The Career Path of Ashley Lightspeed

An American entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed, is an investor. She is currently a member of Lightspeed Ventures Partners. Lightspeed Ventures deals in cloud computing, Bitcoin, finance, and it is also a venture capital firm. Previously, Ashley worked as product personnel and consultant at Thumbtack and Bain & Company respectively. At Bain, she used her consulting role in customer simulations. At Thumbtack, she was responsible for overseeing customer services in the company’s Events and Wedding section.

She studied Bachelors of Arts between 2008 and 2012 at Duke University. In 2018, she graduated with MBA from Stanford Continuing Studies. During her childhood years, Ashley Lightspeed was passionate about architecture. The influence originated from her architect father. However, she was not destined for that world. While pursuing her studies abroad, she ventured into the business of prototyping. Her position at Thumbtack exposed her to the knowledge of prototyping because it is the strategy that the firm utilizes to collect customer feedback, generate ideas, as well as in product advancements. See More about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley’s involvement with the activities of Thumbtack gave her the courage to help other growing firms to realize their goals. She specializes in the development of new ideas by crafting, an endeavor that has helped to sharpen her skills in the business of prototyping.

Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Ventures Partners upon the completion of her MBA programme. She joined the firm alongside four other women. They all took up different roles and also introduced a 50% ration. In the beginning, the firm had only two female members of staff. Thankfully, her participation in client support helped to speed up the investment activities of Lightspeed Ventures Partners.

For someone who is just beginning her career, Ashley has an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Having been instrumental in the development of top-ranked organizations in the last few years, the future of Lightspeed Ventures is undoubtedly bright with her involvement.


Toyo Setal Builds Major Light Oil And Petrochemical Facility In Itaborai, Rio De Janeiro

Toyo Engineering Corporation and SOG Oil & Gas are two firms that both design and build complex engineering projects. They formed a joint venture in 2012 and created Toyo Setal. This company builds onshore industrial complexes across Brazil. It has a sister company dedicated to building offshore complexes. Its two parent companies each own 50 percent of it.

The types of industries Toyo Setal builds facilities for are petrochemicals, oil and gas, mining, energy, and chemical. Since their projects are highly complex they needed to build a highly robust project management software solution. This is the EPC portal through which all of their operations are accounted for. EPC helps management and employees keep track of everything on a single online platform. Read more reviews at

EPS led to such an increase in efficiency that it was awarded at the 2014 AVEVA World Summit. This software package was celebrated at a ceremony that took place in Berlin, Germany. The award granted was the “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration.” It was hailed as the best solution in the category “Challenges and Advances in Integrated Technology.”

Its biggest client is Petrobras, the largest oil & gas firm in Brazil. Toyo Setal has built several facilities for them with the largest one in Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro. This facility, completed in 2016, consists of two hydrogen production units and a substation, all inside the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (COMPERJ).

The work Toyo Setal performed on this project included electromechanical assembly, executive design, pre-commissioning, testing, civil works, and start-up assistance. The complex uses heavy oil produced in the Campos Basin near the South Atlantic and turns it into petrochemicals and light oil. There is a growing demand for both of these products in Brazil.

Toyo Setal was recognized for its work for Petrobras who awarded them the “Best Supplier Petrobras 2018” designation. It had exceeded expectations on an important facility, the FPSO P-74 project, which it completed almost two months ahead of schedule.


The use of IP geolocation services in businesses by LocationSmart

LocationSmart is a leading tech company when it comes to issues such as asset tracking, cybersecurity, programs verification, and operational efficiency. They find the location of objects through a unique application that uses context on the device or an asset for accuracy.

They provide their customers with a particular way of managing businesses or transportation of assets. The service works through a unique IP address that one gets after connecting to a network. The network may either be extranet, intranet, or other internet platforms. The IP is used by the connected system to identify the user or the device.

Apart from identifying a device, the IP address is also used for determining the location from which the device connects to the network. The IP address extends beyond the two uses. It has other uses in businesses. This article brings out some of the significant applications of the IP address and the benefits it provides to users.

One of the essential uses of IP address is ensuring that regulations related to geolocations are effective. A perfect example of this is in the gaming and betting companies. Some areas of the world prohibit such practices; therefore, neighboring countries are forced to confirm the location of the gamer before releasing payments. This improves the efficiency in running such businesses as the IP address provides the most accurate information.

In the world today, cases of fraud have extended to online platforms. Since fraud affects both clients and the business, the business can use the IP intelligence to determine the position by which the client’s data is being accessed from.

The industry must ensure that they are safeguarding their client’s crucial data by ensuring that the information comes from a known device. Unique strategies are used to provide this problem is covered.

Introduction of Authentication measures at the user interface may also help in this situation, and when it fails, customers must be allowed to call a toll-free number to notify the customer care about the problem. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

The IP technology enhances effective communication between a client and a business. This is possible if the company can tell where, when, and who is accessing certain information and from what device. In case they recognize that the owner is using the method, they engage in direct communication through a notification, a message, or an immediate phone call.

Most of the time, these services are available when the client is using a particular business app.

IP intelligence is used to secure networks and find hacker’s location. Since the IP provides the real-time information of the user, the business can be able to tell if there are attempts to break into the security system or if there is an injection of malicious viruses into the system.

Through the IP, the business can be able to tell where these evil deeds are taking place from, and they can deal with them. The last use of digital technology is in the protection of digital content — for example, protection of streaming contents to ensure maximum profits.

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Sadie Keller Launches Foundation To Support Kids And Families With Pediatric Cancer

Sadie Keller is a 10-year-old child in Dallas, Texas, who survived Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is a deadly childhood cancer that she was diagnosed with when she was seven. She spent the next three years going through weekly chemotherapy treatments. She also had multiple blood transfusions, had infections, and had a rare side effect from her treatment. She didn’t attend 2nd or 3rd grade, missing out on many normal things kids do.

Knowing firsthand what it was like to go through cancer for herself and her family, she founded the Sadie Keller Foundation. This foundation has two purposes. The first is to provide support to children and families who are going through similar circumstances. The second purpose is to lobby for funding for pediatric cancer research. Just four percent of all the money spent on cancer research is on childhood cancer.

She lobbied members of the United States Congress to support the STAR Act as well as the Race for Children Act. Both of these were acts to provide funding for childhood cancer research. For the past three years, Sadie Keller has appeared at the Cure Fest for Childhood Cancer, which is held in the nation’s capital annually during Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

The Sadie Keller Foundation relies on donations from corporations and business leaders. Among the Dallas-based organizations that have supported this foundation are Southwest Airlines, the Mays Family Foundation, and The Kimberly Hotel. Matt Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western, Inc., has also supported it. He raised $14,000 that has been used to create support gift packs for children and families with pediatric cancer.

Matt Fleeger works in the oil and gas industry. Previously, he was in the tanning industry and owned a medical waste management firm. As a business leader and philanthropist, he has supported several children’s causes in the greater Dallas area.

Jeremy Goldstein Dinner will Change Lives of Many People

When children are young, they learn so much about sharing their items with those people from less fortunate backgrounds. When people grow, up, however, their priorities changes. There are those who will give back to society in any way possible, while others will keep away from donations. People can never be equal. Those who lack need the help of others. Jeremy Goldstein as attorney supports noble causes in American society. Jeremy recently had the chance to highlight his generosity for the people with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein gave his donation in a unique way so that he could also make an impact in the lives of thousands of people who shy away from speaking about mental health.

The global community is facing many issues. Every day, there are many death reports from all corners. Life is getting hard, and when this happens, people have to work extra hard. People are living stressful lives and finally getting mental illnesses because they could not handle whatever is happening around them. Depression is just one of the many diseases mental health patients face in recent years. Stress makes people lead miserable lives. Some individuals lose interest in life, and they chose to die instead of working hard to solve the life issues they are handling. Getting professional help is not a walk in the park, especially when the person with a mental health condition is not financially stable. People with mental health problems cannot work well and earn a good income, and this puts them to more risks of committing suicide. By getting donations from people who are healthy, the patients can get everything back on track. Fountain House handles this role so well. The foundation raises money so that it can have something to offer the increasing number of patients in the facility. Fountain House mission can only be possible when people like Jeremy Goldstein provide their support.

This year, Jeremy Goldstein will raise funds for Fountain House through a wine dinner. The American lawyer started raising awareness about mental health when a top American celebrity took his life after dealing with depression for a long time. The wine dinner by Jeremy Goldstein will be the best platform to speak about mental health and enjoy great food. To attend the fantastic event, the lawyer has asked his guests to give five thousand dollars. The wine event is extraordinary for the guests. The guests will have killed two birds with one stone. Apart from providing the donation, everyone will have put a smile on a mental health patient somewhere in the world. Fountain House is excited about the event already. The organization has strict guidelines about its funds, and this is why it attracts the attention of so many people around the globe.


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Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan into a Jewish family in 1969. After High School, he went on to the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors in 1991. He then proceeded to get his law degree within the same University. He and his wife, Elizabeth have 3 children.

Eric is now the co-founder of Tempus, which is located in Chicago and concentrates on precision medicine solutions. Tempus is a technology focused company that is dedicated to getting patients on their own personalized therapeutic path that will enable them to live fulfilling lives. This has been done by analyzing the genetic code to assist doctors to better understand a patient’s tumor. Although there is no cure as of yet, his method has been proven to be successful on breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Tempus is composed of experts from every area of medicine and science who all have their contributions to the mission. Everyone involved with this research are all passionate about solving medical issues that we face today.

Eric also serves on the board of several charities such as Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Arts Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Steppenwolf Theatre Company. With all that Eric has given to the community, he doesn’t stop there.

Approximately 12 years ago, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz had started a private charitable foundation which focuses on human rights, civic causes, medical discoveries and education. This was an area that they both felt needed attention and they both remain 100% devoted to the quality of human life.

In his book titled ” Accelerated Disruption ” Eric draws out a plan on how to grab onto a smart idea and flourish it into a growing business which will create an aggressive advantage within the conventional trades. His approach has been proven by Eric and his staff.

Sudhir Choudhrie Is Excited About The Future Economic Situation Of His Home Country:

Sudhir Choudhrie, the Executive Director for the Magnum International Trading Company, has a rich and fascinating professional history that has been characterized by continuous success. He founded Magnum International Trading Company in 1975 and has spent a great deal of effort in guiding the firm in areas such as marketing and the leading export markets across east Asia. His professional history also includes work with Ebookers. He currently serves the firm as its Chairman of the Compensation Committee. In the past, Sudhir has been on the Board of Directors with Deccan Aviation. Sudhir Choudhrie set himself up for success early on by attending Delhi University in his native country of India. At the university, he studied the subject of economics. He graduated from the program with his Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platforms.

His willingness to invest in a diverse portfolio of companies within varying industries has aided Sudhir Choudhrie greatly in maintaining consistency as an entrepreneur. Industries that he is involved in include aviation, the hospitality sector, healthcare, and the real estate market. His excellence in achievement is something that he has been able to maintain for over thirty years now. This is due in large to his ability to correctly study markets. The level of respect that Sudhir commands led him to be awarded the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award. He received the prestigious honor in 2013 in a ceremony presented by the Asian Business Awards.

Sudhir Choudhrie recently weighed in on his thoughts about where the economy of his native India is heading shortly. One of the predictions that he has made is the concept that the United Kingdom’s pending exit from the EU is going to be a positive development for the economic situation in India. The reason that he makes this bold assertion is due to what he foresees as a positive working relationship that can now develop between the United Kindom and India concerning trade. He also believes that this development is going to carry strong benefits for both countries. Sudhir Choudhrie believes that the two countries will have the opportunity to strengthen their bonds in the world of trade.


The Academy of Art University Gives Students What They Need To Succeed

The Academy of Art University has a new Footwear and Accessory Design Program, one of the few in the country. The program, part of the School of Fashion, received accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The program includes 2-D and 3-D design concepts, material education, market trends and more. Students will develop an industry standard portfolio during their classes. With the university being in San Francisco, students have access to an eclectic mix of art and culture, students can find inspiration all around them. Previous graduates of The Academy’s School of Fashion have landed positions with Nike and Adidas.

Founded in 1929,Dr. Elisa Stephens, granddaughter of founder Richard S. Stephens, runs The Academy. She’s turned The Academy of Art University into America’s largest privately-operated art university. Students receive a world-class education in over 40 programs which prepares them for the global job market. International students are welcome. The faculty is made up of professional designers and artist who use their years of industry experience to teach students what they can expect after graduation.

The Academy of Art University’s classrooms feature the latest technologies, preparing students to meet industry expectations. An open admission policy ensures potential artists and designers have the education they need to succeed. It’s ideal for students who didn’t have the opportunity for art classes before.

San Francisco is a perfect location for The Academy. Industry giants in web design, advertising and more are nearby. The city features art museums, concert venues and theaters. For students who cannot move to San Francisco, The Academy of Art University offers online degree program in a wide range of fields. Online students enjoy the same academic support as students at the campus, including recordings of guest speakers, an academic library, groups and personal assistance.

Mark Holyoake Moves to a New Venture

The world of business is a place where an individual can forge their own destiny. As technology has spread around the globe, so too as the ability for any person to connect to the world at large. Mark Holyoake decided very early on that this was the direction the world was heading and took appropriate steps to get ahead of the curve.

He invested in the food sector and created an international portfolio of companies he did business with. However, his career hit a major turning point in 2010. A recent article with Under Current News describes this event and its aftermath on Mark Holyoake.

The 2009 and 2010 global recession was a game changer for a lot of people around the world. Mark Holyoake took his experience to the next level when he arrived to the nation of Ireland. International Seafood Holdings was going to buy a significant portion of stock in Iceland Seafood International and expand the company into the European region. This move was seen as unprecedented by the locals, but Mark Holyoake assured them the transition would pay off for the country. His prediction turned out to be current as Ireland not only got back on its feet, but diversified their natural resources.

As time passes, the world and people’s interests will change. Mark Holyoake recently announced that he is stepping down as CEO of the company, and his replacement has already been decided. As the company has grown its outreach and international dominance on several fronts, Mark Holyoake believes that it his time to move on from this venture. Iceland Seafood International has been revamped into a 21st century powerhouse under his vision. Ireland can now take pride in standing strong on the global scale. The company will continue pursing a vision that forever keeps them evolving.

Mark Holyoake is a strong supporter of using his natural skills in making he most of any venture. The Iceland Seafood International deal would not have happened without him pulling upon his curiosity and listening skills. His influence is no doubt making the world a more connected place.

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Marketing Strategies according to Steve Lesnard

Online business owners have the advantage of marketing their products, thanks to the digital era. Steve Lesnard advises that they have to be strategic so that they can scale to greater heights. Hence, marketing campaigns should place customers’ needs and expectations at the focal point. The activity should also outline what the client can benefit and how exactly they can do that. In other words, your message should reach them clearly so that you can receive a positive response. To optimize on social media platforms, you have to employ two significant methods that produce fantastic results.

The first principle by Steve Lesnard is by instituting the product precisely with a fascinating line. You can simplify everything by being creative and relevant to customers’ requirements. Hence, it should draw attention from the audience who intend to buy the items. Typically, it should emulate the iPod campaign that went by the line of “10kg songs in your pocket.” It exudes a lot of innovation and appeals to all buyers across the world. If you can get an ideal way to communicate the content and attractively, you will have won the marketing race.

Additionally, Steve Lesnard has profound insights about using top-notch videos to explain the product’s benefit to the customer. It will catch the eyes and ears of every user who sees the advertisement. The key segments that have to appear in the presentation include the uses, what it does and also how it can fit or look like if it is clothing. You can also add in some customer testimonials that will back up your statements. The storyline, as described by Steve, will be real and tangible. In short, it brings your brand to life when you use superb images as well.

Subsequently, marketing is effortless if you have some hacks at your fingertips. Now that you are aware of your niche, you can utilize technology by impressing customers. Thus, before you post the product description, have in mind that it has to be notable and outstanding. The message should be innovative so that it can reach many people online. Plus, those who make your line famous are vital for your business success.