Betsy DeVos Takes on Education

An Introduction to Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a woman who is well known in the state of Michigan. Betsy DeVos grew up in this state, and she and her husband have had much involvement in the politics of Michigan. Mrs. DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos ran for governor of Michigan at one time, and Betsy Devos was a huge support. Together, Betsy and Dick DeVos have done much to improve the state of Michigan. Betsy and Dick DeVos were highly concerned about the situation with sick children in Michigan. Unfortunately, there was a time that there was not a pediatric facility that could take care of seriously ill children. If parents had to get help for serious illness, they would have to travel to different states in order to get quality pediatric care. Betsy and Dick DeVos decided that there was something that had to be done. They were able to work with state officials and have a children’s hospital built. Since being built, this hospital has been able to care for and cure thousands of children in the state of Michigan.



Betsy DeVos on Giving

Betsy DeVos is a person who sees Philanthropy as a loving way to give to people and causes that are in need. Together with her husband, Betsy DeVos created the DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that gives grants and donations to different causes around the world. Betsy and Dick DeVos feel strongly that it is their obligation to do all they can to improve the world. They have achieved this through their involvement in politics and also through their foundation. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, Betsy and Dick DeVos have been able to help thousands of people around the world. The DeVos Family Foundation focuses on education, the arts, and financial support for families in need.


Betsy DeVos on Education

DeVos is greatly concerned with the education of children. As a mother, she was highly involved with her children’s education. She was disappointed with the disparity in the education system in Michigan, and she wanted to find ways to give all children equal access to education services. Unfortunately, she found that a large amount of Michigan schools were not serving the community in the way in which they should. She wanted to find ways to give parents more power in their children’s education. DeVos pushed for more charter schools. Charter schools are able to give children the structure of a private school without the cost. Betsy DeVos pushed lawmakers when it came to education, and thanks to her efforts and hard work, she has helped Michigan to be the state that has the highest amount of charter schools in the country.



Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

When President Trump brought in his administration, he made Betsy DeVos the new Secretary of Education. Even though DeVos was not new to politics, she was new to this position. DeVos had to quickly get in the game and prove to herself and to others that she had what it took to meet the task. Recently, the New York Times did an article about DeVos. President Trump decided that he was going to revoke the law that allowed transgender students the right to go to the bathroom according to their self-identified gender. Since Betsy DeVos knew that this could be controversial, before the bill was rescinded, she invited some of the leaders of the transgender community to meet with her in order to let them know about President Trump’s decision. DeVos was able to show with this move that she is a woman of compassion and conviction. Betsy DeVos is ready to take on education in this country; she has the wherewithal and the knowledge to handle her new position with class and strength.


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The Merger between Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank

It is often said that the success of a company is measured by the amount of profit it makes but the impact it has on its society. Fortress Investment Group is such a company. It is a leading and highly diversified investment management firm that helps private clients and institutions across the globe. It offers financial advice to clients about the investments they should make on behalf of their institutions. They also advise private clients with investment advice that helps them invest wisely for their future. Over the past one year, Fortress Investment Group has made various strides to ensure that they remain at the top when it comes to offering their clients quality services. Read more on

The greatest stride they took is through forming a merger with SoftBank Group Corporation. SoftBank group acquired Fortress Investment Group at the cost of $3.3 billion. Both companies came to an agreement that allowed Fortress Investment Group to retain its board of directors as well as form a special committee that will represent all the rights of both companies in the merger. The founders of Fortress Wes Edens, Peter Bridger, and Randal Nardone were also to continue leading the company. They were also supposed to commit 50% of the money they acquired from the merger after tax back into the company to fund vehicles and other requirements.

In addition to the above agreements, the founders of the Fortress group were to agree to vote shares. The vote shares should represent a cumulative of 34.99% of the other fortress voting shares that are held by SoftBank, and the vote should favour their transaction. Another agreement to this merger was that the senior investment professionals would have to retain their significant and retain their position in fund performance. Fortress Group will also have to remain as an independent business under SoftBank Group Corporation.

The other highlights of this merger also state that SoftBank is committed to ensuring that the Fortress maintains its business model, its personnel, brand, culture, processes, and leadership. Up to date, the partnership between these companies has lasted up until this date. This has also led to the growth of the business to its current level.



Ryan Seacrest Career and Social life worth-living Experiences

Ryan Seacrest has set a legacy in the media sector; he is a radio presenter at a nationally syndicated radio satiation where he hosts a show known as Live with Kelly and Ryan. He also produces a prominent show American Idol that is watched by many people all over the globe. In addition to his career, Ryan Seacrest has started a foundation known as Ryan Seacrest foundation that aims at inspiring the young generation. This inspiration is done through entertainment and providing educational services. He also established about ten media centers in pediatric hospitals. The primary objective behind this establishment was to keep the children and patient families inspired hence contributing to their positive healing process.

Ryan Seacrest believes that if the patients access media experiences, they will develop optimistic thoughts giving them hope for a better tomorrow. This media centers also aims at providing young people with first-hand broadcasting experiences encouraging those interested in understanding what to expect in future.

Ryan Seacrest has fallen in love with Shayna Taylor. They became friends instantly in 2013. According to Ryan Seacrest, Shayna Taylor is a knowledgeable, beautiful, skilled cook, and a person of great personality. Their love story began when Taylor said she could make amazing gluten-free pancakes. This couples love has faced challenges which they always work them out intelligently. Despite the busy schedule of this couple they manage to create some time together to take a walk and discuss how they want their future to look.

This couple lives in Los Angeles before Ryan Seacrest was asked to host the American Idol show in New York City. Both Taylor and Ryan Seacrest decided to take their relocation to New York City as an adventure where they could have a fresh beginning. Taylor grew up in Corona, listening to the Ryan Seacrest on the KIIS-FM radio and Watching him on the American Idol show. It becomes straightforward for them to connect as they understand each other well. Ryan Seacrest says that they are in Sync as Taylor gives him the happiness and peace of mind.

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OSI Industries, the Reputable Global Meat Processor

OSI Group is a meat processing company found in America with its bases in Aurora, Illinois. The company is a private firm and was founded in the year 1909 in Chicago City, USA. Besides the headquarters, the company also has other sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries all over the world. OSI Industries serves the food service companies and retails across the universe. The company runs smoothly with its current chief executive officer, Mr. Sheldon Lavin.

OSI company produce products such as bacon, meat patties, fish, pizza, poultry, pork, vegetable products, pork, hot dogs and dough products. As stated that the company has its various satellites industries in other countries, this has ensured that OSI group supplies the western fast foods to the entire universes and allows the people in those countries have a taste of western foods.

Under the excellent team of management and highly skilled personnel, OSI industries have made a name for itself through the provision of quality services and products. The Company has received many awards since it was launched. Among the most remarkable awards is when Oscar won the awards form environmental management as well as health and safety risks management.

Also, OSI industries have been listed as one of the largest private companies in the world. It was ranked number 58 in the year 2016. Recently 2018; the company won an award of merit at the International Safety Awards.

The company keeps on growing day by day and maintaining its excellent reputation through processing quality foods which are of health benefit. OSI Group stands to be one of the biggest private companies which are doing well in the United States.

OSI Industries work hand in hand with restaurant chains and retail brands all across the world, and this has enabled the company to grow. With the latest 65 branches opened in the 17 countries the company’s capability is significantly increasing. The company now can produce value-added products which their customers’ profiles and operations.

Food items from OSI Industries always satisfy a range of tastes. This is where you can find your best food choice that suits your palate.

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HGGC and Their Work in the Private Equity Sector

Finding a private equity firm that you can trust is easy thanks to the HGGC agency. This company has been in business since 2007 and has since grown to become one of the world’s leading private equity firms. They work on a middle market basis and are able to invest their funds into businesses earning over one million annually in revenue. This gives them the chance to allow smaller businesses the ability to succeed and finally earn the income that they need. It also gives these same companies a chance to expand in a way that they would not be able to do financially on their own.

Another great thing about HGGC is that, while they are based in California, they are able to provide their investments to individuals on an international basis. Not only does this help people who are struggling with a company overseas, but it gives them the opportunity to help smaller business owners thrive without needing to worry about finding reputable investors who believe in their endeavors. HGGC has over four billion dollars in capital assets that they are able to invest into companies. You can contact them if you would like to learn more about their services and all that they are able to do for you.

The most important aspect of the HGGC firm is that they work diligently with their clients on a personalized basis. You will find that this not only helps you to feel confident in what you’re able to do as a business owner, but you are going to find that it is nice to know that there are people who believe in you as well. Once you have made the decision to utilize their services and hire them, you will find that this helps your entire company to expand in a way that benefits you greatly. You will want to contact the folks at HGGC to find out more about their services and to see if they will be able to take you on as one of their clients and a way to gain the investments that you need.

Louis Chenevert Hardworking Businessman

Hard work and dedication is something that you have to have if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur in the business world. At an early age Louis Chenevert knew that the business life is what he wanted to step foot into. He also knew that if he wanted to become successful then he would have to work extremely hard to bring himself to the top. He says it is not how you start out in life, it is how you end your life. Starting out his life his family was like any other not the wealthiest bunch, but they had each other and to them that was enough. As Louis grew though, he knew he wanted to become successful later in life. So, he set out to do just that.


Louis Chenevert attended school and received a degree in production management. Production management basically oversees everything in a company to make sure that the company remains successful. They make sure that the products are made at a quick pace, made with the best resources available, and that there are enough products made. Having this degree helped him to quickly land a job with General Motors. At General Motors, he was determined to help the company continue to grow their success, as well as move up his rank within the company. He worked hard day in and day out and grew a very strong knowledge about assembly lines and what it takes to make sure they run efficiently. He soon decided that although he liked his job with General Motors he wanted more. He moved from the auto assembly industry into a job within the aerospace industry.


Within his first year at Pratt and Whitney, he cut production times by over ten percent. He did this by bringing in his knowledge of assembly lines. He worked hard within this company, and soon enough was able to actually run the company. When he took over running the company they were not doing as much production as they would have liked. But, soon after he took the reigns he began to make them profitable again! So, as you can see, as long as you work hard and have a determination about where you want to be in life, you can make any dream become a reality.

The Breathtaking Story Behind the Success of Doe Deere, a Titan in the Fashion Industry

Doe Deere was born and raised in Xenia Vorotova in Russia. She idolized the idea of living in the United States. Everything she watched and read about the United Stated painted a picture of a land of opportunities in her mind. In 1998, her family experienced some challenges and they decided to move to the United States in search for greener pastures.

Accompanied by her mother and younger sister, Doe Deere settled at New York City ready to work their way up. However, the city did not turn out as she had anticipated. The never-ceasing noise, jam-packed subway cars and other things were way off from the image of the city she had created in mind. Nevertheless, they started building their lives in the city.

After sometime, they realized that their savings and work ethic could not sustain them for long. Doe Deere’s mother was an accomplished accountant back in Russia. However, she found it hard to secure employment in the city because her education information took long to transfer. Her mother started cleaning apartments for money. Deere also endeavored to supplement their income by walking dogs for money.

Things took a turn for the worst when they moved to a homeless shelter. They couldn’t sustain their lives at their previous home. That affected them psychologically but they kept on pushing. Doe Deere could take a break from all the psychological turmoil by dreaming about being a fashion designer and even conceptualizing the idea on paper.


In 1999, they were linked up with Sanctuary for Families, a non-profit organization focused on offering help to struggling immigrants. The outspoken Dorchen Leidholdt, Sanctuary for Families’ leader, came to their rescue and got the mother a job and took Doe Deere and her sister to college. By 2000, the family had relocated to a better shelter and the younger sister had graduated from Columbia University. According to Deere, the whole journey was a learning experience and she believes that it helped them to get to where they are now.

She followed her dream by starting Lime Crime in 2008, a venture that became a huge success. Doe Deere is grateful to Sanctuary for Families and America as a whole for playing a major role in helping her family out. She believes that America is a great country and because of that, a homeless person can turn out to be a CEO.

How Jay Z and OG Juan Celebrated the Latter’s Birthday in Style

Jay Z and his friend, OG Juan, had an epic night out during President’s Day weekend of 2018. They spent an amazing amount of money on OG Juan’s birthday party which culminated in a bar bill that topped $100,000. A photo of the receipt was posted online and quickly spread with people wondering how in the world they spent that much and just in the world is OG Juan anyway.

It was soon found out that OG Juan is the president of Jay Z’s firm, Roc Nation. He is married to another top executive, Desiree Perez, and together they manage most of this company’s activities. He was turning 50 and so they all decided to celebrate this milestone in a blow-out style.

The people invited to the party gathered at New York City’s Zuma restaurant. This cost $13,000. The party headed to Inwood’s Made in Mexico where another $9,000 was spent on a round of drinks. The party was just getting started at this point, though, and the cost didn’t come anywhere near what happened later.

There were still 6 people celebrating OG Juan’s birthday when they gathered at the Playroom, a popular high-end nightclub. 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne was bought. Yes, 40, not a typo. They gave some of these bottles out to other people in the room and poured out dozens of rounds. The tab for this amount of luxury wine? $91,135. That was with the tip of a bit over $11,000.

OG Juan and Jay Z decided to take a picture of the receipt and put it up on Snapchat. Everyone was soon talking about it. What people didn’t know until later, though, was that Jay Z didn’t actually pick up the tab. OG Juan wanted to pay for his own party and so he was the one who handed over his credit card.