Igor Cornelsen’s Contribution to the Investment World

A successful investment adviser can combine strong analytical skills, comprehensive fiscal knowledge as well as customer service to assist the client to define their financial objectives. Working as an investment adviser needs an education in economics or business management. It may also require a license from the federal state. Since investment advisers hold a vital position in a client’s life, it’s crucial for them to have strict standards in delivering their services. Igor Cornelsen is a perfect example of an experienced investment expert who offers investment advice to the people of Brazil.

Born in 1947, in Curitiba, Igor Cornelsen joined Parana University to study engineering. It was the only institution that provided the course in Parana as well as Catarina. It was challenging to receive admission to the school. After two years, Cornelsen graduated. But, he also pursued economics from the same institution. In 1970, he finished his course and started working as an investment banker at Multibanco. He not only served as an executive but a member of the board of directors too. After serving for a few years, he moved to Unibanco where he worked as the CEO. He pursued various opportunities in the banking sectors. Igor Cornelsen moved to Libra Bank PLC where he also worked as an investment banker. He registered tremendous success before moving to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he served as a board member for seven years before venturing into a sole proprietorship.

Igor Cornelsen understands that investing can be pretty overwhelming for many individuals. The truth is it’s difficult to make the right investment decision if a person doesn’t understand the logistics of putting money in low-risk investment dockets. An investor with experience may understand what it takes to make prudent investment decisions. But an emerging investor may need to learn more about the ropes of the business including how the investment vehicle operates. It’s also essential for investment advisers to analyze various investment options.