Ted Bauman a Highly Successful Investment Author, Researcher and Analyst

Ted Bauman is a highly successful investment author, researcher and analyst. Bauman, who is an economist and historian by profession, has over 25 years worth of experience in financial management as well as housing. Bauman for more than twenty years has worked at the helm of world-renowned humanitarian organizations such as the Slum Dwellers International as well as Habitat for Humanity among others. Ted besides has worked as a consultant for governments as well as the UN. As a consultant, he advised them on immigration issues, finance as well as housing issues, among others. Bauman holds a history and economics degree from the prestigious South African University the University of Cape Town. Bauman currently serves at Banyan Hills as an author of three investment publications. Bauman at Banyan focuses his writings on investment strategies that can help create wealth for average Americans. Read more full interview of Ted Bauman at Inspirery.com

Ted Bauman, in one of his Letters, advises average Americans to take advantage of the shift towards digital payments and invest in PayPal. Bauman, in addition, cautioned his followers from investing in plastic card payment companies such as Discover and Visa. The reason as to why they should not invest in plastic card payment companies is because the future of cashless payment system will migrate to the digital online platform. Numerous newer cashless systems are emerging every year. There are those that have become quite popular among many such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. According to Ted Bauman, the two cannot survive the test of time, and they should not be fooled by the current market statistics to invest in the companies. One lucrative investment opportunity in the cashless payment system that Ted Bauman recommends his follow to invest in is PayPal. PayPal, according to Bauman, has been tried and tested over time. The firm has been able to overcome many challenges and has been able to emerge victoriously.

PayPal is an online money transfer company that was originally formed to help in making secure global online purchases. The firm by the year 2002 had recorded tremendous growth and had widely been accepted by members of the public. It is in 2002 that the firm went public and was able to generate more than 60 million dollars. Today the firm boasts of having more than 100 million users globally and accepts more than 25 currencies of different countries.

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