Betsy DeVos and the Education System

While there have been many who have seen the effects of educational choice, it continues to be a topic that polarizes Americans. The new policy was implemented by Betsy DeVos, the new 11th US Education Secretary. Since her appointment in 2017, she has come under fire frequently for her policies regarding private schools and charter schools. In an interview in 2017, she discussed the new policies and whether they have been effective in certain states.


DeVos hasn’t had an easy time while in office. Her policies have come under fire because many believe that it will lead to public funding for private schools. DeVos has always maintained that this isn’t the case, but it continues to persist in education communities that taxpayer dollars will go towards for-profit schools.


Betsy DeVos has a plan to change all of that, and she has been working with several states to get more educational choice options. In Florida, she says that students have the most options, and it has helped them get into better schools, which aren’t always private. In fact, you can go to a magnet program in Florida, which is still apart of the public school system. Students also have the option of going to a virtual school with completely online classes. There are also homeschooling programs.


However, many students still apply and get accepted to private and charter schools. These schools require a tuition, so not every student is able to go to these schools. In Florida, there is a tuition-based scholarship that can pay for your student’s tuition. Parents have been thrilled about these programs because it means that their students can be excited about going to school, particularly if they were stuck in a failing school district.


The critics of these programs point out that it’s difficult for schools to get more funding and become better schools if they are constantly losing funding and students. DeVos has said that schools are going to change, but it’s been slow as it’s not the focus of the president.


Others have commented that DeVos has done her best within a system that isn’t made to be perfect. In fact, it almost seems as if it’s meant to fail. Many policies of the past have proven to hurt America’s education system more than help its students.


DeVos is also working hard on school safety laws. She wants students to feel safe at school and has worked tirelessly with policymakers and school officials to create safer campuses. Now campus guards have been placed on each school campus, and there are new policies for school safety drills, particularly for a school shooting. DeVos will continue to work on these policies through 2020.


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