Carsten Thiel Reveals His Approach To Marketing A Weight-Loss Product

Carsten Thiel is a C-level executive in the biotechnology sector. He is the president of EUSA Pharma’s European operations. This company is developing treatments for rare diseases. He is the former chief executive officer of Abeona Therapeutics. He has also been an executive at Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Amgen. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology he earned in 1992 at the Max-Planck Institut Gottingen.

Throughout his career, he has launched and marketed several high-profile drug treatments. Carsten Thiel says that collaborating with others is crucial to his success. He has led teams of employees and researchers with each person having their particular role to play. He leads by asking a lot of questions and always keeping an inquisitive mind. He has said that he’d rather ask questions throughout the process of marketing a new drug rather than be surprised at the end with information that wasn’t uncovered.

A product he marketed early in his career was Xenical. This is a weight-loss drug. Carsten Thiel says that his research into weight loss showed him that not everyone who takes these types of products is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. They end up blaming the drug for their inability to lose weight rather than their diet and exercise habits.

To successfully market this drug and avoid pitfalls like, this, Carsten Thiel targeted medical professionals and a particular type of person that would take Xenical. This led to a slower entry to market but he feels it was the best choice. Over time this approach proved successful because the slow rollout of Xenical led to great word of mouth. If he had rushed this product to market and made lofty claims he would have damaged the reputation of his company and himself in the process.

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