Betsy DeVos Takes on Education

An Introduction to Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a woman who is well known in the state of Michigan. Betsy DeVos grew up in this state, and she and her husband have had much involvement in the politics of Michigan. Mrs. DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos ran for governor of Michigan at one time, and Betsy Devos was a huge support. Together, Betsy and Dick DeVos have done much to improve the state of Michigan. Betsy and Dick DeVos were highly concerned about the situation with sick children in Michigan. Unfortunately, there was a time that there was not a pediatric facility that could take care of seriously ill children. If parents had to get help for serious illness, they would have to travel to different states in order to get quality pediatric care. Betsy and Dick DeVos decided that there was something that had to be done. They were able to work with state officials and have a children’s hospital built. Since being built, this hospital has been able to care for and cure thousands of children in the state of Michigan.



Betsy DeVos on Giving

Betsy DeVos is a person who sees Philanthropy as a loving way to give to people and causes that are in need. Together with her husband, Betsy DeVos created the DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that gives grants and donations to different causes around the world. Betsy and Dick DeVos feel strongly that it is their obligation to do all they can to improve the world. They have achieved this through their involvement in politics and also through their foundation. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, Betsy and Dick DeVos have been able to help thousands of people around the world. The DeVos Family Foundation focuses on education, the arts, and financial support for families in need.


Betsy DeVos on Education

DeVos is greatly concerned with the education of children. As a mother, she was highly involved with her children’s education. She was disappointed with the disparity in the education system in Michigan, and she wanted to find ways to give all children equal access to education services. Unfortunately, she found that a large amount of Michigan schools were not serving the community in the way in which they should. She wanted to find ways to give parents more power in their children’s education. DeVos pushed for more charter schools. Charter schools are able to give children the structure of a private school without the cost. Betsy DeVos pushed lawmakers when it came to education, and thanks to her efforts and hard work, she has helped Michigan to be the state that has the highest amount of charter schools in the country.



Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

When President Trump brought in his administration, he made Betsy DeVos the new Secretary of Education. Even though DeVos was not new to politics, she was new to this position. DeVos had to quickly get in the game and prove to herself and to others that she had what it took to meet the task. Recently, the New York Times did an article about DeVos. President Trump decided that he was going to revoke the law that allowed transgender students the right to go to the bathroom according to their self-identified gender. Since Betsy DeVos knew that this could be controversial, before the bill was rescinded, she invited some of the leaders of the transgender community to meet with her in order to let them know about President Trump’s decision. DeVos was able to show with this move that she is a woman of compassion and conviction. Betsy DeVos is ready to take on education in this country; she has the wherewithal and the knowledge to handle her new position with class and strength.


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