Alec Sellem: A Unique Approach in Artisanal Mining

Sellem Industries LLC is a refinery and artisanal gold mining firm based in London, England, was started by Alec Sellem who is the Founder and CEO. Sellem created strong partnerships the business professionals in the energy conservation industry working closely with African and Latin American trade business operation partners. Sellem believed that the current methods of mining and refining did not work well long-term and brought his idea to life of localizing mining as well as refining gold in local areas. He has also successfully established and maintained positive relationships with residence as well as business relationships which have proven to be successful.

Sellem was born in France and was educated in Switzerland, spending time in Africa learning the culture, it’s people, and the unique scenery. Sellem decided to establish business in Sierra Leone where he currently participates in on-site operation of his company. Sellem has become a successful entrepreneur through his own terms.

Alec Sellem has always had an entrepreneurial mindset involving himself in selling and gold trade. This involvement gave him the idea to educate himself in the industry, and start his own company. Once he was educated on the business, he began to look for issues in the field and come up with solutions. In the past, gold was mined and transported overseas from Africa without having any local refineries in the country. Sellem saw the opportunity to cut cost and maximize profit by mining and refining gold locally in Africa as well as creating local jobs for residents.

Sellem believes that the idea of the big picture and developing an incubator for artisanal mining has been a major factor in his success which has developed solid platforms which improve daily life of the residents, currently and in the future. Sierra Leone is made up of many small villages that are left to fend for themselves. Sellem company has bridge the gap of the village is bringing them together and in turn making life easier residents. Alec Sellem believes that by being involved locally with residents, you can build better long-lasting relationships with locals which brings success.

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