A Closer look at Bridget Scarr:

Bridget Scarr is an well known producer, writer, songwriter and sometimes singer who resides within the United Kingdom. Ms. Scarr is highly creative as well as talented. She considers creativity a “freedom of expression”. Creativity allows ideas to freely flow and it also allows one to make important connections and build lifelong relationships.


Bridget Scarr is currently an Exceutive Producer as well as Creative Director at the Colibri Studios. She had held this position for almost two years. Ms. Scarr develops important content as well as interacts with International Broadcasters on a regular basis. Bridget Scarr takes a unique approach to developing highly engaging and interesting stories. Bridget Scarr uses material that is considered uplifting and engaging. Material such as this always seems to interest the public. In addition, the kind of material that Ms. Scarr creates has inspired as well as changed many lives of every day people.


Ms. Scarr’s material is created for Television, Digital content, interactive exhibition as well as virtual reality. Her material seems to have an effect on audiences on an emotional as well as intellectual level. This is one reason why Bridget Scarr is so highly respected particularly within the UK.


Bridget Scarr also has over two decades of production experience. Ms. Scarr’s extensive experience lies within the filed of Television as well as Animation. In addition, she managed technical production professionals within a faced paced environment. Factual Entertainment Programming is another area of specialty for Bridget Scarr.


Ms. Scarr brings creative talent projects to life. In addition, she enjoys creating what she calls “Virtual Reality” broadcast projects. One big difference with Bridget Scarr’s “Virtual Reality” projects is that she bring worthwhile and meaningful content to the screen. Some of Bridger Scarr’s ideas come from simple “inspiration” and others come from her own life experiences.


Bridget Scarr attended the Rhodes University. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. After graduation, Ms. Scarr worked with a number of Television production companies which involved working on Television Endorsements.


Previously, Bridger Scarr was employed as an Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media. Pollen Creative Media is based out of South Africa. Ms. Scarr held the position at Pollen for approximately eight years. The company specialized in creating Digital Broadcasting solutions.


Bridget Scarr has also worked on a number of Bite Animation projects. Ms. Scarr is a true professional in every sense of the word. She believes success is a collabrative effort on the part of many. Bridget Scarr believes that everyone has something to contribute weather it be a co worker or even a stranger offering simple advice or an opinion. Bridget Scarr plans to write songs beginning in early 2018.


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