Life Insurance Advice From HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR WEALTH ADVISORSWhenever a person is looking prepare for retirement, one of the things that should be considered is how to ensure financial security for the family. One of the things that can be done to secure a family’s financial future is to get life insurance. Life insurance can provide comprehensive coverage for a family. Life insurance can help to prevent financial problems for survivors after the death of a loved one. Clients who are looking to learn more about life insurance are able to consult with the knowledgeable professionals of HCR Wealth Advisors.

Getting a life insurance policy has a couple of benefits besides providing coverage for one’s family. With a life insurance policy, a beneficiary will be able to get proceeds that are exempt from income tax. This will lower the tax burden for those who receive an income from the policy or a large cash payout. Depending on the type of coverage a life insurance policy provides, the policy proceeds may be subject to an estate tax. HCR Wealth Advisors can provide more details about the tax implications about the estate tax and refer a client to other professionals such as a certified public accountant.

When deciding to get a life insurance policy, a person will need to decide whether to get a term life policy or a permanent life insurance policy. Both types of policies provide lots of benefits and sufficient coverage. However, they have differences. With a term life policy, the coverage is for 10 to 20 years. After this time period, the coverage expires. Anyone looking for income replacement will benefit most from this policy. A whole life or permanent life insurance policy provides coverage for things such as debts and funeral costs. This is valid until the policyholder dies. Upon death, the family will receive the proceeds of the policy.

HCR Wealth Advisors provides comprehensive financial advisory services to a variety of clients. The firm offers investment management, retirement planning and college savings plans for its clients. It serves many different types of clients which include high net worth individuals, business owners, individuals and families. For over thirty years HCR Wealth Advisors has established a reputation as being one of the most trusted firms in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

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ClassDojo App Goes Beyond Just Collaborating Activities

It is that time of year again, kids are starting to get back into the everyday school routine after their long summer break. This year, things might seem a little different in the classroom, especially if your child’s teacher has decided to integrate the ClassDojo app as part of the children’s daily learning routine.

This app is a communication platform for school that can be used both in and out of the classroom by the students, teachers, and even the students family to help make a difference in the way the student is learning and socializing. The ClassDojo app goes beyond just collaborating activities and making fun animated videos, the possibilities are endless as to everything that ClassDojo offers.

Created in 2011, ClassDojo’s purpose is to give teachers a different way to engage their students along with their families. The app uses the steps of traditional learning along with encouraging some new ideas and helping to create a new energy in the classroom that will make learning fun for children.

The company’s even has a new revenue- generating app called Beyond School. Beyond School is able to be purchased by parents for some at-home access to their child’s educational content along with activities that will take learning beyond the classroom.

About ClassDojo:

MaurícioMendonça Godoy discusses the process of business ideation

MaurícioMendonça Godoy has become one of Brazil’s most prominent business leaders. For more than 30 years, MaurícioMendonça Godoy has worked in heavy industry, wedding engineering experience with administrative skills to an extent that makes him almost peerless.

Since 1996, MaurícioMendonça Godoy has headed various divisions of Toyo Setal, including serving as that company’s CEO. Over the course of his long career, MaurícioMendonça Godoy has attributed much of his success to his ability to promote business ideation from himself and those under his management.

Among the most important features of this process is a constant open door to his office and a structured means of determining the success or failure of a new idea, which Godoy refers to as action plans.

In business, new ideas are a competitive cornerstone, but most don’t pan out

One of the most important things that Godoy says he has implemented is a structured ideation process that helps him distinguish between good and bad ideas and quickly abandon a new path if it is not meeting expectations.

While this may sound almost obvious, it is far from it. Many businesses simply don’t know at what point they should abandon new projects that are not bearing fruit because choosing the right point at which to do so is effectively arbitrary.

But with his background in engineering, Godoy brings a more scientific approach to the table. He says that, like in the case of running a controlled study, it is necessary to fully enumerate expectations of a project’s outcomes before ever starting. And part of that process is defining what constitutes success and, more importantly, failure.

This is where Godoy’s action plans come into play. He and his team lay out precise criteria for judging when a new idea or project is not working and, therefore, should be rejected. Godoy says that the importance of this step almost cannot be overstated. By not continuing to dump resources into ideas that aren’t panning out, he saves his organization massively on opportunity costs, redirecting manpower and funds to projects that have a higher expected return on investment.

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Raffaele Riva building international success through diverse investments and ventures

A man with goals, ambitions, and ability to meet and exceed them is rare. Raffaele Riva believes in focusing on solutions to problems that many may find hard to solve. His many experiences in business have equipped him with the ability to make the best business decisions. He is purpose oriented, and this has made his ventures successful internationally.

He is highly experienced and knowledgeable.

Riva values his clients, partners, and always takes the first initiative to make things right in cases of misunderstandings.

Riva has attained academic credentials in various universities, gaining adequate knowledge in law, financing, management, and other very relevant fields.

Raffaele Riva has spent over a decade working to see his investment career successful. He focuses on the initial stages of investment opportunities that show promise. He has spent time looking for startups and investing in them. He has managed to help companies grow successfully.

He has diverse investments providing diverse services.

AUREA Multi-family office is one of Rivas successful investment. It has enabled him to create numerous regulated companies like Milano Fiduciaria, Aurea Consuleti Associati SA and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA.

These companies mainly provide wealth and asset management services, accounting, auditing, and financial services. If you are looking for any of these services, Raffaele Riva ensures your satisfaction by being a constant contributor to their successful smooth running.

Becoming an angel investor has earned him a good name and has given him experience in handling startups. He will invest in your business, and unlike most investors, he will still be involved in decision making and take part in the heavy lifting.

Raffaele is based in London where his success story has given him a chance to enlighten young entrepreneurs in concerts and webinars.


For success in international business, Riva keeps thinking positive. He is open to learning and gaining new knowledge and is open to taking the risk. A lot can be learned from Raffaele Riva and adopted for success.

How Russell Gimelstob Went From Tennis To Real Estate

He may be in the real estate business nowadays but Russell Gimelstob is more well known for his athletic prowess. He was born in New Vernon, New Jersey and went to his parent’s former high school, Newark Academy. His father was a sports star back in the day so you can imagine his excitement when he decided to take up tennis and proved to be quite adept at it. He began practicing from the age of six and this hard work paid off when he became the captain of his high school tennis team, something that was unprecedented at this school. During the summer, he would often travel to Palos Verdes, California to practice with Robert Lansdorp, one of the best tennis coaches in American history who has trained some of the most famous players.

He was a perpetual first team all-state and eventually got to three championships in a row with his team, all of which they ended up winning. After four years of success, he had to graduate and move on to higher education. Although he had received numerous scholarships offers, he decided to decline all of them in an effort to matriculate at Cornell University under the tutelage of head coach Barry Shoemaker. The two first met during one of his recruiting trips and he quickly realized this was the perfect program for him. Sure enough, he had already become an academic all American by his sophomore year and was still undefeated.

He also was selected to compete in the national doubles tournament and was appointed team captain as a senior. After winning an all-ivy award alongside many others, he had to graduate but he later stayed on campus for an extra year to finish his MPA degree. After his academic career had come to a close, he ended up accepting an offer from Goldman Sachs to become one of their analysts. After three years, he left the company to work for Dune Real Estate Group. He now serves as their managing director and head of acquisitions and he’s been with the company for 15 years.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a hard-working plastic surgeon who is very good at her job. She always makes sure to treat each individuals case differently. She personalizes each case to meet the needs of that patient alone. She knows that everyone’s health, story, life, and needs are different so she takes everything into account. Her patients think a lot of her and are quick to recommend her to friends and family because of the great work that she does.

There are reviews about doctors and other professionals all over the internet. Often times when someone needs something done, they will go to the internet to learn everything that they need to about the procedure, and to help them find the best professional for their case. When you search for Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews tons of great reviews will pop up.

You will find reviews that say things like how Dr. Jennifer Walden works hard to treat her patients with the most up to date technology so that their procedures are completed in a more efficient way that gives them a quicker recovery time. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also very down to earth with her patients. She treats them like family. The patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden are very quick to recommend her and her services to anyone who is looking for plastic surgery.

If you are looking for reviews about plastic surgeons and you come across the Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews you will not be disappointed. Dr. Jennifer Walden wants patients to search out her services and come to her when they want the best of the best. She specializes in what she does and she tries really hard to treat her patients in the best way. Dr. Jennifer Walden is going to be in the practice for a very long time. She has big plans for her future and she cannot wait to see where her future is going to take her.

Ara Chackerian Notes How Bamboo Use Can Benefit The Environment

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and investor who has spent the past several decades creating and developing a variety of businesses in the STEM and medical fields. Throughout his career, Chackerian has spent much of his time looking to bridge the gap between technology and the health industry. Alongside this, he has been engaged in a variety of philanthropic causes, with much of this being focused on the environment.

For the past several years, Ara Chackerian has looked to find ways where many businesses can reduce their environmental impact and overall carbon footprint. Much of this can be seen with his sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua, Limonapa Teak. The company, which has been in operation for several years, features a variety of sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua. Alongside this, the firm is involved in a variety of community-driven causes.

One of the more notable aspects of this is finding materials for operations that don’t cause environmental damage. As Ara Chackerian notes, deforestation is something that plays quite a noteworthy role in climate change, which is something that the furniture industry has a significant hand in. The majority of this can be seen with wood, which is commonly used in a range of areas in the niche.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives that can be sustainably driven. Ara Chackerian highlights bamboo as an example of this, as the material isn’t as vital to the environment as many other options. Alongside this, bamboo can be grown in large quantities while doing much less harm to the climate. The majority of this is seen through the fact that fewer harmful practices are needed to farm bamboo.

Chackerian has also noted that reforestation efforts can play quite a substantial role in this. As he’s noted, this can not only minimize the damage done through the use of wood but also have a net positive effect. Because of this, he’s suggested that reforestation can be an essential part of combating climate change, although this will be primarily seen if done in large amounts.

Outside of this, Ara Chackerian has also been involved in highlighting mental health issues in the technology industry, especially among start-ups.

Advertising Legend Turned Entrepreneur Gustavor Martinez Shares His Professional Vision

Gustavo Martinez is one of the legends in the field of advertising. He was once the former CEO a multinational advertising agency by the name of J. Walter Thompson. He has also handled Mc Cann and Ogilvy and Mather, allowing these agencies to reach greater heights. When people remember some of their favorite advertisements, he is the man to thank behind these pop culture creations that have managed to imbed itself in the hearts and minds of many people.


Gustavo cannot help but be proud of all these creative endeavors that had passed through his hands in his 35 years in the advertising industry. All of these works commissioned by entrepreneurs and/ or their marketing specialists have had a direct impact in improving and defining the success of many companies throughout the world.


Passion for Work


This successful individual credits his passion for his work as the driving factor of his success. Gustavo Martinez said he would not have lasted long in the cutthroat world of advertising if he did not love what he is doing. On top of that, he believes that learning is a never-ending process, so he is always on the search for ways to improve himself. He considers making mistakes and learning from them as a part of the process of growth and development.


He has imparted this wisdom to the many colleagues that have had the privilege to work with him. Moreover, he acknowledges that he is not a one man show. He credits collaboration with his team as an important factor in making ideas come alive. His goal has to always been inspire and motivate his team by giving them suitable projects that can really harness their skills. Gustavo shared that a business’ success rests on the team running it, so take care of them if you want to get it right.


Moving On as an Entrepreneur


Later on, Gustavo Martinez moved on to open up his own business, armed with all the knowledge he earned from all the years he worked in advertising. That being said, he has still not closed his doors on the industry, and in fact, he continues to work as a consultant. For now, his primary focus is his partnership with UV Business acceleration, whose primary purpose is to accelerate business growth of start ups.


Gustavo noted that the most critical part of running a business is learning to be generous. Be generous not just to the staff that help you run the company, but be generous in meeting the needs of your clients so that you can thrive for years to come. He said that to be a successful entrepreneur one must be willing to accept views other than your own, even if you disagree with them in the beginning. This is the only way to gain new insight to propel the business forward.


Paying Top Dollar For Talent


One of the things Gustavo Martinez learned over the years is to pay for top talent. He noted that entrepreneurs who want to succeed must be willing to pay well for talented workers because they are an investment that can offer your company good and impressive returns. He emphasized that any business is only as good and as strong as the team that comprises it. This is one area where he never cuts corners.


He also shard that one the mistakes he committed in the past was moving on too quickly from people or situations. Back then, he was eager to get things done so failed to see the value in situations and in people. When he realized his mistake in this area, he decided to break bad habits and modified how things were done. As a result, Gustavo Martinez was able to defeat roadblocks and continue on with his path to success.


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American Addiction Centers: Trying To Rewire The Brain

Addiction is something that a lot of people are having trouble understanding in today’s society. One of the reasons they are having trouble understanding it is because they are not experiencing it themselves.

In many cases, someone has to have had endured it in order to fully understand what the addict is going through in life. With addiction, it also comes with a mental illness attached to it as well. After all, if someone is addicted to a substance, it shows they have trouble with controlling their thinking.

If they were able to think properly and clearly, they would not keep giving into their addiction. Since they are unable to do that, it feels like someone else is pulling their strings in many ways. The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is putting information out there to the public to help them understand what so many people are going through with addiction.

Empathy is something that is missing when people are talking about addiction. It is missing because people are not able to see things from someone else’s point of view.

They only see it from their point of view. They think of the person as weak. As a matter of fact, the person is actually quite strong. They are just struggling with their addiction. It doesn’t make them less of a person. People need to become curious about addiction instead of judgmental. When that happens, people start to get on the same page.

The AAC is looking to help addicts fully understand, from the brain perspective, what they are dealing with when it comes to their addiction. Once that happens, they can work on rewiring the way their brain is working.

That is an important element in all of this. When someone is able to take control of their thinking, they come out of it better in the long run.

The AAC knows this is going to take a lot of training, and the person needs to be open to it. In many cases, when someone enters an AAC treatment center, they are at their lowest, which means they don’t feel like anything is really going to work. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities

They have hit rock bottom and are at their lowest. However, there is always a way to fix this. They just need to look at it from a different point of view.

The AAC is going to give them information, as mentioned, but they are also going to be there for them as a friend. In many cases, that is just as helpful if not more helpful than the information.

Sometimes they just need someone to listen that truly cares about what they are feeling and thinking. The AAC is there for whatever the individual needs.

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American Addiction Centers: The Link between Foster Care and Parental Opioid Addiction

A look at the meticulous growth of The Fortress Investment Group.

The Fortress investment group holds over sixty-five dollars in investments and has been listed on the New York stock exchange since 2007. During the launch of its IPO at the time it was underwritten by Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. Since its listing, the Fortress Investment group has seen tremendous growth, having invested and diversified its portfolio to meet the current market at its apex. About Peter Briger is the current Co-Chairman, president, principal, and Co-CEO as of 2017. This is quite the responsibility keeping in mind the number of assets under the direct management of Fortress. Peter Briger is also listed as one of the most influential business minds in the country.

After graduating in ’86 with a B.A., his credentials profit earned him a job at Goldman Sachs, where he would work for 15 years. This fifteen years were filled with opportunity after opportunity to grow his career culminating in him making partner. He was credited with begin part of the special group founded in 1997 that to date remains one of the most profitable and a successful firm. He left Goldman Sachs & Co in 2002 and proceeded to Fortress investment group. The Fortress investment Group has come to be known as a specialist in asset-based investing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, operations management, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions and the capital markets. This portfolio is backed up by the quality of staff and talent that seats on Fortress investment board of directors as well as the entire management team.

The founders Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman had a shared vision of establishing an investment vehicle that would gradually grow assets under management in a steady manner and give shareholders a consistent return on investment. The group was able to achieve this by growing its portfolio from the initial four hundred million when it began to around three and a half billion dollars within the first five years of its existence. This would mark the seriousness with which fortress intended to grow its portfolio and by 2007 it had grown to 32.6 billion dollars. Fortress found very niche investments too, for example the acquisition of AIG’s American General Financial Services in 2010, which would go on to become Springleaf Financial Services. The value of this acquisition gained more than twenty-seven times its value eventually hitting the 3.5 billion mark. This was a real turning point as the following year, Fortress opened headquarters in Shanghai and Singapore. Click here.