Ara Chackerian- The Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is a businessman and a philanthropist in San Francisco, California. In 1991, he joined Florida state university where he did a degree in marketing. He is also the founder of some companies that deals with diagnostic imaging services. He founded BMC diagnostics and he is also the president and CEO of that company. He especially deals with the field of healthcare where he has been working in trying to bring relationship between the healthcare services and technology. Nicaragua Limonapa Teak farm is one of his developments following his deep interest in the environment development. This farm has provided job opportunities for the local community. Currently, he works with a one of the business partners in an attempt to make people aware of a treatment named transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Ara Chackerina once posted that 100 suicides are commited everyday but no one speaks more of that. Peole speaks only about the cause of death. Suicide brings stigmatization problems to families of the suicide victims. The only way to end this is allow much communication in area that deal with depression problem so as to prevent the victims from these suicides.

In an interview, Ara Chackerina said that the idea to venture into Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS) was brought in by one of their provide partner. Initially, they wanted to extend their business to other place when they received a suggestion to outpatient psychiatry field. Through the technology, they have been able to realize that TMS qualifies to be the third pillar of the psychiatry medication. The treatment for the patients with depression has been turning good. In Franscico Bay Area and Sacramento, they have developed some facilities that covers up to 3000 square ft that accommodates both consultants and treatment rooms for TMS. In conclusion, he said that ideas innovations comes from what you encounter in life