Felipe Montoro Jens: Overseeing the Infrastructure Changes in Brazil

The government of Brazil is undergoing a massive construction boom. They are partnering with several private companies to turn their plans into reality, using the PPI scheme. The PPI scheme is the partnership between the government and the private sector, with the private sector helping the government in funding large-scale projects like airports and seaports. After the project has been completed, the government would give the private sector its right to operate the facility and charge a considerable amount for public usage. The PPI scheme has been around for years, and it has helped the government in building facilities and infrastructures to be used by the Brazilian people. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

For 2018, the Brazilian government has already announced that they will be building 57 infrastructure projects. These projects include an airport, a seaport, and a water supply project. The estimated cost for the projects will be billions of dollars, and the government of Brazil looked for the best person to oversee these developments. They chose Felipe Montoro Jens to become a government consultant because of his excellent background in managing projects. Because Felipe Montoro Jens has an extensive network of entrepreneurs at his disposal, it is no longer difficult for him to contact someone who would do the work for the government.

Because of the recent rise in tourist arrivals at the major ports in the country, the government has seen the need for newer and better seaports. The government plans to spend money on these ports, as they serve as one of the indicators about the country’s welfare, along with the airports. These massive infrastructure projects are set to provide jobs to hundreds who remain jobless. Many Brazilians are hoping that the projects they are building will finish off in just a short period so that they too can benefit from the structure that they have built. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that being a consultant is a difficult task, but he is enjoying every single part of it. Visit: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25613-felipe-montoro-jens-details-his-vision-future-brazils-privately-owned-corporations



Enhanced Athlete Defeats Nutrition Distribution Company

Recently a growing issue had developed with the brand Nutrition Distribution attacking competitors in the form of lawsuits claiming to be the only Nutritional product distribution company for athletes. Nutrition Distribution released claims that small business advertising false claims would dramatically contribute to their companies loss of sales and sought payment for damages incurred. If small businesses did not comply with the large companies demands Nutrition Distribution would pursue both by legal involvement and payment for all costs associated.

Nutrition Distribution is quoted as “A shakedown company looking to claim profits from small business companies to settle or face subsequent legal fees and actions against their company.” as told by a spokesman for Enhanced Athletes one of the victim companies of the series of lawsuits. Despite hundreds of cease and desist letters from multiple companies facing similar lawsuits Nutrition Distribution pursued the lawsuits and was found to be dismissed in their claims over small business enterprises, claiming creation of loss of sales to their company and seeking payment for damages. This series of events was not the first nor the last attempt made against small businesses.

Moving forward CEO Scott Cavell proclaims that Enhanced Athletes will not allow Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme, because if small businesses choose to pay even in small doses Nutrition Distribution will continue to pursue lawsuits against more companies in the future.

Enhanced Athlete is a reputable company based in Cheyenne Wyoming. Enhanced Athlete is not only a well known Sports Nutrition Company but they offer many other services specializing in both Athletic sports and bodybuilding such as:

  • Athlete Support
  • Enhanced Gear Clothing Brand
  • Enhanced Coaching
  • Public Help Forums
  • Generous Refund Policies

Enhanced Athlete has locations throughout multiple nations touching base in Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Asia and the United States. Where the company does not reside personally they have partnered companies to help extend their reach such as Mandy’s Muscle House and Muscle Korea.

Considering these factors a solely nutritional products  company had no claim over profits of a multi-brand and specialization company offering more services than claimed in the lawsuit. Nutrition Distribution should probably do their research better in the future before they make accusations against small businesses. Sometimes a business is much larger than it appears at first glance and the bad publicity is far worse than what any small competitor could do to a companies net profit.

Shervin Pishevar Shakes the Industry

Billionaire and founder of An investing firm, Shervin Pishevar, recently went on what has been referred to as a tweet storm, releasing 50 tweets aimed to identify and to break down, a number of economic trends that he predicts will change the state of the global economy. Over the course of his career, Shervin Pishevar has correctly predicted a number of important financial changes regarding the stock market and has also been an early investor in several transcendent companies, including Airbnb and Uber.

Google and Amazon were two of the major conglomerates that Shervin Pishevar predicts will undergo a significant downturn in the near future. Many people are taking his predictions very seriously, as one day after going on the tweet storm, the market began to suffer tremendous losses, with the Dow declining at an alarming rate, and the S&P struggling to regain its footing. As a result, the markets began to panic, and historically safe bonds and industrials began to lose their security. In a half hour, a huge sell-off resulted in the Dow dropping 500 points, and Shervin Pishevar, referencing the constant bragging of President Donald Trump regarding the ascending nature of stocks in recent times, created the phrase, TrumpDump.

The first of Shervin Pishevar’s tweets came around 9 pm on February 5th, and he immediately began discussing the current state of U.S. markets, predicting that over the next few months, the U.S. stock market would suffer a 6000 point drop. Throughout the course of the tweet storm, he would elaborate further on his predictions, which seemed to give them more credence, particularly considering the fact that Mr. Pishevar had recently taken a hiatus from Twitter. Once Shervin Pishevar reached his 24th tweet, he touched on one of the most popular topics of recent economic debate – Bitcoin. In light of its recent decline, Mr. Pishevar predicted that the cryptocurrency would continue to drop consistently, before rising again at a stable pace over the next two years, which makes sense, as Bitcoin recently reached a price of 20k, before swiftly dropping back to a price of 8k.



Paul Mampilly Says Healthcare Could Be Changing Soon And Several Stocks Are Likely To Fall As A Result

There’s likely to be changes coming to healthcare and the agent of those changes is going to be the already disruptive e-commerce brand, Amazon. What Amazon plans to do is setup a prescription purchase program that eliminates a lot of the steps that most other pharmacy companies have when you buy drugs from them, but most importantly they’re going to cut out the middleman. Many healthcare stocks that have operated with the usual middlemen involved in their drug manufacturing and distribution have been targeted by Amazon and seen their values drop, and stock market expert Paul Mampilly says those drops are likely to continue. While transparency in the pharmaceutical distribution process may be necessary, this move by Amazon spells trouble for investors, so Mampilly says if you see any healthcare stocks drop to bargain prices, do not buy them because they are likeln by to be investment traps. However, Mampilly did put out a new article at Banyan Hill saying there are still some healthcare stocks to look into that aren’t likely to be affected by Amazon. More info can be found here.

Newsletters and articles on buying stocks have become the media that Paul Mampilly uses to give advice to middle class investors. He was originally an advisor to many wealthy executives and big investors on Wall Street, a career that began after getting a bachelor’s degree in finance from Montclair State University. Mampilly was a research assistant for a few years at Deutsche Bank and then became a portfolio manager at ING and Banker’s Trust. He moved up to a prominent role as Managing Director of Kinetics International Fund and oversaw billions of dollars in hedge fund investments, and during his time there he made the headlines of Barron’s magazine for bringing in 26% annual returns in investments.

Paul Mampilly had most people talking when he made bold predictions about the rise of Facebook and Netflix, and he had long been building his own stock portfolio by the time he decided to retire from Wall Street. He was ready to leave the 16-hour work days behind and decided to become a newsletter author because he could now help people learn to invest without having to cut through all the barriers that the big Wall Street banks had in the way, and the newsletters offered at Banyan Hill were reasonably-priced. He accumulated over 60,000 subscribers when he first started writing “Profits Unlimited,” and since then he’s also had two other newsletters published. You can also see investments in action if you follow Mampilly’s YouTube channel or visit his facebook page.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/paul-mampilly


The Rocketship Education Program Soars

Rocketship education may be ideal for those parents that have become somewhat disgruntled by the traditional public school system. Rocketship schools are still part of public schools, but these are charter schools. Some people may not know the difference, but they are definitely starting to learn now that the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is making a great push for the Rocketship styled school formats.

More people are starting to embrace this type of school environment because it caters to a great number of students that are from low income homes. It is a great thing for parents to get a chance to see their children getting motivated to learn by teachers in these types of school systems.

The Rocketship Education phenomenon started in California, but these charter schools have spread because the demand for these schools is in place. One of the major reasons that people can see a need for this has to do with failing schools that often become part of the traditional school system.

The fact that kids are able to go to a public school system that has an elevated style of learning that is similar to private school makes a Rocketship public schools concept very intriguing for most parents. It becomes even more exciting when parents learn that they do not have to have a six-figure income to get their children into the schools. In fact, the reverse is often true for student that attend charter schools. More than 85% of the children that are part of the student body for Rocketship Education are comprised of low-income families.

All of these factors combined, along with the three pillars of education, have propelled Rocketship Education to a new high. There are a lot more students that are engaged in learning because they have access to teachers that are getting a ton of professional development hours. These teachers are getting connected to parents and finding a way to tailor learning based on the needs of the student. All of this plays a big part in how the Rocketship Education concept is starting to evolve in America.

Kevin Seawright – MBA, Public Accountant, and Astute Businessman

Homeownership is important, and even more so to many Baltimore city residents. Low and moderate-income families cannot normally qualify for loans offered by the big banks. The Fact remains that home ownership accounts for much of the wealth disparity among cultures in America.

Kevin Seawright, and RPS Solutions, is on a mission to create affordable housing for those struggling to own a home. RPS Solutions is a non-profit that helps facilitate the transfer of foreclosed and abandoned properties from banks. Home ownership is the key. Kevin Seawright is a managing partner of RPS Solutions.

In partnership with NCST, RPS Solutions acquires REO properties in local markets before banks sell them nationwide at a much higher price. RPS Solutions also works with other local community development organizations to help boost the city’s rate of home ownership.

Kevin Seawright has made a name for himself in the East Coast financial community too. He brings a unique blend of business smarts, experience in both the private and government sectors, and acute leadership skills. He is a qualified public accountant and a financial director. His strategies, throughout his career, have resulted in success by merging technology with organizational elements. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

Seawright’s career achievements include managing fiscal officer, payroll director, budget manage, deputy chief COO, director of operations, and oversight of numerous construction and finance projects. His reputation is that of a completely astute business leader that knows how to build rapport with constituents across the board.

Seawright is an MBA and can add the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business and Executive Leadership Award to his resume. He is also a member on the advisory board for the Babe Ruth Museum, American Society for Public Administration, and the National Association of Black Accountants to name several. Seawright is one of those individuals who commits himself to making a major difference in his community.

View Source: http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/09/kevin-seawright-and-rps-solutions-are-working-to-increase-baltimore-homeownership/


When we think about great developments in the study and practice of medicine, the idea of talented and well trained practitioners comes to mind. These are the people who make the big technological innovations to ease early detection, treatment and recovery of various diseases and disorders. There also exists others who offer their expertise to aid the doctors in their innovations. They are people with hearts of gold, who will go a long way to see improvements in the healthcare sector. They offer financial support and sometimes come up with rather unique ideas that will benefit the healthcare industry as a whole. One of these people is a philanthropist, angel investor, and entrepreneur from San Francisco, Ara Chackerian.

Having graduated from Florida State University with a B.S in Marketing, Mr. Ara Chackerian has garnered a two decade experience period in helping build medical companies. These include, but are not limited to, PipelineRx, a company that provides telepharmacy services countrywide, BMC Diagnostics, another company offering diagnostics imaging services, and Embion/Provider Links. He is the cof-ounder and General Partner at TMS Health Solutions which deals with treatment of treatment resistant depression by using transcranial magnetic stimulation. He also is the Managing Partner at ASC Holdings, LLC, a company that invests in early stage healthcare companies. He is a dedicated board member for companies like PipelineRx, Mint Medical Education, and TMS Health Solutions. Check out tmshealthsolutions to see more.

Ara Chackerian is as well dedicated to environmental responsibility causes and he has invested in a sustainable reforestation teak plantation in Limonapa, SA. He has also invested in non profit youth development outfits like JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua and Nor Luyce.

Ava Chackerian credits his unique success to his upbringing. He says his parents encouraged him to think hard about life in order to come up with great and unique ideas. On how he achieves this, Ara says he sees things better when surrounded by nature, or when surfing or trail running.

Click here: https://twitter.com/achackerian

Hussain Sajwani Ideas for the Future

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent leader in the real estate industry. As the owner of DAMAC Properties, he enjoys building luxury homes in Dubai. Dubai is a great city to choose. Not only are taxes low, but the economy is booming. Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The government offers numerous amenities to people who live there. Crime is also infrequent.


In a recent interview, Hussain Sajwani talked about his career and his plans for the coming years. Although he is financially successful, he wants to continue improving the company. He believes that he is helping the community by managing a successful real estate company.


Getting Started

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a company is getting started. Few people have experience starting a business. The first company that Hussain Sajwani founded was a significant failure. He learned valuable lessons from this experience that he still uses while managing DAMAC Properties.


Financial Planning

Another major issue for new business owners is financial planning. Few people understand how to manage the finances of a business. A successful business requires a lot of strategic planning for the future. Strategic planning is vital in the real estate industry where economic conditions continuously change.


DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC Properties many years ago. He believed that Dubai would grow tremendously, and he was right in his prediction. DAMAC Properties is now the leading luxury home builder in the city. People who live in Dubai have the disposable income to pay for new homes. Many people are excited about the future of Dubai.


Hussain Sajwani plans to expand his company in the future. There is a significant demand for luxury homes in Dubai. Multiple building companies have issues building enough homes for buyers.

Hussain Sajwani Owner of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a real estate development company located in Dubai. Dubai is known as one of the best cities in the world. Not only are residents of Dubai wealthy, but the local government offers numerous benefits for citizens.

With the strong economic growth in Dubai, many residents want luxury homes. Building a luxury home is a long process. Each aspect of the house is customized based on the needs of the buyer. Hussain Sajwani plans to develop numerous properties in the coming years.


Early Life

Hussain Sajwani worked in the real estate industry for multiple years before deciding to start a company. He began as a real estate agent selling homes to buyers in Dubai. Becoming a real estate agent allowed him to learn about the local real estate market.

As a real estate agent, he had access to homes before other buyers. He decided to start buying homes as an investment. These investments generated monthly income each month. Hussain Sajwani still looks for real estate investment properties. Over time, these investments have risen in value tremendously.


DAMAC Growth

DAMAC Properties is a successful company for several reasons. Not only does the company offer affordable pricing, but the company also has several services for clients to choose when building a home. Hussain Sajwani wants all of his customers to be satisfied with their decision to select DAMAC Properties. His commitment to customer service is one of the main reasons the company is successful.


Future Plans

As Dubai continues to develop, there is a significant opportunity for real estate companies in the city. Hussain Sajwani is excited about all of the possibilities in the coming years. He plans to continue growing the company to serve as many customers as possible.

Jed McCaleb Creates Stellar – A Network for Financial Insitutions

Jed McCaleb is an expert in computer programming and blockchain cryptocurrency. He has been involved in multiple successful companies such as Ripple, Mt. Gox, and eDonkey2000. McCaleb has now, along with Joyce Kim, started a new company called Stellar.


When asked how he got the idea for Stellar, Jed told the interviewer that he saw an opportunity to create a better network to connect financial organizations. He got the idea from how bitcoin operates, but said, instead of making a new currency he chose to create a network for all of the currencies to interact with one-another. Stellar is that technology;Stellar connects financial institutions seamlessly.


The target audience of Stellar isn’t who you may think. Where most companies try to target people with large amounts of money, Stellar has went the opposite. Jed McCaleb discovered that their are a large portion of low income people all over the world who do not have access to certain financial services. McCaleb found that by utilizing Stellar, institutions are able to operate with one-another at lower costs than before and he hopes that this realization will lead to a cheaper cost to the consumer.


About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb not only has an interest in computer program but also Artificial Intelligence. He is involved in a nonprofit organization called MIRI, which is devoted to researching artificial intelligence and discovering ways that AI can better help humans achieve tasks and be more productive.


Jed McCaleb seems to innovate in every sector of the digital world he becomes a part of. In 2000, he created eDonkey, a company which created software that is now standard in the peer to peer file sharing industry. McCaleb created Mt. Gox, a bitcoin exchange network that was eventually sold to a company in Japan before being shut down. McCaleb was also involved in Ripple, before leaving the company to create Stellar, a competitor.