Betsy DeVos Has Never Stopped Caring About The Students In Her Home Country

Betsy DeVos was raised to believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life. She grew up in Holland, Michigan and was influenced by the thinking of the Dutch community that called the city home. Her community believed in school choice, which is a philosophy and now a movement that has been working hard to give students in the United States more educational options. The movement has helped to expand charter schools in many states and has also helped to pass important legislation that has helped to pay the tuition fees for students who desired to attend a private school and charter school.


Betsy DeVos has been at the forefront of the school choice movement for many years, and she became interested in politics during her college days. She studied at Calvin College and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree while there. After earning her degree, she moved on to serve the state of Michigan as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She has continued to be involved in politics at different levels in her home state and also supported her husband when he ran to serve as the governor of Michigan.


The political opponents Of Betsy DeVos have often tried to steer attention towards her political donations. While it is true she has been a mega donor for the GOP for many years, she has donated a whole lot more to charitable causes. In recent years, it was discovered that the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated more than $3 million to the educational sector in 2015. The money went to various educational reform organizations, other educational causes, and specific schools that needed help. Overall, her charitable foundation has donated more than $189 million to different charities since its founding in 1989.


Betsy DeVos realized early on in her life that she would not be able to help every student in the U.S. all on her own. When she was younger, she had been helping individual students out by paying their tuition costs into charter schools. She was doing so because these students’ families were struggling to make ends meet in order to give their children a better education than what the public school system was offering them. Once DeVos woke up to the fact that more would have to be done, she immediately got to work by founding an educational organization that would fight to make life better for students in her country. She also created the Great Lakes Education Project, which worked to expand charter schools.


Betsy DeVos is now the chairman for the American Federation for Children. She also works with the Windquest Group as its chairman. In 2017, she also became her nation’s 11th educational secretary, and she has been working even harder to make life better for all students in the United States.


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