2015 Was A Standout Year For Gino Pozzo And His Family

In 2015, the Pozzo family was celebrating the success they had achieved as the owners of three soccer clubs in Europe all playing in the top-flight of their respective leagues. For Gino Pozzo, the success of Spain’s FC Granada and Udinese was something to savor, but the arrival of Watford FC in the top flight of English soccer was the main goal of the Italian-born owner.

Despite us thinking of Gino Pozzo as an Italian business leader, the Watford Chair is undoubtedly an international executive who has traveled the world to achieve his most aims. Gino Pozzo began his life in Italy before traveling to the U.S. to study for a master’s degree from Harvard Business School. After leading Udinese to the Champion’s League in 1995-96 after arriving at a club in crisis during 1993-94 season and went on to reach th4e Champion’s League across 20 consecutive seasons.

By 2015, Gino Pozzo had moved his family to London from their home in Barcelona, Spain to take a hands-on approach to run a soccer club. At Watford, Pozzo had arrived in 2012 with the aim of bringing success to the club as quickly as possible, which meant pushing himself harder than ever before. Working with existing CEO, Scott Duxbury, Gino Pozzo pushed forward his plans to take Watford into the Premier League as quickly as possible. Whether the owner believed the passage of the club would take just three seasons is unknown but we can believe he had plans for arriving on this fast schedule.

Gino Pozzo and his family would later sell their stake in FC Granada with the family now focusing on the success they are achieving at Watford. Pozzo believes the best option for his family is to focus their efforts on Udinese and Watford where the biggest gains can be made in business terms.