Harvard’s Jack Plotkin and the Benefits of Telehealth

Jack PlotkinWhy are organizations putting more focus on PHM – population health management? Because it’s the technology of the future: Just ask Jack Plotkin. Plotkin, founder and CEO of Cardinal Solutions, specializes in advising companies on what technologies are due to make a splash, and this is a growth point he’s very interested in.

Plotkin foresees great potential for PHM among health industries, governments, and related organizations. It is, in a general sense, the use of broad data models to meet specific health goals for a population, whether regional or based on demographics. The use of this new method of analysis has many advantages: Here are several of the top motivators that promise growth for the technology this decade.

Cost Savings: Healthcare providers that adopt PHM techniques often have cost goals – they want to provide care in less costly ways for their organizations. Population health management provides models of communities they can use to make decisions about what medical supplies to stock, where to best place new clinics or mobile clinics, and even when the clinic will be the busiest. These benefits upscale too: Large corporations that produce medical products or services can use PHM to predict current demands in a population, and how those demands will shift.

A Healthier Population: PHM excels at finding key health trends in a population, including important risks and weak points in service or education. Targeting these areas allows for more effective health spending, and better results, leading to healthier populations. This in turn benefits healthcare industries as a whole, since it can help lessen demand.

Data security and sharing: PHM, by its nature, revolutionizes how organizations use data, and helps organizations combine and analyze data in ways that wasn’t done before. This leads to synergies and department cooperation instead of silos. It also enforces data security and privacy as requirements to create such an integrated system.


Implementation: PHM wouldn’t succeed without comprehensive implementation stages. Organizations will be attracted to the modeling process because of successful implementation strategies, including training, software development, and deployment.

Visionary CEO Matt Fleeger also practices exceptional generosity

Gulf Coast WesternMatt Fleeger has maintained a Gulf Coast Western President and CEO Matt Fleeger is a man who has worn many hats. As the leader of a successful oil and gas company dedicated to the exploration and acquisition of domestic gas and oil, you have to be both revolutionary and reliable. To grow multiple successful businesses, you have to be dedicated and insightful.

Throughout his career, he has led with transparency and allowed a true entrepreneurial mindset to guide key decisions. Gulf Coast Western’s success, including an A+, 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau, has relied on building successful partnerships, acquisitions and maximizing opportunities as they appear. Matt Fleeger joined the family business in 1986 after attending college at Southern Methodist University and working in the marketing and finance industry.

However, it wasn’t his first experience leading a major enterprise. In 1993, he noticed a growing opportunity in the medical waste management field and started a holding company that provided reliable, affordable disposal of medical waste. He later sold his shares in MedSolutions to another company for $59 million and returned to the oil and gas business where he replaced his father at the helm of Gulf Coast Western

family atmosphere at the company while rapidly expanding and maintaining a favorable outlook as the oil and gas industry has faced challenges. Fleeger credits most of his success in staff and partner retention to being transparent with others on a business and personal level. He motivates through unified team effort.


This mindset has also helped guide many of his investments, including those of a more charitable nature. Major contributions to children’s causes are a passion for Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western. A corporate contribution of $14,000 was recently provided to the Sadie Keller Foundation, a non-profit that raises awareness regarding childhood cancer issues and advocates for increased research. Fleeger has also founded the Fleeger Family Kitchen to advance STEM learning opportunities at a Dallas-area school — an opportunity to improve the lives of the next generation of leaders in business and industry. 

James River Capital

JAMES RIVERVenture capital is great for larger projects that you want to complete and James River Capital believes in this investment philosophy. The group is headed up by Paul Sanders and has received numerous awards as an investment firm.

If you are starting your own business, one of the most difficult things to deal with is to locate financing for your business. It does not matter how great your idea is if you do not have a way to finance it. You must secure capital to get going and it is always better to have more than you need than less.

 If you are in the planning stages of starting your own company, you may have some of your funds set aside and some new business owners will even ask family members or friends for loans to get their business off the ground. Banks may loan you money but larger loans are harder to obtain. Investment firms is the other option that many people opt for when starting out as an entrepreneur.

Paul Saunders and the staff at James River Capital have the skill, knowledge, and experience in assisting you with the seed money you need to grow your business. They can help you get started in whatever type of business you choose to create through a variety of options.

James River Capital can help you obtain a business loan or secure an agreement with an angel investor, a person or business that believes in your idea and wants to help you get started in the business world. They can also help you with a crowdfunding campaign in which you post the plans for your business and people can donate to help you get it going.

No matter what route you choose, enlisting the help of an investment firm like James River Capital will ensure that your great idea for a business becomes a reality.