An insight into the prosperous career of Matthew Fleeger

Named in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals, Matthew Fleeger has had a prosperous career in the American oil and gas industry. He currently holds the office of the President, Director, and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, one of the largest companies in the American oil and gas industry. Matthew is more than just an executive in the sector; he is also a principal. He is also an entrepreneur with interest in tanning industries and medical waste disposal which have made him a lot of fortune. Recently, this American oil and gas industry principal was in an interview, and he shared insights about his career.

Humble beginnings, but focused

In this interview, Matthew Fleeger revealed that he had very humble begins in the industry when he was starting his career. Unlike know where he has a lot of experience, at the time he was quite green. Despite this, Matthew was very focused on growing his expertise and his career with it. This Gulf Coast Western CEO pointed out that to achieve this, he got keener on learning the ins and outs of the oil industry in the United States. Matthew Fleeger mentioned that he keenly followed how experts in the sector at the time conducted their business and from this, he learned a lot.

Chasing success

Matthew Fleeger mentioned in the interview that from the beginning of his career he was chasing success. Apart from learning from the best he also had other virtues that made him very successful. These virtues include honesty, integrity and creativity and they made him stand out from other professionals in the sector. Matthew Fleeger said that he focused on doing work with honesty and integrity which at the time were very rare in the oil and gas industry. He also embraced creativity to come up with outstanding solutions to his business problems.

Entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov and his vision for JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is the CEO who founded JetSmarter, an application that conveniently connects people to private flights. It was launched in August of 2012 according to a biography page via his own website. JetSmarter officially launched the following year after acquiring enough funds from other companies and vendors and has since created an easier method for individuals or groups to book flights. Sergey Petrossov and his team were able to bring valuable and knowledgeable members to build off of his vision.

Sergey Petrossov was recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology and in South Florida’s Top Working Professional. Before even founding the application known as JetSmarter, he worked on two projects – one online that would allow people to chat to provide customer service, and the other a platform build for Russian education systems. Petrossov also worked as a board advisor for a South-Florida jet operator. He reflects that he came up with the idea of his application after he witnessed how difficult it could be to book flights. With the advancement of technology and the rise of mobile devices, he thought it would be a good idea to invest in a platform for people to book their own flights on the fly. That is how the idea for JetSmarter came about.

Some additional information on the CEO is that he studied at the University of Florida with a concentration in finance and business administration. According to the CrunchBase profile, many prominent celebrities have backed JetSmarter which includes rapper and businessman Jay-Z, Wayne Chung, and others. The page suggests that JetSmarter functions much like Uber connecting people to a transportation service that is both convenient and simple to use. Sergey Petrossov knew he wanted to become a businessman after he worked diligently in school and through his interest in it.

U.S. Money Reserve: Warning About a Possible Recession

In 2008, the United States economy experienced one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression in the early 20th century. Today, the American economy has stabilized, but the U.S. Reserve is seeing a different track.

The U.S. Reserve is an American firm that makes special edition coins, and they are also keeping a blog on their website. Recently, the company stated that there will be major changes in the economy of the United States, and an economic disaster is waiting to happen.

One of the company’s experts said that the United States economy might be inside a bubble, ready to burst anytime. When it happens, the country will be in chaos.

The basis for this outlook in the country’s economy is the slowing down of businesses all over the country. When it happens, the profits of some businesses would drastically go down, and financial experts in Wall Street would have a hard time figuring out why the market is plummeting.

The next things that would happen are much worst – the unemployment rate would go up, and many people would complain that they need jobs to survive.

There will be riots in the street, as more people are demanding answers from those who knew what really happened. The civil disobedience that will be experienced is worse than any conflicts recorded.

After the recession back in the year 2008, the economy of the United States gradually stabilized. However, some economists believe that a recession in the United States has a definite pattern, and people must prepare for this worst-case scenario. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

Another issue faced by the United States is their staggering debts with China which are now valued at more than trillions of dollars.

Finally, the polarized nature of politics in 21st century America will have a devastating effect on the economy. The two largest parties in the country – the Republicans and the Liberals – have been in constant conflict about the present administration.

This can lead to civil unrest, and finally, an economic recession of there is conflict everywhere. An economic recession happens in a gradual manner. It comes in different types, and one should be prepared when it happens.

The U.S. Money Reserve continues to enlighten their readers and posters about the nature of the country’s economy.

Most of the time, the company is hiring experts in their field of expertise, and the company is trying to find out who is the most suitable ones for creating new information based on the economic condition of the country.

Aside from the news reports concerning the country’s economy, the U.S. Money Reserve is also selling limited edition products like the decorated coins and other similar things that can only be found inside the museum.

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Alec Sellem Discusses Africa And His Business

Alec Sellem is the founder of Sellem Industries. This company is involved in gold mining and refining on the continent of Africa. Mr. Sellem was born in France. He received his education in the nation of Switzerland, but he was also able to spend a considerable amount of time in Africa during his youth. One of Alec Sellem’s first experiences in Africa occurred while he was in boarding school. His school was working on a charitable program in the nation of Mali. This trip put a love of Africa into the heart of Alec Sellem, and he has visited most African countries at this point.

Sellem Industries is different than many other companies involved in the gold mining business. Alec Sellem has his company set up in such a way that the mining and the refining process is handled right at his African base of operations in Sierra Leone. Alec Sellem has developed a system whereby his company is involved in assisting the local community. The company helps with infrastructure and schools. The company provides employment for a number of people.

Alec Sellem views business success in a number of different ways. Profits are certainly important. However, Mr. Sellem is also concerned about the long-term growth of his business. He isn’t just interested in short-term profits. He wants to work with people and their local governments so that his business can carry on long into the future.

Currently, Alec Sellem divides his time between his family who reside in England and his business ventures in Africa. While he is with his family, he spends time with them interacting and being as much of a part of their lives as possible. While in Africa, his time is totally consumed with leading Sellem Industries into the future.

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Article Title: OSI Group Adopts Modern Technologies

Article Text:

OSI Food Industries is now one of the best performing businesses in the food industry. The privately-held business was ranked by Forbes as one of the top 100 private businesses in the country. The company has been in business for the past century and has in the process recorded significant growth. Very few companies can match the growth that has taken place in this company in the past century. The leadership of the company has been focusing on making positive changes, and this is the reason growth has not been a major issue. The leaders knew what they wanted right from the beginning, and they worked hard to accomplish the goals. Over the decades, subsequent leaders have not disappointed. They have been making every attempt to ensure that the company is successful.


OSI Group has its origin in 1912. It was created by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who had just settled in the country. He started a meat shop which developed rapidly to become a wholesale business and later a regional supplier of food products. It is in the 1980s that the company finally became an international food company. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO is one of the leaders who played a very critical role in the expansion of this company in the global space. OSI Group was initially known as Otto & Sons before it was renamed OSI Industries and later OSI Group, LLC.

Adopting technology

One of the main reasons why OSI Group has excelled in such a big way in the past few decades is because of the leadership role that has been carried out with the best interests of the future of the company in mind. Technology is one of the reasons why OSI has performed better than any other company. From the 1960s, the company was quick to embrace any technology that proved helpful in the accomplishment of the goals set by the company. Sheldon Lavin is behind the application of most recent technologies to make dream of sustainability a reality. Sustainability will improve the way business going into the future since it makes businesses more responsive to the issues that affect the people.

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James River Capital Advise On Burnouts

James River Capital is a company that deals with advisory services on matters of investment. The company gives room for commodity trading and other services that are relevant to investors. The company has served the residents of the United States and has proved to be beneficial to its clients in dealing with stress, depression and other related problems regarding investment, jobs, and work. The company is headed and was founded by Paul Saunders and who acts as the Chief Executive Officer.


Through the manager, Paul Saunders, the company has taken a step forward to help its employees and other people in fighting burnout. Burnout is a situation of exhaustion that results from stress or overwork. In most cases, the condition is as a result of overthinking and worrying about careers and responsibilities assigned to workers. Many are times when employees find themselves given roles that they have little or no knowledge about. This increases suspicion over their chances of failure and poor performance.


In most cases, as observed by Paul Saunders, burnouts occur mostly when there is no motivation and lack of confidence in the employees. This situation can be controlled by giving the employees an open forum to share their ideas and table issues that they feel are disturbing them. Strict surveillance on the employees increases tension and results in poor performance because they work for the sake of earning an income. This is dangerous because it can lead to the downfall of a company if not addressed in the right manner.


Consequently, the employer can help the employees overcome burnouts by assisting them to regain their lost confidence. This can be done by helping the employees set their goals and helping them to achieve them. The small goals set by the employees help them regain their confidence gradually this improving their overall performance. Flexibility in roles and schedules of the company can as well contribute to the fight against burnouts. Learn more:

Another significant way of helping employees manage stress is by connecting workshops on how to manage stress. This gives them a chance to learn and refresh their minds. Moreover, encouraging them to try new hobbies is equally essential. James River Capital has offers gym facilities for the employees to exercise. Exercise has proved to be useful in regaining confidence and dealing with stress. Left unaddressed the condition can lead to an overall collapse of a company.


Paul Saunders is an entrepreneur with an endless Philanthropic passion. Moreover, he is a B.A holder from the University of Virginia and after which he went for an M.B.A at the University of Chicago. He has been of great importance in the growth of James River Capital.

Understanding What Blogger Outreach Can Do To Your Business

These days, brands encounter healthy competition in the digital globe. Taking advantage of blogs to motivate services has come to be mainstream.

Blog site websites were the third-most significant digital source behind brand web sites as well as retail internet sites. It is also considered as the fifth-most trustworthy resources of details online.

” 92 percent of consumers depend on fund word-of-mouth advertising general various other kinds of advertising and marketing.”

What is a Blog site writer Outreach?

Blog author outreach or influencer advertising and marketing is collaborating with blog writers to aid brand names to create initial product to promote their brand name, solutions, and items. Organizations gain from blog site writers that already made the trust and influence of an area.

What Blog Site Can Owner Outreach Provide For Your Solution?

It is challenging to introduce a digital advertising and marketing project. Doing it from scratch can take a great deal of time, initiative as well as spending plan. In a blog writer outreach project, the brand name looks for the solutions of influencers, who currently have considerable sticking to, to compose an engaging material concerning the brand name. This can be for settlement, complimentary product or services or whatever they have agreed upon.

  1. Blog sites are an appropriate source of details for individuals looking for truthful perspectives pertaining to product and services.
  2. Consumers describe press release service blog site websites for point of views since they rely on blog site writers that market a brand’s product or services.
  3. Blog writers use you with wonderful product.
  4. Blog sites are a brand-new way to advertise your product and services.
  5. Blogging produces web website traffic.

There a range of manner ins which blog owners can assist brand names:

  • Moneyed messages
  • Item evaluations
  • One-on-one events
  • Testing projects
  • Co-branded tasks
  • Online promotions/giveaways
  • Thing positioning/ material innovation
  • Blog site owner events
  • Podcast and also blog site sponsorships
  • Ambassadorships

The concepts are beyond unimaginable. Blog site owners are influencers that do not merely develop compelling web content. They have actually captured the depend on as well as likewise impact of a neighborhood with their authentic, truthful as well as real stories.

The social media sites examiner likewise called the power of blog site writers as the “digital money of influence.” The minute trust fund has actually been made; it can result in activity, making blog proprietors a reliable influencer.

If you’re significant concerning trying blog site proprietor outreach supporter your organisation, below are a number of takeaways to amass maximum result:

  • Treat blog site owners as clients that you wish to win with your product or services.
  • Know blog site authors first before speaking to them to do organization.
  • Evaluation their blogs along with their interaction with their area.
  • Think your partnership as “cooperative.” You are avoiding doing them assistance.
  • Assist them the way you desire to be helped.
  • Create a resilient link with influencers for lasting campaigning for.
  • Host blog owner occasions to advertise your brand exposure: host an on-site celebration for blog site writers, supply a giveaway or send out free products.
  • Presume outside package to produce ingenious internet content.

Building blog writer partnership can help you in building a bigger audience. This holds true thinking about that the minute an influencer markets your brand, they will certainly be generating their followers to read your articles. The more individuals view as well as share your tale; the better will definitely be your Seo.

Blog owner outreach task is a brand-new measurement that you can include in your electronic advertising efforts. Encourage blog site proprietors to create initial internet content that creates a purposeful connection as well as additionally sufficient returns for your organization.

Jeunesse Global: HydraShield Protection Against Pollution

Many people may not know that the environment has a lot to do with how their skin looks. Jeunesse Global is a youth promoting company that focuses on research and creating products to help people maintain healthy skin, healthy bodies, and healthy minds. The company’s co-founders have been working with their direct-sales team members to spread the word to interested individual about how certain conditions outside of their control can affect the way they look. Jeunesse Global has many solutions that can help rid the skin of these toxins that build up daily.

An example of toxins that can affect everyone’s skin is secondhand smoke. Often times there is nothing you can do about smoke drifting in from other parties, so your best defense will be to remove any traces on your skin. Other types of environmental factors outside of your control are exhaust from vehicles and factory emissions.

Jeunesse Global has perfected a facial mask called HydraShield, which works by lifting away build-up and residue from environmental factors. The hydrating mask has a blend of moisturizers from shea butter and natural grasses to help clean the pores and tighten the skin. The HydraShield covers the entire face like a soft glove, and as it settles in, it begins its work. This mask is not for daily use but for deep cleaning. This will depend upon the environment that you live in how often you should use it.

Jeunesse Global has an international base of team members trained in their products. There are other products that they offer to help protect your skin and body from the environment include daily vitamins, skin cleansers, and other facial masks. Jeunesse Global is proud to offer training and events to insure their members know about the latest research and understand the benefits of all of their products and how they can be combined to fit every individual’s needs.

Glenn Schlossberg: Research And Hard Work Are Important In Fashion

Glenn Schlossberg knows that hard work is important and one of the main reasons he has found such success in the fashion industry. He founded the fashion company that produces clothing for Bebe, Macy’s, and many other brands known as Jump Design Group. Since the company was founded by Glenn Schlossberg in 1990, it has been devoted to producing high-quality fashions in an efficient way that allows them to keep up with all of the latest styles and trends. His company has grown into a leader in the world of fashion.

One of the lessons that Glenn Schlossberg has learned over the years in fashion is that it requires a lot of hard work but can be worth it. It takes a lot of dedication and research to stay relevant and he is willing to invest what he needs to in order to stay on top of the game. As a child, he had the opportunity to learn a lot about the world of fashion while working in his father’s factory that produced clothing. From a young age, Glenn Schlossberg learned that efficiency was important along with quality.

While Glenn Schlossberg initially attended college for a semester, he quickly realized that it wasn’t for him and decided to work for his father’s factory instead. He performed many different jobs within the company and realized that he was good at it. He wrote up a business plan with the help of his wife who graduated from Cornell with an MBA. They were able to get the financing that they needed to found Jump Design Group. Glenn Schlossberg had already built up valuable connections with retailers from the work that he did with his father’s company that proved important when starting his own business.

Along with his pursuits in business, Glenn Schlossberg is involved in different charitable actions. He works with inner-city children in order to show them the importance of entrepreneurship and gives them important tips on how to make it in the business world. In addition, he has made sizeable donations to the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

While Schlossberg tries to utilize domestic labor and materials, he travels to Asia to get ideas on how to produce clothing more efficiently. He also travels to fashion hubs like London to learn about the latest trends. He spends a lot of his life traveling and the hard work is all worth it. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit

Article Title: Agera Energy Company

Article Text:

Agera Energy was founded at the perfect time. It was one of coldest winters in a while, and customers were desperate for something new. Energy is necessary and one of the most expensive bills for typical home.

Agera energy sought to stand out from other companies and offer more for their customers. They set out to guide each customer and make sure they have the plan they need at the best price. They take their responsibility seriously, which is what makes them different. Customers needed guidance, change, and more protection. Agera Energy dove in head first to be that change.

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