comes into play.

Prevagen was created with hopes of slowing the effects on the cognitive parts of the brain. It is hoped to help reduce stress which in turns allows your brain to have more power. Prevagen has something in it that fights against anxiety, fear, and other things that will put strain on your brain.

The makers of Prevagen want their customers to know that in order for your brain to operate at optimum opportunity you have to do more than just take the supplement Prevagen. You have to exercise, you have to do things like puzzles, do anything that keeps your brain functioning and working.

Doing many different activities is great for your brain activity and keeping away things like dementia and memory loss.

The more active you are the more your brain keeps working. Doing nothing allows your brain to rest too much. You need to keep your brain active and moving in order to keep all of your cognitive memory working in the correct manner.

Although Prevagen is a ground breaking opportunity for many people. The company does not want people to think that they can simply take the supplement and get all of their brain function back.

They want people to realize that in order for their brains to be at the top of their game they have to work a little at it.

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They have to put forth effort and want for their minds to do more. Prevagen is a great opportunity. Prevagen is going to change lives of thousands of people who are going to be willing to work hard and do what they have to do.

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Returning Hippos

The hippos are back at it again and happier than ever before in their new outpost area within the Dallas Zoo. Did you know that it had been more than 15 years since this zoo has had a hippo arena or even one hippo in it? In fact, since the death of a very loved hippo at the zoo, people have felt unready to place new hippos in the zoo – until earlier this year, when James Dondero made a generous donation, and everything changed.

James Dondero, President of HCM – otherwise known as Highland Capital Management – made it all possible when he donated $14 million to the fund. Dondero is a man of influence power. He is obviously a man of uncapped earnings as well.

This proud CMA and CMA is also a chair member for many boards. He analyzes. He collects. He advises and consults. He’s done it all.

This waterhole habitat comprises 120,000 gallons of fresh water for the hippos to enjoy. It comes next to their beautiful new 2.1-acre outpost. It’s often hard to decide who it is that enjoys this new zoo addition more – the hippos, the zoo staff or the paying customer. Perhaps it’s even Dondero himself, a man who derives a sincere zoo from every one of his unique philanthropic efforts. He loves to see the end result of his work, and this time it smiles at him in the look of each customer and hippo.

As a result of the new outpost construction, the Dallas Zoo has likewise seen the growing influx of customers on a daily basis, especially during the spring and summer seasons. Those faithful Dallas residents who had not seen a hippo in years could not be happier in having their wish come true. In turn, they have spread the news all over social media, and more people have paid to come and see the hippos. The zoo employees were happy with the new addition as well as it offered them a new area of challenge and expertise as well as a break from the routine.