Aaron Lupuloff – Helping The Community Through The GCPS

Aaron Lupuloff is a pioneer for the establishment of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation and he was assigned to become the Senior Executive Director of the organization. He joined the organization in 2015. The main goal of the foundation is to help the students to improve their performance at school, and to create successful leaders by providing them with more experiences.

He and the GCPS Foundation have a vision to elevate the performance of every student and to ensure that they will succeed and attain a lot of achievement. His goal is to show the children how the foundation can become the culprit for their success.

Under his leadership, the Gwinnett County Public Schools received support from various individuals, including financial assistance and additional funding. His wife also played a major part behind the success that his foundation has been experiencing. She became his partner in managing the school and creating a program that is meant for the community. Together, they were able to establish that the GCPS is ready to help the people.

Through his continuous assistance given to the community, Aaron Lupuloff with his wife received an award from the popular NHS Foundation Hall. Both of them promised that they will continue to work and look for an alternative program that will help the community, and they will also deliver changes that is vital for the growth of a local economy.

Aside from the GCPS, the Camp Twin Lakes is also an organization led by Aaron Lupuloff. This is place where he conducts a program. Every children and person with disability is obliged to join and participate in the summer camp organized by the group, and they are trying to mold the children into responsible citizens

They give scholarship to those students who want to study at the GCPS. This provided them with a seventy percent coverage for the camping fees. According to Aaron Lupuloff, the children who attended the event hosted by their organization said that they enjoyed participating in all of the activities prepared for them.

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, as well as the Partners Against Domestic Violence, also benefited from their philanthrophy. They are receiving additional funds from the organizations led by the Lupuloffs and used it as a viable source of income to help and serve those people who are sick and needs assistance.

Aaron Lupuloff is an example of a helpful individual, and he said that it does not matter if he has to spend a lot of money. For him, what is important is that he delivers joy to many people, and he is able to give them hope. Aaron and Jan Lupuloff continues to persuade other individuals to provide for their causes.

This resulted to an increase in the funding received by the GCPS, and it will have a positive impact on the school. Aaron Lupuloff said that he felt grateful knowing that a lot of people and companies are ready to help them and extending their hands to provide various assistance. To know more about Aaron visit about.me