Enhanced Athlete Defeats Nutrition Distribution Company

Recently a growing issue had developed with the brand Nutrition Distribution attacking competitors in the form of lawsuits claiming to be the only Nutritional product distribution company for athletes. Nutrition Distribution released claims that small business advertising false claims would dramatically contribute to their companies loss of sales and sought payment for damages incurred. If small businesses did not comply with the large companies demands Nutrition Distribution would pursue both by legal involvement and payment for all costs associated.

Nutrition Distribution is quoted as “A shakedown company looking to claim profits from small business companies to settle or face subsequent legal fees and actions against their company.” as told by a spokesman for Enhanced Athletes one of the victim companies of the series of lawsuits. Despite hundreds of cease and desist letters from multiple companies facing similar lawsuits Nutrition Distribution pursued the lawsuits and was found to be dismissed in their claims over small business enterprises, claiming creation of loss of sales to their company and seeking payment for damages. This series of events was not the first nor the last attempt made against small businesses.

Moving forward CEO Scott Cavell proclaims that Enhanced Athletes will not allow Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme, because if small businesses choose to pay even in small doses Nutrition Distribution will continue to pursue lawsuits against more companies in the future.

Enhanced Athlete is a reputable company based in Cheyenne Wyoming. Enhanced Athlete is not only a well known Sports Nutrition Company but they offer many other services specializing in both Athletic sports and bodybuilding such as:

  • Athlete Support
  • Enhanced Gear Clothing Brand
  • Enhanced Coaching
  • Public Help Forums
  • Generous Refund Policies

Enhanced Athlete has locations throughout multiple nations touching base in Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Asia and the United States. Where the company does not reside personally they have partnered companies to help extend their reach such as Mandy’s Muscle House and Muscle Korea.

Considering these factors a solely nutritional products  company had no claim over profits of a multi-brand and specialization company offering more services than claimed in the lawsuit. Nutrition Distribution should probably do their research better in the future before they make accusations against small businesses. Sometimes a business is much larger than it appears at first glance and the bad publicity is far worse than what any small competitor could do to a companies net profit.