Advertising Legend Turned Entrepreneur Gustavor Martinez Shares His Professional Vision

Gustavo Martinez is one of the legends in the field of advertising. He was once the former CEO a multinational advertising agency by the name of J. Walter Thompson. He has also handled Mc Cann and Ogilvy and Mather, allowing these agencies to reach greater heights. When people remember some of their favorite advertisements, he is the man to thank behind these pop culture creations that have managed to imbed itself in the hearts and minds of many people.


Gustavo cannot help but be proud of all these creative endeavors that had passed through his hands in his 35 years in the advertising industry. All of these works commissioned by entrepreneurs and/ or their marketing specialists have had a direct impact in improving and defining the success of many companies throughout the world.


Passion for Work


This successful individual credits his passion for his work as the driving factor of his success. Gustavo Martinez said he would not have lasted long in the cutthroat world of advertising if he did not love what he is doing. On top of that, he believes that learning is a never-ending process, so he is always on the search for ways to improve himself. He considers making mistakes and learning from them as a part of the process of growth and development.


He has imparted this wisdom to the many colleagues that have had the privilege to work with him. Moreover, he acknowledges that he is not a one man show. He credits collaboration with his team as an important factor in making ideas come alive. His goal has to always been inspire and motivate his team by giving them suitable projects that can really harness their skills. Gustavo shared that a business’ success rests on the team running it, so take care of them if you want to get it right.


Moving On as an Entrepreneur


Later on, Gustavo Martinez moved on to open up his own business, armed with all the knowledge he earned from all the years he worked in advertising. That being said, he has still not closed his doors on the industry, and in fact, he continues to work as a consultant. For now, his primary focus is his partnership with UV Business acceleration, whose primary purpose is to accelerate business growth of start ups.


Gustavo noted that the most critical part of running a business is learning to be generous. Be generous not just to the staff that help you run the company, but be generous in meeting the needs of your clients so that you can thrive for years to come. He said that to be a successful entrepreneur one must be willing to accept views other than your own, even if you disagree with them in the beginning. This is the only way to gain new insight to propel the business forward.


Paying Top Dollar For Talent


One of the things Gustavo Martinez learned over the years is to pay for top talent. He noted that entrepreneurs who want to succeed must be willing to pay well for talented workers because they are an investment that can offer your company good and impressive returns. He emphasized that any business is only as good and as strong as the team that comprises it. This is one area where he never cuts corners.


He also shard that one the mistakes he committed in the past was moving on too quickly from people or situations. Back then, he was eager to get things done so failed to see the value in situations and in people. When he realized his mistake in this area, he decided to break bad habits and modified how things were done. As a result, Gustavo Martinez was able to defeat roadblocks and continue on with his path to success.


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