How Russell Gimelstob Went From Tennis To Real Estate

He may be in the real estate business nowadays but Russell Gimelstob is more well known for his athletic prowess. He was born in New Vernon, New Jersey and went to his parent’s former high school, Newark Academy. His father was a sports star back in the day so you can imagine his excitement when he decided to take up tennis and proved to be quite adept at it. He began practicing from the age of six and this hard work paid off when he became the captain of his high school tennis team, something that was unprecedented at this school. During the summer, he would often travel to Palos Verdes, California to practice with Robert Lansdorp, one of the best tennis coaches in American history who has trained some of the most famous players.

He was a perpetual first team all-state and eventually got to three championships in a row with his team, all of which they ended up winning. After four years of success, he had to graduate and move on to higher education. Although he had received numerous scholarships offers, he decided to decline all of them in an effort to matriculate at Cornell University under the tutelage of head coach Barry Shoemaker. The two first met during one of his recruiting trips and he quickly realized this was the perfect program for him. Sure enough, he had already become an academic all American by his sophomore year and was still undefeated.

He also was selected to compete in the national doubles tournament and was appointed team captain as a senior. After winning an all-ivy award alongside many others, he had to graduate but he later stayed on campus for an extra year to finish his MPA degree. After his academic career had come to a close, he ended up accepting an offer from Goldman Sachs to become one of their analysts. After three years, he left the company to work for Dune Real Estate Group. He now serves as their managing director and head of acquisitions and he’s been with the company for 15 years.