Krishen Iyer is one of America’s marketing geniuses. He is Co-CEO of Managed Benefits near Carlsbad California, which was previously known as Quick link Marketing.

Krishen Iyer received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Urban Development from San Diego University near Carlsbad. Although he received his degree in these fields, he put his talents to use in the business sector. Click here to see Krishen’s professional skills.

This is where his true calling and career pursuits belonged. As a businessman, Krishen Iyer was able to master online marketing in a very competitive world of digital marketers. He begin to grow his business by developing sound and reliable client creations. With Krishen Iyer at the head of Managed benefits, the company has been able to grow by leaps and bounds because of his broad vision and creative marketing alibies.

Krishen Iyer has also push for client development with his online marketing platform. This is what makes him stand out the most amongst his rivals and competitors. Krishen Iyer is viewed by his employees as just one of the guys because of his hands on approach to marketing. That is what they love about him most. Being able to reach out and touch and feel the person that leads the company means a lot to his employees. Krishen is best described by his managing partners as a driven, goal orientated and determined person. He sets mind to complete a task and does not stop until he achieves the desired results. Because of his work ethic, Krishen is able to develop new marketing strategies and counties to keep his company on top in the online marketing world.

He is a huge benefit to his company. Krishen started Quick Link Marketing from Carlsbad California, with one goal in mind. To provide a better product to his clients, at a better price, that only a few companies at the time was providing at all. Krishen and his team has grown the marketing network. They has expanded the services provide to their client base and has continued to stay at the forefront front of online marketing greatness. Kristen believes that asking a lot of questions can only improve the overall performance of his company. With Krishen Iyer leading the way, we can expect to see the Managed Benefits company continue to thrive and prosper in the 21st century and beyond.

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Glenn Schlossberg Is Proud To Be Able To Bring Another Great Brand Into The Jump Design Group Family:

Glenn Schlossberg is an entrepreneur who has become most well known for his work as the founder and Principal of a fashion industry firm called Jump Design Group. The organization was first started up by Glenn Schlossberg back during the 1990 calendar year and the company continues to maintain its core values of bringing the best fashion products to the public. He has diligently built up an outstanding team that he works side by side with in terms of design and collaboration. This has led Jump Design to build up a strong base of corporate clients. Glenn Schlossberg has had fashion in his blood since his childhood as his father was a dressmaker. During his youth, Glenn gained a great appreciation for the industry and this led him to attend the New York Fashion Institute.

One of the biggest pieces of news to recently come out of Schlossberg’s Jump Design Group is the fact that the firm has recently acquired renowned activewear and sportswear brand Cathy Daniels and added the label to its family of brands. This is a truly monumental addition for Jump Design Group and it is great news for the team at Cathy Daniels as well. The Cathy Daniels crew will continue on in a business as usual model and the firm’s distinguished President Jerry Passaretti is taking on a position with Jump Design Group. He will now focus on the company’s process of business development. Check out

Jump Design Group’s CEO Ashesh Amin has expressed how happy the entire team is to be able to bring Cathy Daniels into the family of brands. At Jump Design, there is a high priority placed on being able to acquire businesses that have already exhibited a strong working business model. These are the types of businesses that Jump Design Group is excited about adding to its impressive overall portfolio. The team at Cathy Daniels is quite excited about coming on board and showing how sound their business model really is. There is also a great deal of appreciation that is being sent the way of Glenn Schlossberg and Ashesh Amin, along with the rest of the Jump Design team. Visit his Facebook page.


Philanthropy by James Dondero

On most days James Dondero finds himself busy focused thinking of ways he could aid Dallas consortiums. Not long ago, James made a considerable donation to Dallas zoo. He felt philanthropic when he heard about the fateful story of the hippo habitat. In 2001, Dallas Zoo management shut down the hippo turf in the zoo. To them, it didn’t seem necessary to keep the rest of the hippos after Papa’s death. This decision angered the residents of Dallas, even if it remains shut for about two decades. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.


The residents of Dallas wanted the zoo rebuilt so that they could enjoy the hippos with their families. Because of this, they wrote letters and called to complain of how they wanted the zoo back. Finally, the management decided it was time to reopen and revamp hippo habitat once more. The administration rebuilt hippo outpost, and people are now flocking to the Dallas zoo to watch them in action. According to CEO of Dallas Zoo Gregg Hudson, restore of the hippo has attracted more guests to the zoo.

James Dondero touched by the love the residents have for the hippos; he decided to give away $ 1 million. Due to this charitable opportunity, the zoo named a sector of the habitat after Mr. Dondero’s company, Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero’s generous aid now allows people to preside private events at Highlands Capital retreat. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.


James Dondero loves to use his money to improve Dallas community. He also holds so much love for the community as a whole. Due to this, he gears all his philanthropic commitments to offer financial help whenever the Dallas community needs a push. Besides contributing to the zoo, James used his firm to grant funds to the Perot Museum of Natural science, as well as on the Education is Freedom charity. Through his financial debt firm, he has also been able to award cash the Presidential Library and Museum.

Mr. Dondero is an excellent example of a man devoted to philanthropic deeds. We see Successful outcomes in a wide range of organizations because of his vision and financial power. Today, James Dondero stands as an influential force among Dallas Residents.



Shervin Pishevar Discusses Problems in the United States

Shervin Pishevar has earned a reputation for being a successful venture capitalist. He has been involved in a number of brands as an angel investor, including Uber and Dollar Shave Club. In February 2018, he initiated a tweet storm on Twitter, identifying a number of problems in the United States.

The tweet storm covered a total of 50 tweets across 21 hours. He identified the decline of the Dow Jones industrial average, discussing a 6000 point drop in aggregate. In less than a week after making this tweet, there was already a considerable drop.

Shervin Pishevar also discussed how the American dream was being lost as a result of too many monopolies. In addition to companies like Amazon and Microsoft buying up a number of startups, he also discussed how Silicon Valley is no longer simply a physical place. As we build the walls, we keep out immigrant talent, making it more difficult for the United States to hold on to their lead when it comes to technology.

Shervin Pishevar also pointed out how the United States is far behind when it comes to the speed of execution. An example he provided was how a train station was built in China in approximately 9 hours. That sort of thing would be impossible in the United States simply because of the antiquated infrastructures used when taking on such big projects.

Ultimately, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter to point out some of the problems. He wants to make sure that people are well aware of what’s going on with the economy. When more businesses understand the problems, they can begin to rectify them. Only then can we get rid of dangerous monopolies and continue to see large startups like Uber and Airbnb thrive. Until then, the United States may fall further and further behind as the rest of the world evolves.

Hair-Raising Advice That Promotes Hair Care

It can always be a constantly frustrating ordeal for women (and men) when it comes to taking care of their hair consistently. Finding the right hair care products that complement their hair can be a hassle as well. Certain hair products may contain certain ingredients that can prove detrimental for different hair types. This is why it’s important to be aware of what hair brands provide products that focus on natural ingredients that promote healthy hair and prevent dryness.

One hair brand, Chaz Dean’s Wen, emphasizes this concept. Hair expert and stylist Chaz Dean elaborates that all hair products distributed by his line, Wen, all carry natural ingredients, adding that his entire product line does not include any shampoo as he stresses that any “shampoos, bleach and irons are extremely damaging and drying to the hair” ( It is worth noting that shampoo, especially when used often, is known to contribute to dryness, thus resulting to hair breakage.

When it comes to keeping hair stable and moisturized, conditioning benefits the hair in that aspect. Certain key nutrients within the hair that shampoo products actually take away from it, conditioning does the opposite. The QVC top selling Wen product line embraces conditioning, even going as far as to provide products that combine conditioning with cleansing. Some include the Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner and the Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner. By utilizing this formula, Wen aims to purify the hair, preventing the loss of natural moisture and keeping it cleansed at the same time. Once washed and clean, the hair desires a dependable moisturizer, so its always important to keep it hydrated/moist in a consistent matter.

For many, keeping hair properly managed is a full-time priority. Chaz Dean’s Wen line is proven to be a strongly recommended brand for those who stress the importance of keeping their hair healthy and whole. Everything is to be used in moderation, but once one understands what products and methods benefit the well-being of their hair, it’s smooth-sailing from there.

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Dr.Jennifer Warden Takes the Reigns In a Male Dominated Field of Plastic Surgery

In a field traditionally made up by men, one woman stands out as the leading figure in the technological advancement of modern day plastic surgery. Dr.Jennifer Walden is one of the most revere and respected plastic surgeons in the country, with two clinics in Texas, one in Austin and another one in Marble Falls and a degree from the University of Texas, Dr. Walden is no doubt changing the game and making a name of herself in the process. So, who is Dr.Jennifer Walden?

Dr.Walden is considered to be one of the best in her field, with accolades such as being the salutatorian for her class in 1998 to co-writing the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that is widely used in schools, Dr.Walden is no doubt the go-to specialist. She is revered not only because of her knowledge in the field of plastic surgery but also how she helps women feel beautiful again, whether through corrective surgery or simply through a cosmetic upgrade. In an industry dominated by men, many women feel empowered and confident to have a woman such as Dr.Warden residing over their procedures. In addition to her incredible relationship with her patients, she is also known for taking risks and implementing innovative technologies within her clinics.

For example, Dr.Walden has been known to utilize the power of Vectra, a #D technology that allows patients to see how they will look after their surgery. This technology is an incredible tool that prevents surgery regrets as well as an educational tool for students. According to many patient reviews, Dr.Jennifer Warden is truly a wonderful and impressive doctor to have your procedure done by. The reviews often mention her strive to make her patients feel as confident and comfortable as possible by answering any and all concerns they might have about their procedure. There is no doubt that we have heard the last of Dr.Wardne and look forward to many more years of her innovation in the field of plastic surgery.

How Krishen Iyer Built Up His Businesses:

More than a decade after graduating from college, Krishen Iyer has created not one, but two successful businesses. First, he formed Quick Link Marketing, which recently changed its name to Managed Benefit Services. The company works with dental and health insurance companies to provide them with consulting and marketing services. In addition, he founded MNP Insurance in 2015.

According to Iyer, one of the elements that has led to his success in the insurance and marketing fields is communication. He says the key to bringing any idea to life is to listen to multiple viewpoints and bring together the best aspects. Krishen Iyer adds that his natural inquisitiveness helps a great deal. He usually finds himself asking multiple questions to people in order to see the different ideas and views each person has on a particular issue. Using advanced techniques to collect data has also aided the growth of his businesses. While overseeing his business operations can result in a busy day, Iyer always makes face to face interaction a priority. He says that in his daily schedule, the first half of the day is dedicated to interfacing with his clients.

Kirshen Iyer attended San Diego State University from 2000 to 2004 and earned a B.S. in Public Administration. He founded MNP in 2009, and it went on to make the Inc. 5000 list in 2015. Iyer has also given his time and resources to charitable endeavors, including the Make A Wish Foundation and earthquake relief for Haiti. On a personal note, Iyer enjoys playing chess and tennis, and watching soccer. Connect with him here.

Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon, offers hard advice to parents and guardians

Recently, the acclaimed pediatric surgeon Dr. Saad held an interview with Medical Times Daily to discuss his experiences in his 40-year career. This pediatric surgeon took this opportunity to address one of the most common issues he came across in his career. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

He pointed out choking in children to be a pretty common issue. The pediatric surgeon said that over his career, he had treated over 1000 children with choking complications. The most saddening thing to him was that some of these children were as young as six months old.

The leading causes of choking in children

According to this pediatric surgeon’s observations, batteries, peanuts, hotdogs and coins are among the leading causes of choking in children. Dr. Saad Saad said that batteries are a quite dangerous foreign object to be in the body of a child.

This because when a child swallows a battery, and it gets stuck in their esophagus (food pipe) or trachea (windpipe) it can easily leak acid. This acid is dangerous as it can corrode the lining of the esophagus or trachea leading to severe injuries. The pediatric surgeon said that all types of batteries should be safely kept out of children’s reach. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Peanuts were another foreign object causing choking to children. Due to its small size, Dr. Saad said that smaller children especially those under the age of six were more likely to be choked by them. Its smaller size also made it easier for the peanut to block the child’s trachea rather than the esophagus which was very dangerous. If left unattended for long, this could easily cause suffocation and more major problems. Hot dogs and coins were also common, and this pediatric surgeon’s advice was to keep all of these foreign objects away from children.

First aid and remedy

Dr. Saad Saad said that first aid was very crucial in most instances of chocking. This is because some of the foreign objects in the esophagus and trachea can easily be removed through first aid. The pediatric surgeon said that for children under the age of six, patting their back while holding them upside down by their feet was the most appropriate first aid.

For older children and even adults, the Heimlich maneuver was the answer. Dr. Saad advised that in cases where first aid doesn’t work, the patient should be rushed to the emergency room immediately.

Guilherme Paulus Continues To Improve CVC As Well As The Tourism Industry Of Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of CVC Brasil, and he recently picked up the Entrepreneur of the Year award. CVC has also recently been recognized as the largest tour operator in the whole of Latin America. Paulus originally worked with IBM when he was younger and has always been a driven entrepreneur with an ambitious attitude.

Guilherme Paulus started up CVC with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari and did so in the city of his birth, São Paulo. Around a decade ago, he decided to sale a piece of the company to the Carlyle Group, who has helped CVC to expand even more. Today, the company makes over $5 billion a year and continues to excel in the tourism sector in Brazil. With new locations cropping up in malls all over Brazil every day, the company is expecting to continue to be the number one tourist agency in the nation.

Guilherme Paulus has always focused on being as socially accountable as possible. He has made sure that CVC has been a part of many different positive causes, and one of these is the PIET project. This organization is in existence to offer disadvantaged youth educational opportunities that they wouldn’t have, otherwise. Paulus has also been a part of efforts to support the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism and has donated to the Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution for many years.

Guilherme Paulus is proud to be a partner with other tourism companies and hotel groups that continue to create employment opportunities for people. The French government recognized his work to develop tourism in its nation, and he has also been recognized by the Brazilian government for the work he has done.

While attending college, Paulus studied business administration, and this gave him a headstart in the tourism industry. He has drawn on his other entrepreneurial abilities, over the years, to make new connections and come up with new concepts in his industry. He was able to build GJP Hotels & Resorts in 2005, which has continues to run as a larger chain of hotels in Brazil. Paulus expects to do many other great things during his career, which continues to be a notable one.

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Alastair Borthwick: Timeless Author and outdoorsman

Alastair Borthwick’s experience among the Scottish inspired his adventure in writing and broadcasting. His ability to illustrate circumstances, articulately describing both conquest and fiasco was auspicious. His desire to live in peace beat the chase of fame since he lived quite a simple life. Born in early 1917, he lived and schooled in Scotland. However, he dropped out of school to write for the Evening Times, and after that the Glasgow Herald, the city newspapers. Alastair Borthwick swiftly rose through the ranks, with an opportunity to compile the crosswords at some point. He relocated to London 22 years on to venture into the media, where he started his journey at the Daily Mirror. His career climaxed at BBC where he would write scripts for various programs run on the station.

Hiking and Adventure

Exposure to audacious locals during his job at Glasgow Herald spiked his interest in hiking and highland climbing. Alastair Borthwick ventured into hiking and mountaineering writing, a career reserved for the rich. He pioneered literary hiking for commoners as he wrote hiking experiences common citizens would relate to. He inspired mountaineering among common Scotts since the description and imagery used compelled them into the quest. His literature, including Always a little Further, was the first to give such a wholesome description of a noble climbing experience in Scotland in the ‘30s.


Alastair Borthwick was a loyal soldier and rose through the military ranks during World War 2. He diligently fought towards Europe’s emancipation from the Nazi. He also trooped through the enemy lines in Holland undetected, prompting their victory against Germany. John Sym, Borthwick’s colonel, gave him an opportunity to recount his experiences and memories throughout the war, an opportunity many writers only dream about. He compiled a widely commended war classic, the Battalion, which Max Hastings referred to as, “An outstanding book.” He used deep dialogue among militants as well as imagery to evoke battle heat among readers. The book gave 1st account narrations of the 2nd World War right from the frontline, through the planning, to the ultimate victory. After the victory, Borthwick alongside his wife relocated to Jura. They got a baby boy named Patrick. He ventured into crofting, harpooning while pursuing his passion; writing.