Nicolas Krafft stages second annual L’Oreal Fashion Show

When it comes to women’s fashion and beauty, a lot of things are expected. The organizers of such events are always looking for ways to make them better. Things were not any different when it came to staging the second annual L’Oreal fashion and beauty show. The company’s marketing and sales executive, Nicolas Krafft, had the task of choosing a unique theme, and he did not fail. The emphasis of the event was on women beauty, and many things emerged from the happenings at the event. The choice of venue was also a surprise for those who attended.

60-meter floating catwalk

When it came to choosing a venue for the event, Nicolas Krafft chose the Seine River. It is one of the most attractive locations in central France. However, what caught the attention of most people is the catwalk. Unlike the usual one, the team chose one that floats on the river. It was 60 meters long and made the event even more amazing. The people who wanted to see the models on the runway had the chance to see them clearly while sitting on the banks of the river. In addition to that, the event was broadcast live in several countries.

Underlining the power of women

Looking at the list of models that graced the function, one can clearly see that the event wanted to showcase their diversity. There were the most celebrated models of all times. Some of them are still active in their careers, but others have since quit. In addition to that, there were invitees from outside the fashion industry. According to Nicolas Krafft, the purpose of having such celebrities at the event was to get their support so that they can help to advance the agenda of the company.

Born in Switzerland where he was also raised, Nicolas Krafft went through the education system earning an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of St. Gallen. He has been in the marketing industry for more than one decade, and his contribution at L’Oreal is evident. He says that he has enjoyed success across three continents where he was tasked with driving sales and spurring growth for companies.

Alec Sellem Creates Employment by Refining His Gold in Africa

Gold is the best mineral to store your wealth in. However, buying and selling gold needs special skills. Alec Sellem is a shining beacon in gold mining. He is the chief executive officer and the founder of Sellem industries. The England based industry is destined to modernize methods of mining. Alec believes that traditional mining methods do not allow a firm to realize its full potential. He has vast expertise in refining mining methods.

Alec Sellem main aim is to localize mining processes. When gold is refined in the hyperlocal area, infrastructure in the local area develops. This will also strengthen the relationship between the miners and the local communities.

The business giant was born in France. He visited Africa during his study years and developed strong relationships with African people. He connected with Africans by learning their culture. He enjoyed the African landscape and different cultures. He does his mining activities in Sierra Leone. Alec Sellem builds trust and concrete relationship with the local communities by developing infrastructure for them. He participates in bolstering the local economies by creating employment.

Unlike other CEO’s Alec is involved in daily mining processes of Sellem industries. He travels to Africa to monitor mining activities. He seeks to expand his business by strengthening a positive relationship with the local communities. This builds trust and transparency between the two parties. Alec sellem grew the interest in selling and trading gold at a tender age. He decided to learn about the industry and master how it operates.

After carrying extensive research about the field, he began to understand how gold is traded. Alec submerged himself in the industry with the hope of transforming mining processes. His main aim was to streamline the sector and modernize mining methods. He also formulated strategies that would provide employment to local communities. He created employment by refining his gold in Africa.

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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Speaks About Current State of the Pizza Giant

Papa John’s has no doubt had a less than stellar year in terms of its sales; however recent data shows that the company has managed to stop the bleeding. This is mainly due in part to the vision and leadership of CEO Steve Ritchie. Mr.Ritchie was recently appointed the new CEO of Papa John’s after an internal company scandal with its previous guidance. Steve Ritchie has implemented a wide array of strategies to overcome the negative outlook of the company by its investors and customers. So far, these changes by the new CEO have no doubt helped the company begin to reconstruct their image to the world.

One of the latest changes made by Steve Ritchie was the appointment of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal as their newest brand ambassador.“Substantial, positive change takes time and effort,” says CEO Steve Ritchie. Although the company has seen four consecutive quarters, the sale losses are not as bad as experts were predicting them to be. This is mainly due to many of the changes and initiatives implemented by the current CEO. Although beating a low bar isn’t the position the company wants to be in, sales figures are not the entire story.

In September, Papa John’s introduced their “Voices” campaign. This campaign featured various faces of the company speaking about their time with the company, what they appreciate and the direction they want to take. This move by CEO Steve Ritchie is far away from the founder-led marketing that would be a majority of the companies advertising. CEO Steve Ritchie commented on the new campaign saying that employees and staff have mentioned that they appreciate being heard. In addition, customers have also reacted positively to this new form of marketing by Papa John’s Pizza. CEO Steve Ritchie has also stated that this is only the beginning of their new journey, new services such as social media ordering and new app design are just some of the new routes they are exploring.

The Career Of Peter Briger From Goldman Sachs To Fortress Investment Group

Being an important figure at Goldman Sachs for 15 years, Peter Briger made a name for himself in the financial industry, his status increasing even further when he jumped ship to Fortress Investment Group in 2002 – a firm that he continues to work for to this day (serving as co-chairman of the Board of Directors and also being a principal). During his years at Goldman Sachs, Briger was a member on the Asian Management committee, as well as the Japan Executive and Global Control and Compliance committees, with his work focusing on Asia. More specifically, his work involved real estate and debt vehicles. This experience with the Asian market played an important role at Fortress when the firm was acquired by Softbank, a Japanese banking conglomerate, in 2017 to the tune of $3.3 billion.

Despite the firm getting acquired, Fortress continues to function independently, and Peter Briger alongside other important figures remained at the helm. Peter Briger’s academic resume includes him attending Princeton for undergrad, and he also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration, received from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Besides his involvement in the financial world, he is also part of the board at Princeton University Investment Company, Caliber Schools, and has also been a financial supporter of Central park Conservancy. He has also supported Tipping Point, which is a non-profit organization that serves the low-income families within the San Francisco area.

When it comes to his involvement with Princeton, Peter Briger alongside two other alumni established a funding program designed to assist the University’s alumni and their startup companies. The program was named the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund, and aims to help alumni turn their creative ideas into reality by offering them matching seed funds of up to $100,000. Briger talked about the initiative, noting that he believes the time is right for it at Princeton. He also pointed out that the world is at a special point and time, with businesses as well as business models being disrupted. Briger stated that Princeton should help students prepare for this, and that the fund will help create ties with people.

More Men Flock To Laser Hair Removal In NYC

Many people might assume that laser hair removal is a treatment for women. Dr. Jennifer Walden, the founder of the Skintology MedSpa in New York City, begs to differ. Over the past few years, Walden has noted that an increasing amount of men have been coming to the MedSpa over the past few years. This is chiefly because the treatment can offer a significant amount of benefits for both men and women. Walden has also noted that laser hair removal technology has advanced pretty quickly in recent years. Because of that, it’s been noted that the treatment option has been having more of a benefit for people regardless of skin color.

Throughout the past few years, the treatment option has been great for patients who are tired of shaving, waxing or using hair removal cream. Dr. Jennifer Walden, however, has noted that this doesn’t mean that men and women are getting laser hair removal treatment options in the same areas. Walden has noted that, in general, women remove the hair on their upper lip, underarms, chin or legs. Compared to this, it’s been noted that men typically receive the treatment on their backs or chest. That doesn’t mean that patients are getting all of the hair removed from these areas, however.

As Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted, the process can also be used to reduce the overall thickness of hair in a certain area. While the treatment process has become increasingly popular, many people may still wonder how it actually works, leading some to believe that it’s quite complicated. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as it can be quite simple. As Walden has highlighted, the process uses lasers to target and breakdown hair follicles in their growth stages; as a result, the most notable benefits have been seen after shaving or waxing and then receiving the treatment. That doesn’t mean that patients will see the benefits straight away, however. Dr. Jennifer Walden has highlighted that it may take several sessions to see the full effects. These will typically be spaced weeks apart to prevent any damage to the skin during the treatment.

Isabel dos Santos Makes Her Way Back To Unitel After Ouster

Over the past few months, Unitel has faced a significant amount of civil lawsuits from several investors. This has chiefly been because investors felt that dividends on the company’s profits weren’t being paid out appropriately; a recent court ruling also found this to be true and ruled in favor of investors. Because of this, investor confidence in upper management has naturally been low. With that in mind, there have been a number of significant changes in the company within the past few months. Chief among these has been Isabel dos Santos being placed on the company’s board, two years after being replaced as President by Joao Lourenco in 2017.

However, the African billionaire’s family still had a 25% stake in the company, so she still had some input into the business, albeit minimally. Having said that, Joao Lourenco tried to reduce this controlling interest as much as possible, although this wasn’t too significant. Isabel dos Santos being named a member of the board isn’t the only recent shakeup at Unitel’s upper management; three other members were brought onto the board at the same time as dos Santos. On top of this, Miguel Geraldes has been confirmed as the replacement of Antony Dolton as general director of the company. Having said that, Isabel dos Santos and the other board members won’t be taking their positions until May 6.

This is because there has been somewhat of a transition period between Isabel dos Santos and the other board members and those that they’re replacing. However, when they do take their positions, they’re set to vote on a new chairperson; so far, there has been no indication as to who this may be. Dos Santos has been well known in the business world in Africa for the past few decades. As the daughter of former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, she was able to grow her fortune over his forty-year presidency. Through this time, Isabel dos Santos has created a diverse portfolio of businesses across a wide range of industries. Chief among these have been media, retail, finance, and energy; furthermore, these companies have spanned both Africa and Portugal.

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An insight into the prosperous career of Matthew Fleeger

Named in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals, Matthew Fleeger has had a prosperous career in the American oil and gas industry. He currently holds the office of the President, Director, and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, one of the largest companies in the American oil and gas industry. Matthew is more than just an executive in the sector; he is also a principal. He is also an entrepreneur with interest in tanning industries and medical waste disposal which have made him a lot of fortune. Recently, this American oil and gas industry principal was in an interview, and he shared insights about his career.

Humble beginnings, but focused

In this interview, Matthew Fleeger revealed that he had very humble begins in the industry when he was starting his career. Unlike know where he has a lot of experience, at the time he was quite green. Despite this, Matthew was very focused on growing his expertise and his career with it. This Gulf Coast Western CEO pointed out that to achieve this, he got keener on learning the ins and outs of the oil industry in the United States. Matthew Fleeger mentioned that he keenly followed how experts in the sector at the time conducted their business and from this, he learned a lot.

Chasing success

Matthew Fleeger mentioned in the interview that from the beginning of his career he was chasing success. Apart from learning from the best he also had other virtues that made him very successful. These virtues include honesty, integrity and creativity and they made him stand out from other professionals in the sector. Matthew Fleeger said that he focused on doing work with honesty and integrity which at the time were very rare in the oil and gas industry. He also embraced creativity to come up with outstanding solutions to his business problems.

Creative Leadership and Finance Leadership: Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg has been involved with the stock market. Stock markets are delicate endeavors. Individuals must be well-versed in the unique processes. The stock market has numerous variables including intricate terminology to describe financial updates. Stock market investments are measured in units. A unit of stock is similar to a share of stock. Shares of stock are sold separately. Each stock piece is sold as a private entity. The specific price of stocks vary.

From a dollar variation to several dollars of variation, price is subject and likely to change. The industry constantly fluctuates in value, worth and price estimate. A stock price estimate is an estimated price prescribed by the company executives. An estimate is not a final total, rather a rough estimation. With many moving parts, it is easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed. During times of stress, an advisor can significantly help the investor. Investors usually attempt to enlist an adviser if they plan on making frequent and large investments. Investors do not want to lose their initial investment. In a worst-case scenario, some investors may end up in debt as a result of poor stock investment choices.

There are stock markets around the globe. One of the most noted stock markets exists in Europe. It is known as the European Stock Market. Within the European Stock Market, there are subsidiary country breakdowns. For example, the Great Britain Stock Market plays a large part in conducting all of London’s finical transactions. London is a major finical city. With countless transaction taking place every single day, London is an epicenter of finance.

New York City is also an epicenter of finance as determined by the NYSE and Wall Street. New York City consistently draws major finical attention from all parts of the United States. Businessman from California travel to New York City to conduct business endeavors. The business and finance market is prevalent in the five boroughs. Individuals from all cities of the world come to visit. From Tokyo to Paris and Madrid, no city has quite the reputation of New York City.

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Top Corporate Leveraging on Charitable Works in the United States- Stream Energy

About Stream Energy’s Business Operations

Stream Energy is a top company that leads in the direct sale of home services, energy, protective, and wireless to its clients in Dallas and its environs. The company generates revenues of more than $ 8 billion due to its diverse array of businesses in various states. Since its establishment in 2005, the firm is considered as one of the most leading trusted retail electric providers that are already in 10 states. Also, as part of its diverse businesses in the state, Stream Energy also offers connected life services where some include virtual MD, wireless plans, and digital voice services among many more. What’s more, the company again supports its community through its other arm “Stream Care Foundation,” which focuses on giving back.

About the Stream Care Foundation

The Stream Energy Company established the Stream Care Foundation to offer its support and resources to not only communities in the area but local charities as well. Stream Care has been at the forefront of helping the homeless children where an instance is where the support the Hope Supply CO., which is a non-profit organization. Besides, Stream Care was also recently involved in donations amounting to $ 15,000 that provided support during the natural disasters experienced in the east of Texas through the American Red Cross. Equally important, the company also helped the victims of the Hurricane Harvey disaster through its recently launched philanthropic arm “the Stream Cares Foundation.”

In particular, the Stream Energy Company portrayed itself as the best example of how corporates are giving back to society by offering their personal support and finances when the disaster struck. Also, during the disaster, the company was not only involved in the support and rescue operation for its customers, but for all affected victims at large, which has led to increased brand loyalty in their part. Additionally, statistics show that corporates in America have been donating generously where an example is the 2016 donations, which stood at $19 billion besides having some other firms like Stream that have since formed partnerships with charitable organizations such as Red Cross.

Guilherme Paulus: Take other people’s advice, use your own idea

The fact Brazil is not just a country of salsa, carnivals, and enjoyment, but also the land of serious business people – it can be understood when you hear the story of Guilherme Paulus.

Being an entrepreneur in Brasil is not easy.

If you want to succeed you must be persistent and overcome the obstacles.

But, if you’re good enough it can be profitable and rewarding.

Due to its image, Brasil is a country with a lack of business opportunities. High taxes, venture capital, and tough bureaucracy make an unstable environment for entrepreneurs to invest in the business. But that’s just a shallow look at the situation.

So how did Guilherme Paulus made it, and how did he become famous even out of the borders of Brasil? Having a plan and being at the right place at the right time might be an answer to this question.

“Listen To The Elders, Always. You Will Hear More”

Brasil has always been attractive to tourists.

Guilherme Paulus have used every chance he could get to become tourism&accommodations leader. His main tactic was to listen to people. His light motive is “Listen to the elders, always. You will hear more.”

His talent for good marketing made some great changes in the vision of business in tourism.

The idea to set his first CVC outlet for selling tours near the movie theatre was simply genius. An everyday frequency of thousands of people attracted more and more new customers. He kicked off the market and rapidly increased the Brasilian touristic offer.

The business began to flourish and the company was unstoppable in its expanding.

First, they continued to open branches across Brazil, and in 2009 Guilherme Paulus sold 63%

of CVC to the global investment fund Carlyle Group. This sale was aimed to establish its dominance in tourism in Brazil. After only four years, 2013 – they start trading as a public company, significantly increasing their capital.

Since then, CVC has grown to be the largest Latin American company with an annual profit of over $ 5.2 billion. Como o bilionário Guilherme Paulus pretende se tornar o maior hoteleiro do Brasil

Guilherme Paulus is very proud of his business associates. He likes to point out to his 30,000 partnerships within the tourism business. Those partnerships include hotels, cruise ships, airlines and many other branches within the tourism industry. Click here to learn more