Carsten Thiel

Recently, EUSA Pharma, a Global pharmaceutical company that focusses on oncology and rare disease has announced the appointment of Carsten Thiel as President Europe and Darrel P. Cohen as Head of Clinical Development. The company (EUSA) was founded in March 2015 and had extensive commercial operations in the United States and Europe together with the direct presence in select markets across the globe.

Carsten Thiel is a Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical expert. He was born in Berlin. He remained in Berlin which was then divided and excelled in his studies and ended up studying Chemistry in Malbrook. He left his native country to attend the University of Bristol in the southwestern UK in a bid to gather insight on the Anglo-Saxon education system. There, he studied Organic Chemistry, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion of his course. His desire to get into the pharmaceutical world of innovation came through with Hoffman La-Roche, a ground-breaking biotechnology firm after completion of his formal education.

Appointment of veterans in the pharmaceutical world in new roles created will help strengthen the management that is senior leadership. The duo brings with them a high level of pharmaceutical experience. Carsten Thiel will lead commercial infrastructure in Europe while Dr. Cohen will lead the worldwide late-stage Clinical Development activities.

Carsten Thiel has 27 years of commercial experience coming to EUSA Pharma. This is in addition to the Ph.D. that he holds in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Germany’s Max Plancks Institute. Dr. Cohen, on the other hand, has 20 years of experience in Clinical Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Dr. Cohen is joining EUSA Pharma from Pfizer’s global oncology Organization, where he had the rank of Vice President, Clinical Development Leader after previously leading Clinical development for numerous successful oncology products.

EUSA Chief Executive Officer welcomed the duo highlighting the skills and experience that they bring to the company. The knowledge and expertise would help the company as it expands in Europe, emerging markets, and the United States. Click here to learn more