A Bigger 2019 for Fortress Investment Group

The year 2018 has been a big and high-performing year for Fortress Investment Group. They have focused on expanding, evolving and transitioning the past year and they are ready to make bigger impacts this 2019. Fortress’ Integration in 2018 was punctuated by the company’s acquisition of one of the world’s most recognized financial bodies, The SoftBank Group Corporation. Softbank was bought for a whopping amount of $3.3 billion – and Fortress Investment Group is focused on providing Softbank with an even greater platform and they are geared towards working together to achieve greater successes. Although Softbank is now under Fortress, they will still operate as a separate individual body. Both entities are willing to adapt with each other for them to reach their goals.

Fortress Investment Group was founded back in 1996 and has solidified its name in the industry of global financing, hedge funds and investments. Ever since their establishment, they have been working towards creating platforms that would make their name prominent in their industry. Fortress was the first company to go public with an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, and this happened only ten years into the business, back in the year 2007.

Fortress is now also venturing into other industries and along with Softbank – they have invested in various industries besides real estate. Banks are now experiencing an increase in regulatory conditions, and this has opened an opportunity for private firms to provide lending pools for businesses and individual loaners. Fortress has been expanding in this market that the stricter regulatory policies for banks have opened up. Fortress Investment Group has recently been raising $2 billion dollars to fund its first direct-lending finance pool. This venture of Fortress will be integrated with other Fortress Investments and affiliates like Softbank.

Fortress is also expanding into venturing in funds that will focus on pursuing legal remedies for issues and violations regarding intellectual property. Fortress has announced that it is pooling a $400 million fund for this venture. The end goal of Fortress with this venture is to curtail intellectual property violations by buying off the patent portfolios of companies and lending this money to those who are protecting their own patents.

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