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Recently, EUSA Pharma, a Global pharmaceutical company that focusses on oncology and rare disease has announced the appointment of Carsten Thiel as President Europe and Darrel P. Cohen as Head of Clinical Development. The company (EUSA) was founded in March 2015 and had extensive commercial operations in the United States and Europe together with the direct presence in select markets across the globe.

Carsten Thiel is a Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical expert. He was born in Berlin. He remained in Berlin which was then divided and excelled in his studies and ended up studying Chemistry in Malbrook. He left his native country to attend the University of Bristol in the southwestern UK in a bid to gather insight on the Anglo-Saxon education system. There, he studied Organic Chemistry, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion of his course. His desire to get into the pharmaceutical world of innovation came through with Hoffman La-Roche, a ground-breaking biotechnology firm after completion of his formal education.

Appointment of veterans in the pharmaceutical world in new roles created will help strengthen the management that is senior leadership. The duo brings with them a high level of pharmaceutical experience. Carsten Thiel will lead commercial infrastructure in Europe while Dr. Cohen will lead the worldwide late-stage Clinical Development activities.

Carsten Thiel has 27 years of commercial experience coming to EUSA Pharma. This is in addition to the Ph.D. that he holds in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Germany’s Max Plancks Institute. Dr. Cohen, on the other hand, has 20 years of experience in Clinical Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Dr. Cohen is joining EUSA Pharma from Pfizer’s global oncology Organization, where he had the rank of Vice President, Clinical Development Leader after previously leading Clinical development for numerous successful oncology products.

EUSA Chief Executive Officer welcomed the duo highlighting the skills and experience that they bring to the company. The knowledge and expertise would help the company as it expands in Europe, emerging markets, and the United States. Click here to learn more

The King Of Coffee Is Organo Gold

Organo Gold is pushing the limits with coffee culture each and every day in various circles all over the globe. One of the aspects that separates Organo Gold from other types of coffee is the fact that it is integrated with organic Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, which is a type of mushroom that contains high levels of antioxidants. While most people drink coffee because it is delicious and a great stimulant, there are few people that consume coffee because of the nutritional benefits.

Organo Gold is one of the only types of coffee that can truly be considered healthy to drink, which is one of the biggest reasons the king of coffee is getting so much buzz from coffee enthusiasts. If you are looking for a rich, aromatic blend that is full of nutritional benefits, do yourself a favor and consider picking up some Organo Gold. There is a major social aspect that is involved in the consumption of coffee, based on the fact that many people gather around consuming the beverage. Utilizing Organo Gold is a unique way to enrich the social aspect that comes along with drinking coffee, as the blend is a conversation starter that is delicious as it is rich in nutrients.

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The SEC Whistleblower Program and its Benefits to Citizens

The Securities and Exchange Commission is also known as the SEC. The whistleblower program was passed in 2010 when the President signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform alongside Consumer Protection Act. The regulation established an incentive program to incentivize the reporting of different violations through the Commodity Exchange Act that is overseen by Christopher C. Ehrman who is the former senior executive of SEC. As such, the Whistleblower Program offers different awards to individuals who successfully submit different tips related to the violations of the securities laws. Since its launch, the program has provided significant employment protections, a viable reporting system for individuals to issue their reports anonymously, coupled with a monetary award. Whistleblowers are often entitled to a broad range of incentives that range between 10-30 percent of the total monetary sanctions garnered. The funds are usually paid from an Investor Protection Fund. From 2011, the whistleblower tips have made it possible for the SEC department to recover about $1 billion from offenders. The SEC has also awarded over $300 million to different whistleblowers.

Background Information on SEC

Days prior to the implementation of the final rules in 2011, many predicted that history would uncover the establishment of a system that can help fight misconduct. Currently, citizens can confirm that the SEC Whistleblower Program is a leading public-private collaboration in history. As such, the commission has provided the public with quality reporting procedures. Initially, many individuals feared retaliation as well as blacklisting. Corporate whistleblowers were prevented from contacting the SEC to report misconduct. Hidden misconduct would easily fester until they were uncovered amidst controversies. With the help of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, organizations started to highlight fraudulent cases. To reduce the risks of retaliation, SEC’s whistleblower program trains and empowers whistleblowers to report their issues anonymously.

Rules and Regulations

Whistleblowers are allowed to contact a viable law firm that has senior executives to represent them. A person’s ability to report misconduct is a leading pillar of the SEC Whistleblower program. A reporter has to be represented by a lawyer. They must also offer counsel coupled with an original copy of the submission that is often signed under the penalty act. The whistleblower attorney will then verify the whistleblower’s identity prior to submitting information to the SEC. The attorney is also going to serve as a viable intermediary between the SEC and the reporter during the investigation. In addition to these roles, the attorney will advocate for the leading monetary benefits. Before receiving any money, whistleblowers have to reveal their identity to the department of SEC which has consistently guarded the reporter’s identity.


If there’s retaliation, the worker is allowed to act privately in the federal court. This is without involving administrative remedies before filing the report. Besides, some courts have successfully insisted that this private right of action should extend to various disclosures especially if a worker doesn’t offer information to the SEC department. Although the law of reporting is unsettled on this matter, Dodd-Frank confers protection from retaliation.

Who Qualifies for Protection?

Some of the remedies available are such as the reinstatement of the minority, litigation costs, coupled with double back pay. A worker suing under the section has to file a claim within six years from the conduct of retaliation. They may also submit the claim three years after from the moment the worker knew of the retaliation of conduct. For an individual to qualify for protection, the reporter has to have a significant belief that the provided information relates to securities violation. The department of SEC has issued an explanation that the reasonable belief is not just subjective but a genuine belief that the provided information reflects a possible violation. The information should also reflect the possibility of a breach. This eliminates the chances of frivolous submissions.

The new whistleblower program is beneficial to reporters. It also provides a significant benefit over various whistleblower incentives that don’t encourage anonymous submission including the IRS’s whistleblower program. Whistleblowers have to sign a report stating that the information provided is factual, correct, and complete. Attorneys should retain the original signed copy. Besides, Dodd-Frank has enhanced its anti-retaliation protection that was published by the SOX. This has expanded its coverage beyond various companies to employees and affiliates of public companies.


Isabel Dos Santos Empowers Africa to Use of Technology

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and the wealthiest woman in Africa. She was born in 1973, and she is the firstborn of one of the Presidents of Angola, Jose Eduardo. Isabel became rich by venturing into businesses with organizations in her home country and with the assistance of the respect and networking from her family. Isabel dos Santos was appointed as one of the top one hundred women with most impact over the globe.

Isabel dos Santos stated at “Africa Summit 2019” that the market in Africa has embraced the use of digital marketing and the knowledge of the customers to stand out. During a parliamentary meeting in Europe, Isabel said that one of the problems in the African market “is how to be digital.” The business lady went on saying that for Africa to stand out in the competitive world, and they have to utilize digital means and also offer knowledge and skills to the consumers of technology. The parliamentary meeting was attended by a team of politicians where she acted as the speaker.

According to Unitel’s president, after Africa transforms to use technology innovations, the following step would be to embrace digital change. The president went on saying that a lot of business and ventures on electronic marketing would be made and that the moment Africans will use financial accounts, then they would have changed to e-banking. Related article click here.

Isabel dos Santos further stated that making plans for the towns and the agricultural sectors are fields that also face the issues of digital revolutions. She said that many municipalities do not have safe, cost effective and comfortable transport services. Thus it is essential to use digital means in creating plans for the cities to enhance and better the standards of living while reducing prices.

The agriculture field should be competitive, something which Isabel has strong faith that it is possible. Ms. Santos stated that if Africa needs to remain competitive in the agricultural market, then it has to concentrate on the use of digital practices of agriculture because technology helps in creating cost effective products. Isabel believes that it is important to encourage local authorities and the people to stop running away from technological revolutions.

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O que fazem 6 jovens angolanos no Reino Unido? Estão a construir o futuro do nosso país 🇦🇴 Mais um sonho que se torna realidade. Nós na Unitel temos um sentido de missão com Angola. Há três anos sonhámos em apostar na Agricultura do nosso país. Fizemos uma grande campanha de recrutamento e de 500 candidaturas, temos agora 6 jovens angolanos a fazer uma pós-gradução em Agricultura, na Royal Agricultural University e eles serão os futuros líderes fazendeiros deste projecto, que está a crescer na província de Malanje 🤞🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Unitel #ProduçãoNacional #JovensTalentos #Agricultura #FuturosLíderes #Angola What are 6 young Angolans doing in the UK? They are building the future of our country 🇦🇴 One more dream coming true. We at Unitel have a sense of mission with Angola. Three years ago, we dreamed of investing in our country's agriculture. We developed a wide recruitment campaign, and from 500 applications we now have 6 young Angolans studying Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural University and they will be the future leaders of this project, which is growing in Malanje 🤞🏾

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Marc Beer: The answer to Women’s Healthcare

Marc Beer is a major player in the women’s healthcare industry and is also the chairman or Lume NXT. Lume NXT is a company that creates illumination devices for surgeons. With better illumination, the surgeons have more effective means of working and that could be the decisive equipment between life and death. For surgery to be successful, everything has to go as planned and as effective as possible lumeNXT. Appointing Marc Beer as the chairman only goes to show that they are after the right results, Learn more:

Marc Beer has a track record of excellence, with over 25 years in the industry. Before this, he was the co-founder of Renovia, and the company specialized in helping women with pelvic abnormalities. His company started when a gynecologist called him to tell him of the troubles that faced his industry, and how much beer could help stop that. Soon after that call, he started his own company. Today, they are the leading firm in digital female healthcare and more. He co-founded the company and spent a lot of time furthering the cause. He is making major strides in the system while receiving major plaudits as well. When asked how he brings ideas to life, he stated that all he has to do is make sure the legal financial and technical aspects are sorted out. Once the item is in public, it could stand whatever test is thrown at it. Others could be conceptualized and brought into the market, but because they don’t have the solid foundation to stand on strong other competitors could easily wipe them off the market. They could also make the product redundant. Along with this, is getting the right people to do the job. He takes part in talent acquisition and contributes a lot to get the right people in the job. For him to get the best results, the best people have to be at the helm of affairs and that is something very important to him. Something that excites him is the ability for any company in any sector to push the limits of what is acceptable. He makes mention of Tesla Motors in the automobile industry, that are now using electric motors to run their cars instead of the normal fuel engine. He predicts that things like these make companies the leader in their field of operation. Marc Beer hopes Renovia can follow in their footsteps, currently, they are the leader of women’s healthcare and also a frontrunner worldwide. Unfortunately, digital healthcare hasn’t made much progress this decade, but he hopes that future decades will bring a new face of technology that will take his company to new heights.

Article Title: How Richard Liu Qiangdong Built A Hugely Successful Company In China

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese entrepreneur who is well-known on the internet for his strong personality and wealth. He founded and is its Chief Executive Officer. His company has been called the “Amazon of China” as it sells a huge variety of products online. His company started as a small business in Beijing in 1998 and now has a market cap of roughly $44 billion.

He is a graduate of Renmin University where he studied sociology. He also attended the China Europe International Business School where he earned his EMBA. After briefly working for Japan Life, Richard Liu launched his own business that sold electronics. This company was named Jingdong. When he took his company online in response to the SARS epidemic that swept China, he renamed it to reflect its shift to an e-commerce firm.

By 2005, Richard Liu Qiangdong had closed all of his company’s physical locations since the online site was doing so well. He established this company with the mission of being able to provide products to customers at any time and from anywhere. Richard Liu Qiangdong spent a lot of resources making the user experience on a high-quality experience.

He also focused on his company’s logistics network. Today, Richard Liu’s company can ship products to anybody almost anywhere in China. His company offers same day and next day delivery service. This is made possible in urban areas through the use of both human and robot delivery systems. In rural areas, his company uses its fleet of drones to deliver things.

He has offered many products on that hadn’t been available to Chinese consumers before over the years. Richard Liu Qiangdong introduced many high-end luxury goods in China, for instance. Fake products are a big issue in China. His company only sells authentic products which is one of the reasons it is able to sell luxury goods.

His company became traded on the NASDAQ in 2014, the first Chinese company to do so. Several prominent investors bought large numbers of shares in such as Google and Walmart. Richard Liu is now looking to expand into Thailand and Europe in order to further drive the reach of

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The Nucleus Of Creativity: Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a renowned marketing and advertising consultant. He has been in the field for almost 4 decades; assisting numerous organizations and firms along the way. The marketing expert has served as Chief Executive Officer and President for several companies.

Recently, Gustavo sat with to discuss the advertising industry, his career, and other things. He begins the interview by elaborating on the word consulting.

By explaining that consulting provides elite services and strategies, he correlates it directly with the marketing and advertising field. Gustavo Martinez states that the bulk of his career has been focused largely on the art of advertising. Creativity has been the nucleus of his longevity. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

One interesting point he made; was that the most creative people don’t fit well in a traditional 9-to-5 situation. The marketing and advertising consultant advises that these individuals are better suited as independent contractors. As an independent contractor, creativity isn’t stifled or suppressed. Every year there is a new crop of college graduates and Gustavo is constantly searching for creative masterminds in each graduating class.

The average day for the expert begins around 7 AM. His first few waking hours are spent with family. By 9 AM, Gustavo is generally in his office preparing for the day.

With creativity being the center of marketing and advertising, Martinez believes that diversity and a strong team creates creative answers. His ability to listen and remain generous is something that has helped him remain successful for so long.

Gustavo Martinez is a long time philanthropist who enjoys genuinely giving. He makes the point that there is a distinct difference between giving with anticipation of a return, and giving to give.

Gustavo’s company is constantly scouring for elite creative talent. What he calls a vigorous recruiting process is what has assisted his company in remaining a top contender.

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Alec Sellem Creates Employment by Refining His Gold in Africa

Gold is the best mineral to store your wealth in. However, buying and selling gold needs special skills. Alec Sellem is a shining beacon in gold mining. He is the chief executive officer and the founder of Sellem industries. The England based industry is destined to modernize methods of mining. Alec believes that traditional mining methods do not allow a firm to realize its full potential. He has vast expertise in refining mining methods.

Alec Sellem main aim is to localize mining processes. When gold is refined in the hyperlocal area, infrastructure in the local area develops. This will also strengthen the relationship between the miners and the local communities.

The business giant was born in France. He visited Africa during his study years and developed strong relationships with African people. He connected with Africans by learning their culture. He enjoyed the African landscape and different cultures. He does his mining activities in Sierra Leone. Alec Sellem builds trust and concrete relationship with the local communities by developing infrastructure for them. He participates in bolstering the local economies by creating employment.

Unlike other CEO’s Alec is involved in daily mining processes of Sellem industries. He travels to Africa to monitor mining activities. He seeks to expand his business by strengthening a positive relationship with the local communities. This builds trust and transparency between the two parties. Alec sellem grew the interest in selling and trading gold at a tender age. He decided to learn about the industry and master how it operates.

After carrying extensive research about the field, he began to understand how gold is traded. Alec submerged himself in the industry with the hope of transforming mining processes. His main aim was to streamline the sector and modernize mining methods. He also formulated strategies that would provide employment to local communities. He created employment by refining his gold in Africa.

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Article Title: Ted Bauman: A Life Of Economic Service

Article Text:

Ted Bauman has dedicated almost his entire career to bringing resources and the people that need them together. Mr.Bauman’s work has allowed millions of people to live a more fulfilling and freer life. Ted Bauman was born in the United States and was raised along the eastern shores of Maryland. However, when Ted Bauman was just a young man, his family decides to move to South Africa. There, Mr.Bauman flourished as a student and would go on to earn degrees in both history and economics from Cape Town University soon after Mr.Bauman would work with many nonprofit organizations seeking to provide financial assistance to groups of people. He would also find jobs as a manager fund for various projects, including Slum Dwellers International, which would go on to help over 14 million people across 35 countries.

Due to his vast amount of international experience, Mr.Bauman would see the United Nations use his talents. At the beginning of 2008, Ted Bauman was ready to come back to the United States. He quickly landed the position of Director of International Programs, where he placed all his focus, resources, and knowledge of global economics on sustainability and effectiveness.

A few years later in 2013, Mr.Bauman would become a part-time editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing company. Utilizing his years of experience, Mr.Bauman would create various works of interest to investors and those curious about global economics. These include The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club, to name a few. All these works include incredible insights on global economic trends as well as potential investment opportunities. Recently, Mr.Bauman added to that list “Smart Money.” This new newsletter will aim at providing stock trading services along with other suggestions by Mr.Bauman. Today one can find Ted Bauman living with his family in Atlant, Georgia. Mr.Bauman often states that having zero commute time to his basement office is often the best part of his new occupation with Banyan hill Publishing Company.

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Article Title: Wes Edens: Former Skier Turned Business Owner Of The Bucks

Article Text:

Wes Edens is proud to be a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. Because of how well he knows business, the Bucks have seen tremendous numbers in their field of work. They haven’t stopped scoring and winning. Wes Edens is backing them up.

Recently, the businessman has set his eyes on international goals. Wes has always been able to admit that he loves sports. As a result of his love for the games, he contributes to them. In other words, Wes Edens loves more than just basketball.

Edens has been introduced to soccer. Today, the owner loves to travel around the globe and participate in one on one interviews to talk to other business owners about networking and achieving goals. As a result of his efforts, he has continued to be able to work with former professional basketball players as well.

Edens knows that great opportunities spring-forth whenever he’s working with his closest friends. You can find him actively socializing on Twitter and Facebook. The game of basketball has always been a thrill for this former athlete. He was known as one of the best skiers in his prime.

In spite of what the Media says, Wes Edens will never “put all of his eggs into one basket.” He will continue to strive for the best, especially since he’s learned that as a retired skier. In his early life, he graduated from Oregon State University. His degree in business administration and finance has truly paid off for him.

The Wall Street Journal has coined the phrase “knack for business” whenever Edens is the topic of discussion. It’s truly remarkable to his family and friends to know such great man. Edens knows that his upbringing has taught him how to cherish and value life as well.

Wes Edens is proud to continuing reaching for the skies. He feels that his work goes well for him. Although he may be headed for retirement, he will still be able to hold on to the dream of once owning the Bucks.

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