Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Explains How He Built OSI Group Into A Multinational Firm

Sheldon Lavin is a highly successful Chicago businessman. He is the owner and chief executive officer of OSI Group. He was an independent financial consultant focused on companies in the food industry when one client, Otto & Sons, ended up changing his life. Learn More about Lavin at angel.co.

He became a consultant because he wanted to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. He focused on companies in the food and consumer products industries. Sheldon Lavin says he was nervous about his skills when he started as a consultant but once he experienced success those feelings disappeared.

When he was hired by Otto & Sons as a consultant it was a small food company that was looking to expand. However, they needed money to do so. Sheldon Lavin thought they could succeed and he turned out to be right. A year later, the company was delivering processed meat to restaurants across the United States. He learned he was able to build large-scale operations from this experience. He became the CEO not long after this company changed its name to OSI Group. “OSI” is a nod to Otto & Sons.

Sheldon Lavin says that “it takes money to make money” is one of those sayings that happens to be entirely true. He had to establish a large enterprise before he started earning serious money. He now earns most of his money as an investor. The money he earns from OSI Group is invested in mutual funds and ETFs.

He says that the key to building a successful business is taking advantage of economies of scale. It was building OSI Group into a national, then international, firm where he was able to bring costs down and profits up. This attracted people who wanted to invest in his company. Sheldon Lavin said this was a mix of good fortune and planning.

A leader in the Chicago business community, he says that being a leader means being humble. If a person doesn’t have humility it prevents them from learning from their employees and others. He trusts in the people he surrounds himself with and tries to listen to as many smart people as he can.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Smita Shah – A Business Woman Commited to her Indian Heritage and Chicago’s Business Community

Smita Shah, an Indian American from Chicago, always knew she was smart. Unlike the rest of her classmates, she would spend time in the back of the class making her English word problems into algebraic equations. As a young adult she found her calling in Electrical Engineering and continued with a Master’s degree from MIT in civil engineering. 

Shortly after graduating, she started her own company called Spaan Technology, a company dedicated to building government and city-backed projects. Now the CEO of this successful Chicago based firm, she shows the same drive as she did while in school. But Smita Shah doesn’t stop there, she also takes on community projects, charities and causes that interest her. She doesn’t put up with mediocrity and works hard to make sure she completes everything she takes on in the very best way possible. 

Smita Shah’s Community Interests

Besides her business interests, Smita Shah also works within the community of Chicago to promote diversity, find ways to uplift ethnic communities and promote ideas she finds interesting. One such project she chairs is the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. As the international representative and committee chair for Delhi, the Indian sister city of Chicago, she decided to establish this yearly luncheon to commemorate Indian businesses in Chicago and to promote ideas to the community of Chicago as a whole. 

This year at the Annual luncheon which commemorates the legacy Mahatma Gandhi left to humanity, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot proclaimed October second to be the official Mahatma Gandhi day in Chicago. The pronouncement is made to recognize the 150th year of his birth and acknowledges the deep peace legacy he left to all humanity and the importance he holds to the Chicago Indian community. Smita Shah was delighted with the outcome of the luncheon. 

Smita Shah reiterated in a recent interview, “It has been a pleasure working with the community of Chicago and it is wonderful that our efforts to bring together the different ethnic communities of the city is working. It was a real honor for the Indian American community here in the city to have this proclamation made. It was also a personal honor to have the work we have done for the Mahatma Gandhi luncheon recognized in this way.” The idea of the luncheon came about when Ms. Shah demonstrated how Chicago was made up of many communities, and mentioned that they should all be recognized for the work they do. This luncheon and program now recognizes Mahatma Gandhi as a great man, an inspiration to the Chicago Indian community and all of us. Learn more: https://shiakapos.com/long-before-stem-was-chic-there-was-smita-shah/

The strong relationship between Delhi, India and Chicago shows the commitment Chicago has with its Indian community and recognizes its cultural attributions to the city. Through young leadership roles like Smita Shahs, the Delhi committee has supported the luncheon since 2014 and will continue to do so as a way of honoring the similarities and differences between Americans and Indians, and the combined effort to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi.

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The Story of MAGFAST’s Wireless Product known as the MAGFAST Charger


Seymour Segnit stepped onto the scene with a passion for change. He had been steadily working his way up the industry, but there was a desire to change something that turned the creative wheels. He was an individual known for his creative marketing ideas and helped greatly in expanding the internet in its infancy.

Now in the modern era, charging cords have turned into headaches for many consumers. Nearly every single device comes with a generic cord or specific cord from that manufacturer. Seymour Segnit founded MAGFAST to change the industry in the only manner he knew. The MAGFAST Charger was going to expand the wireless revolution, and Digital Trends was there to document the occasion.

In the eyes of Seymour Segnit, there are a pair of fundamental flaws with charging cords. At the core of the design, they are cheaply made and often do not reflect the quality of the accompanied product. He set out on a mission to revolutionize the charger in every aspect. Go Here for additional information.

It would first and foremost be able to wirelessly connect with all devices on the market and take equal or less time to complete a charge. Additionally, the MAGFAST Charger would have design features that demonstrate the high level of care that went into something users will need daily.

Once the basis of the MAGFAST Charger was determined, the article describes the next steps taken by MAGFAST. The company launched a product page on Kickstarter to give potential backers a chance to see the product with their own eyes. See This Article for more information.

All parties involved where floored when they saw huge amounts of money being poured in within minutes. Seymour Segnit knew MAGFAST was going to be hit, and he had to act quickly to meet consumer expectation. The path to change is never easy, but rewarding.

The goal of MAGFAST Chargers is to simplify your charging experience by limiting the number of cords you have to deal with. They have six different chargers on sale currently, each for a different device or a different location. Their lineup of chargers includes the LifeCharger, the LifeCharger Extreme, the AirCharger, the WallCharger, the RoadCharger and the TimeCharger.


Learn more about them on https://www.tmcnet.com/topics/articles/2019/11/21/443805-how-magfast-changing-world-wireless-charging.htm


GPB Global Resources Headed by Boris Ivanov

Under Boris Ivanov, GPB Global Resources B.V. has really taken off after its 2011 restructuring. They legitimately care about the countries, communities, and the planet as a whole. They work on safe drilling practices that exceed the standard set for drilling safety regulations, and they also want to help the 3rd world countries that they drill in. GPB Global Resources helps the 3rd world countries by giving supplies, building places, and helping with general community issues within these countries.

Giving Supplies

GPB Global Resources is a company that excels in helping foreign countries. They offer them aid and make sure that while GPB is in their country, they take care of the people. they do this by giving the people medical supplies, drinkable water, edible food, and more. This ensures that they can always be there to help the country and not take advantage of them.

Building for Countries

GPB Global Resources helps by building things, places, and objects for the countries they drill in. They like to give back to the country and not just use them for their crude oil. They do this by building roads, power plants, schools, houses, medical buildings, water sources, hospitals, and more things. This helps out the communities and the countries as a whole.

General Community Issues

As an example of community issues that GPB Global Resources helps with is the tree-planting help they provided in Ethiopia. Ethiopia planted an impressive and unheard of number of trees.

They planted 350 million trees in just 12 hours. This was helped by GPB buying trees and sapling for them to plant as well as helping them get on global news. This global news garnished help from all over the globe. This was helped further by the way that GPB helped them get the recognition that pushed Ethiopia to 350 million trees.

This is just one of the many examples that GPB while being an oil company, having to sell their oil, and making their shareholders happy truly care about the countries that they are given access to drill in. This makes Boris Ivanov and GPB unique in that no other oil company goes this far.

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Kynect: The Business And The Foundation


Kynect is a company based in Dallas, Texas, which provides energy, communications and other services through network marketing. It was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder, and, to the surprise of many, it rapidly grew into an organization with a motivated sales force and a positive and connected culture.

Thousands of Kynect associates have sold energy to their friends and families to make money and to enjoy the company of their fellow associates at Kynect events. For the most part, Kynect sells its services from person to person rather than the more common way of customers purchasing it from a retailer.

Getting started as a Kynect associate is pretty straightforward. Generally, people simply contact the company and are shown how to do network marketing. The initial motivation for associates to get involved is to make money, and they do. Go Here for more information.

The amount of money that Kynect associates make pretty much depends on how much time they put into it and their talent for network marketing. Some sell Kynect services as a sideline while others make it their full-time job. The system is very flexible. Some earn bonuses for having good sales numbers as well as for recruiting new associates to the Kynect team. See This Page to learn more.


Kynect Foundation

The “Kynect Foundation” is the nonprofit philanthropic branch of the company. It has a mission of helping the three pillars of first-responders, veterans and children who are going through difficult times. They accomplish this through direct charity, volunteerism, promotion of various causes and in other ways.

Some of their efforts involve volunteer days where Kynect associates partner with charities and agencies and put on fundraising events. These often occur organically to address specific needs. As with all of Kynect, the Kynect Foundation stresses the strength of human connections and the power of positive effort.


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Successful Venezuelan Businessman Talks Relationship Between Self Improvement And Entrepreneurship

In order to have a successful business, you must learn to adapt and improve not only in your business, but in yourself as well. One person who knows this all too well is Venezuelan businessman Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. He has worked in leadership roles through many organizations throughout the world and has learned all about the correlation between self improvement and running a thriving enterprise. In a article for medium.com, Betancourt Lopez uses his experiences to bring this perspective to other entrepreneurs.

In the article, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez mentions that his business philosophy comes from his great-grandfather, former Venezuelan President Hermogenes Lopez. Alejandro talks about how his great-grandfather went from a farm-worker with a limited education to a successful businessman in the electric and railroad industries. He never met his great-grandfather, but Alejandro talks about his influence on him by inspiring him to take on multiple roles in various industries.

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The article primarily focuses on the steps that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has taken in using change and self-improvement to help his own businesses. The first step he says is to just start out with some sort of goal and direction. Betancourt Lopez also says to take strategic steps forward and do not be afraid to fail and make mistakes. He also mentions getting a great support group around you and be able to learn and grow from them. He also says do not be afraid to embrace change in both your business and personal experiences.

Bentancourt Lopez also states that another way to use self improvement towards helping your business is to accept praise for your business’ successes, but also to accept the blame for the failures as well. He also says to take time, smell the roses and and not to not take anything for granted. A big self-improvement tip that Betancourt Lopez mentions is to not be afraid to change course if things do not work out. Finally, his biggest tip is to continue to develop your skills and grow and learn.

For more on Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and to read the full article, click here.

Alexis Kennedy beats the giants

The video game industry is one of the most competitive out there. The issue is that there are plenty of big companies churning out content but there are also smaller firms doing the same thing. There aren’t as many gate keepers out there as there used to be and that allows smaller firms to find their way into the business more and more.

Alexis Kennedy is one of those people who has managed to make the fact that the business is more open, a way for him to become one of the kings of the video game world. Kennedy is someone who has made his name on smaller games that are also incredibly popular.

He’s best known for coming up with the title, Cultist Simulator. This is a game that allows people to get some idea as to what it would take to join a rather out-there cult. This is the kind of game that can only be put out by a smaller firm. It’s got a massive fan following, but might not be something a larger studio would touch.

Alexis Kennedy isn’t someone who is worried about taking risks when it comes to the games he puts out. That doesn’t mean he’s doing something that is so out there that it isn’t plenty profitable. In fact, his games have been massive hits among the people who are looking for something that the bigger companies can’t offer. That is the great thing about the video game industry. There are all kinds of offerings out there. The smaller companies fill a void the bigger ones are simply too big to fill.

Alexis Kennedy has found the secret weapon when it comes to this kind of thing. He knows what his public wants, even before they do and he aims to bring exactly that to the table.

Maarten De Jeu Smart Investment And Diversification

For Fortune 100 companies, Maarten De Jeu is a highly recognized strategic advisor. He assists individual investors in attaining long and short-term investment goals by using investment opportunities in commercial real estate to their advantage. He teaches that it is extremely beneficial to use commercial real estate as a pillar of investment holdings. He also advises that becoming involved in real estate is now easier as the opportunity to invest in real estate has become more accessible for average investors. These hard asset investments are lucrative and in the past were only reserved for institutions or extremely wealthy investors. With increased access to projects in commercial real estate, individual investors can pool their investment efforts.


Maarten De Jeu realizes how broad the category is for commercial real estate investment in for-profit properties. These include office buildings, warehouses, industrial parks, multi-use complexes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail spaces. The difference between commercial and residential properties is that residential properties are used solely as housing. Commercial properties, on the other hand, are typically a great deal larger and significantly more expensive to build, purchase and maintain than single-family homes. This is what prevented individual investors from taking advantage of commercial real estate investment opportunities. Recent changes in the laws that affect investment allow expanded access to the benefits of commercial real estate ownership equity. 


The 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS) was one of the largest changes in recent years. The act permitted businesses to use crowdfunding to attract individual investors who otherwise did not have sufficient enough capital to invest in a new business venture. This differs from crowdfunding’s donation model where individuals contribute to a cause without ownership or a return on their investment. At a minimum of $5,000, non-accredited investors can invest in commercial real estate that has been pre-selected. One option available to commercial real estate crowdfunding investors is the monthly collection of interest payments form a borrower’s secured loan payments. Either option allows the investor to reinvest gains from the initial investment into other invests that will allow tax advantages. Learn more: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20150917/BLOGS03/150919840/bill-clinton-schmoozes-with-chicago-ceos-to-fundraise-for-hillary


Unlike traditional investments involving stocks and bonds, investment in commercial real estate is based on particular assets that do not involve selling the investment according to market fluctuations. As well, property investment is insulated from the factors that make stock market investing risky. There are also minimal associated investment fees. Securing mutual funds and a traditional investment portfolio requires a certified financial advisor whereas commercial real estate investment does not require the same level of management fees. Tracking and monitoring the performance of the individual real estate investor’s assets is highly efficient and cost-effective for them due to having online access.


It is wise for any investor to prioritize diversification in terms of investment strategies. There are diversification opportunities in commercial real estate that simply do not exist in traditional investments. An expected return form monthly rent reduces concerns about dips in the stock market as those changes do not affect the occupancy of a building or the amount of rent collected.

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Texas’ Gulf Coast Western is Changing the Oil and Gas Industry for the Better

A new gas and oil company has been shaking up the gas and oil industry in a great way. By focusing on properties geological and geophysical advantages and well-developed structures, Gulf Coast Western searches for companies that have a high level of return potential as well as a quantified downside risk to its affiliates. As the Managing Venture of gas and oil partnerships, Gulf Coast Western combines talent, resources, and industry expertise in order to acquire and develop domestic gas and oil reserves located near the Gulf Coast.

Meet the CEO

CEO Matthew Fleeger is highly revered for his innovative strides in the gas and oil, tanning, and waste management industries. In particular, he is heralded for his expert incite in contract negotiation, team building, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. Before becoming the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger founded successful companies such as MedSolutions, which versatile holding company that specializes in the transporting, treatment, and disposal of medical waste from healthcare companies. After serving as the CEO for 13 years, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle Inc. a company that remains a leader in the industry to this day. Additionally, he was also instrumental in founding two major tanning enterprises, whose combined revenue was a whopping $100 million.

Gulf Coast Expansion

Gulf Coast WesternIn addition to acquiring domestic gas and oil reserves on the Gulf Coast, Gulf Coast Western is also preparing to expand beyond the United States. With more than 1,000 collaborations across the country, GCW continues to push forward while also focusing on its core values of ethics and business integrity, which has led to an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The Rise of OSI Food Solutions Under Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a leading food company in the world. It has ongoing operations in over 17 countries with over 65 production facilities. The company has a rich history, given that it was started in the early 1900s. It has grown from a humble background but has finally become the pacesetter in matters of food production.

The current leadership of the company is led by Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and CEO. He is assisted by David McDonald, the president and COO. In the past few decades, these two leaders have put the company in the line of success by making sure that every decision that is being taken is for the benefit of the business and the consumer. A lot of efforts have gone towards building a great relationship with the consumers by giving them the products they need. Read this article at Forcepoint to know more.

Unlike other companies that dictate what the consumers get, OSI Food Solutions is all about determining and fulfilling the wishes of the consumer. In most of their production facilities, they’ve set up innovation centers that are run by highly qualified individuals to produce new products that the consumer needs.

Also, in most of their outlets, the role of managing food production operations has been left to the local managers who understand better the taste and preferences of the local people. This approach has seen OSI Food Solutions thrive where others have failed. For instance, they’ve had a great run in China by applying this approach.

Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald are leaving no stone unturned as they seek to find solutions that matter to the people. They’ve put together a team of employees that share their dreams. Currently, they’re focused on implementing sustainable production systems in all their outlets. The efforts have begun with the expansion of the OSI Food Solutions plant in Toledo, Spain. This plant will see a 20-percent reduction in energy consumption after the company implemented sustainable measures that see energy recycled.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Food Solutions have received recognition for the achievements made so far. Sheldon received the 2016 Global Visionary Award for his commitment to building OSI Food from a humble beginning to now that it is a multinational. OSI Food Solution, on the other hand, has been a recipient of multiple awards from different organizations.

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