The Academy of Art University Gives Students What They Need To Succeed

The Academy of Art University has a new Footwear and Accessory Design Program, one of the few in the country. The program, part of the School of Fashion, received accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The program includes 2-D and 3-D design concepts, material education, market trends and more. Students will develop an industry standard portfolio during their classes. With the university being in San Francisco, students have access to an eclectic mix of art and culture, students can find inspiration all around them. Previous graduates of The Academy’s School of Fashion have landed positions with Nike and Adidas.

Founded in 1929,Dr. Elisa Stephens, granddaughter of founder Richard S. Stephens, runs The Academy. She’s turned The Academy of Art University into America’s largest privately-operated art university. Students receive a world-class education in over 40 programs which prepares them for the global job market. International students are welcome. The faculty is made up of professional designers and artist who use their years of industry experience to teach students what they can expect after graduation.

The Academy of Art University’s classrooms feature the latest technologies, preparing students to meet industry expectations. An open admission policy ensures potential artists and designers have the education they need to succeed. It’s ideal for students who didn’t have the opportunity for art classes before.

San Francisco is a perfect location for The Academy. Industry giants in web design, advertising and more are nearby. The city features art museums, concert venues and theaters. For students who cannot move to San Francisco, The Academy of Art University offers online degree program in a wide range of fields. Online students enjoy the same academic support as students at the campus, including recordings of guest speakers, an academic library, groups and personal assistance.

Alexandre Gama Proves Persistence Pays Off

Brazilian businessman Alexandre Gama is a self-made man. He began his career as a copywriter at advertising agency Standard & Ogilvy all the way back in 1981 but his dream didn’t end there. Gama dreamt one one day owning his own agency and being a world-renown creative director but that dream was going to take a lot of time and persistence.

After nine years he was offer the Creative Director position at DM9 and just a few short years later, Gama was named CEO/COO of Young & Rubicam. Finally, in 1999, Gama opened his own agency named Neogama. He has went on to become the first Latin American to teach a Masterclass at Cannes as well as winning 23 Golden Lions at the festival. Always one to follow his dreams, Alexandre Gama is one of Brazil’s most brilliant success stories of the past 40 years.