Visionary CEO Matt Fleeger also practices exceptional generosity

Gulf Coast WesternMatt Fleeger has maintained a Gulf Coast Western President and CEO Matt Fleeger is a man who has worn many hats. As the leader of a successful oil and gas company dedicated to the exploration and acquisition of domestic gas and oil, you have to be both revolutionary and reliable. To grow multiple successful businesses, you have to be dedicated and insightful.

Throughout his career, he has led with transparency and allowed a true entrepreneurial mindset to guide key decisions. Gulf Coast Western’s success, including an A+, 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau, has relied on building successful partnerships, acquisitions and maximizing opportunities as they appear. Matt Fleeger joined the family business in 1986 after attending college at Southern Methodist University and working in the marketing and finance industry.

However, it wasn’t his first experience leading a major enterprise. In 1993, he noticed a growing opportunity in the medical waste management field and started a holding company that provided reliable, affordable disposal of medical waste. He later sold his shares in MedSolutions to another company for $59 million and returned to the oil and gas business where he replaced his father at the helm of Gulf Coast Western

family atmosphere at the company while rapidly expanding and maintaining a favorable outlook as the oil and gas industry has faced challenges. Fleeger credits most of his success in staff and partner retention to being transparent with others on a business and personal level. He motivates through unified team effort.


This mindset has also helped guide many of his investments, including those of a more charitable nature. Major contributions to children’s causes are a passion for Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western. A corporate contribution of $14,000 was recently provided to the Sadie Keller Foundation, a non-profit that raises awareness regarding childhood cancer issues and advocates for increased research. Fleeger has also founded the Fleeger Family Kitchen to advance STEM learning opportunities at a Dallas-area school — an opportunity to improve the lives of the next generation of leaders in business and industry. 

Steve Lesnard – The Release of FUTURELIGHT

The North Face has finally unveiled the final product of their new material line, FUTURELIGHT. The model release comes after months of discussions and news articles that released information on this new material of usage. Moving forward, the North Face will include this material within the makeup of all product lines they release in their outdoor wear lines. This material is said to be the lightest ever to be included in a jacket or coat. The use of proprietary technology and multiple field tests to create a material that wicks away moisture and is light on the body is revolutionary for space.

The move came shortly after the announcement to move Steve Lesnard to the head of the marketing department for the company. Lesnard was involved in many different start-up campaigns and with other successful business ventures throughout his career. The partnership stemmed this release a few months after inception, creating a lot of buzz around the production value being released from the company. The North Face has been a strong competitor in the outerwear field for a number of years, only facing a few competitors that could subdue some of their product releases.

With FUTURELIGHT becoming the main target of future ventures, the company looks to skyrocket its fourth-quarter numbers. The increase in business and production comes right before the holiday season, a prime release period for any company. If projections remain consistent with early releases and projections, the company will outsell the competition with ease. The future for the North Face looks bright with Lesnard at the helm. It is only a matter of time before Lesnard takes his collective brilliance to newer heights to set the dial for success on the North Face and the future of outerwear.

Carsten Thiel Has Changed The Pharmaceutical Field

If you have ever used a product called Xenical, it is likely because Carsten Theil believed that you would benefit from it. At the time of its release several decades ago, his colleagues wanted to sell it to as many people as possible. However, Thiel thought that the better approach was to only market it to those who would use it.

Dr. Carsten Thiel is an expert in the field of biotechnology, who shares the view that the commercialization of gene therapies has become feasible as a result of ever-increasing efficiency and lower overhead involved in implementing technological innovations.

In an article entitled “EUSA Pharma Announces Appointment of Carsten Thiel…”, more than anything, we get to see how trusted he has become in the field of health and medicine.


His Approach Was Considered Revolutionary

At the time, the thought of putting people above profit was not one that pharmaceutical companies took too seriously. Instead, the industry’s goal was to make as much money as quickly as possible. Thiel thought that his goal was to help people make positive changes in their lives. Go To This Page to learn more.

Over time, other pharmaceutical professionals would come around to his way of thinking. Today, it is common practice to consider the needs of individual patients before marketing or selling drugs to them.


Thiel Thinks That We’re Experiencing a Medical Golden Age

Advances in technology have made it possible to treat or cure a wide range of health conditions over the past two decades. Thiel believes that changes in both

technology and attitudes toward patients have put us in a period where almost anything is possible.


According to Thiel, the next step is to put more time and energy into finding cures for rare diseases. Although an individual disease may only impact a few people, they can harm hundreds of thousands of people collectively.


What You Should Know About Carsten Thiel

Carsten has spent roughly 30 years in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields. He was born in Berlin and also attended the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry that is located there. He has worked for companies around the world and has a passion for using technology to make our lives better.


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Are Working To Stop Bullying

Bullying is a horrible thing to experience at any age. It is especially serious when it involves children. Recently, the attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick were involved in a legal case involving bullying. In this case, the firm represented the parents of a young girl who took her life because of constant bullying at school. The parents wanted the school district to take steps to ensure that something similar to this never happens again. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is attempting to raise awareness about bullying, and the members of the firm are seeking to help put a stop to it. There are several different types of bullying. One of these is physical bullying. This involves a person being attacked and hurt.

Verbal and social bullying is also a problem. This often takes the form of name calling. Cyberbullying is on the rise, and it is viewed as one of the more problematic forms of bullying. Children’s lives can be made to be like a living hell through bullying on social media. If a parent suspects that a child might be a bullying victim, it is important to communicate with the child and find out what is actually going on. The parent should immediately get in contact with the child’s school and report instances of bullying.

If bullying is occurring online, parents should document the problem and report it to authorities. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is taking steps to stop bullying in Ohio schools. Through their KNR Cares About Kids program, the firm is making donations to organizations trying to stop bullying in the state of Ohio. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm with locations throughout the state of Ohio. This firm has several attorneys who are listed among the best trial attorneys in the state. If your child has been bullied, you can contact Kisling, Nestico & Redick for additional assistance in finding a solution.

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Mark Holyoake

Oakvest Holdings’ Mark Holyoake Building Successful Companies through Collaboration

Mark Holyoake, founder and owner of Oakvest Holdings, has taken his interest in collaboration and restructuring to building up prosperous companies. As a result, he has accumulated an extensive background in the food industry, seafood operations in particular.

Mark’s latest venture has been a manifest success. Using his knowledge and experience in the sector, Mark Holyoake invested in Iceland Seafood International in 2010 through his investment companies, Oakvest Holdings and International Seafood Holdings. Iceland had just experienced an economic collapse, and Holyoake’s decision to pick up stock in the country might have seemed a bit risky. However, Holyoake perceived the robustness of Iceland’s traditional fishing culture and saw a way to pull together the disparate players in a combined effort and drive profitability for ISI.

Holyoake’s thoughts at the time were that he was bringing a common-sense approach – gained through professional experience – to building evident infrastructure. His philosophy was to do the work necessary over the long term. Mark Holyoake arranged a partnership between ISI and 27 percent of Iceland’s professional fishing operators. Ten years later, ISI has become ten times more profitable.

In the latest news entitled “Holyoake, Sveinsson Step Down From ISI Board…”, Mark Holyoake revealed that he would be stepping down from active membership in the board team of the Iceland Sea Food International. He first came into close interactions in 2010 after purchasing shares from the company through his investment vehicle International Seafood Holdings. This move made Mark Holyoake the largest shareholder in the company for a couple of years. He, however, sold down his shares to make space for more investors before eventually stepping down.

Holyoake has since stepped down from the company’s board and sold a large portion of his shares to make room for following interested parties who would play their part in ISI’s future. Though not necessarily easy, the move allowed the company to start on its new chapter. Holyoake still owns about 9 percent of ISI’s shares, and ISI expanded its reach and leverage even further in 2018 by acquiring Icelandic Iberica.

The resulting returns on Mark Holyoake’s current stake in ISI illustrate the rationale behind his collaborative approach in long-term development. He now sees more significant returns from having laid the groundwork over a long time, even though he now has a smaller share in the company. Go To This Page for related information.

Holyoake looks forward to utilizing his position in Oakvest Holdings for the acquisition of other food-industry niche companies that could benefit from infrastructure and combined effort. He sees a lot of untapped potential in an emerging public awareness of wellness and healthy foods.

Mark Holyoake recommends finding success through a team of like-minded players with common goals and a sense of shared leadership and collaboration.




Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Explains How He Built OSI Group Into A Multinational Firm

Sheldon Lavin is a highly successful Chicago businessman. He is the owner and chief executive officer of OSI Group. He was an independent financial consultant focused on companies in the food industry when one client, Otto & Sons, ended up changing his life. Learn More about Lavin at

He became a consultant because he wanted to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. He focused on companies in the food and consumer products industries. Sheldon Lavin says he was nervous about his skills when he started as a consultant but once he experienced success those feelings disappeared.

When he was hired by Otto & Sons as a consultant it was a small food company that was looking to expand. However, they needed money to do so. Sheldon Lavin thought they could succeed and he turned out to be right. A year later, the company was delivering processed meat to restaurants across the United States. He learned he was able to build large-scale operations from this experience. He became the CEO not long after this company changed its name to OSI Group. “OSI” is a nod to Otto & Sons.

Sheldon Lavin says that “it takes money to make money” is one of those sayings that happens to be entirely true. He had to establish a large enterprise before he started earning serious money. He now earns most of his money as an investor. The money he earns from OSI Group is invested in mutual funds and ETFs.

He says that the key to building a successful business is taking advantage of economies of scale. It was building OSI Group into a national, then international, firm where he was able to bring costs down and profits up. This attracted people who wanted to invest in his company. Sheldon Lavin said this was a mix of good fortune and planning.

A leader in the Chicago business community, he says that being a leader means being humble. If a person doesn’t have humility it prevents them from learning from their employees and others. He trusts in the people he surrounds himself with and tries to listen to as many smart people as he can.


Greg Blatt Worked In Many Positions And Helped Match Grow Greatly

Greg Blatt got involved in entertainment law because he was interested in that industry and had written screenplays and a novel and thought it might help him break into it. One of his biggest clients was Martha Stewart and when she took her company public, he was asked to go with her. He took the opportunity to serve on the general counsel for her company and came to enjoy that kind of position.

After several years of working for Martha Stewart’s company, Greg Blatt took a new position with a small dating service. At the time, dating services weren’t that popular but he knew that they could be and he worked hard with his company to make it succeed. He helped it grow greatly by hiring the right people to work under him and bring all of his ideas for it to life. He has always been willing to ask questions to learn and become more innovative and that has helped Match grow.

Greg Blatt has served in many executive roles throughout his career. He got his education at two schools, Colgate University, where he studied economics, English language, and literature, and Columbia Law School, where he got his law degree.

He has served in role a role as an executive vice president, CEO, and more, for the various companies that he has worked for over the years. He previously worked in law and before, he that was a bartender and worked in some random positions while he tried to figure out his career path.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Helped His Company Grow And Get Awarded

Sheldon Lavin has put a lot of work into OSI and making it as sustainable as possible and his company has received awards for his efforts. It was given the Globe of Honour award for is great management of environmental risks. The award was only given to seventeen other organizations in 2016 and it was a special thing for OSI to receive it. The company also received the North American Meat Institute award for the innovative way that it has dealt with lowering its environmental impact. It received this award in 2018. Another award that it was received was the Global Visionary Award, which it was given in 2016 because of the hard work that Sheldon Lavin had put into the company and making all of his goals come to be. Learn More about Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin started working for OSI, which was then known as Otto & Sons, in the 1970s. He was an investment consultant at that time but in the mid-1970s, he was asked to become a partner of the company. He pushed the company hard in his first few years with it and expanded it to open a new facility outside of the Chicago area, where it is based, and then outside of the country.

Sheldon Lavin helped OSI to become well-known around the globe. It served McDonald’s and was doing well with that partnership but he wanted more opportunities for growth beyond what it could do with the fast-food company. Sheldon Lavin has helped it to grow so much that it has become one of the largest food producers in the world and was rated as number 58 on the list of largest private companies that had sales of $6.1 billion in 2016. OSI has become involved in many joint ventures and is active in countries such as Mexico and Austria.


Philanthropist Niranjan Shah gives to Sen. Hillary 2016 Presidential Campaign

As time draws near to the 2016 election, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has positioned herself to be the next democratic nominee. In order to kickoff the start of Senator Clinton’s potential candidacy, there is a high dollar fundraiser being held with a lot of political giants and donors. Some of these donors have been a part of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012. The event dubbed “Ready for Hillary,” is scheduled to be held in state of Illinois Sen. Dick Durban, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D), and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are the guests that will be scheduled to headline the prestigious event on June 5th, to be held at to be held at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush, a steakhouse by the Magnificent Mile.

As the event approaches, this marks a very pivotal time as Clinton begins to gain support as a member of Barack Obama’s cabinet. There are many prominent figures that will be associated with the event that comes at a price tag at $1000 per person. A lot of staff members from Obama’s political party are helping to push the event. Some of these staffers include Kevin Conlon, a top Chicago-based political strategist and Obama fundraiser; Wendy Abrams, a leading environmental activist; Lou and Susan Manilow, prominent arts philanthropists and Democratic donors; and, Niranjan Shah, a Democratic donor who runs an architectural firm. Shah is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. His corporation is responsible for helping clients discover who is your strongest connection to your target people or organizations.

While this event has already mad history, a lot of supporters for the Ready for Hillary’s fundraiser are excited to be apart of this event and help to support her on her journey as she embarks on becoming the first female president.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: A Typical Day In The Office

Based on an article relating to his life, Bhanu Choudhrie, who is the investor and founder of C&C Alpha Group, speaks on what his typical day is like and how he makes his days very productive. He wakes up just right before Seven o’clock in the morning.

The first thing he does once he wakes up is to check his emails and check out recent news. Some mornings, he will watch TV and learn the global gains in the financial world, while he checks out business strategies on CNN and Bloomberg. Regardless if he is traveling from one place to another or if he has a scheduled breakfast meeting, Bhanu Choudhrie goes to his main office and begins his work between 9:30 am and 10:30 am.

While he is working, he is mostly involved in several business meetings and conference calls. His meetings and calls focus on either issues in various businesses, discuss the company’s strategic development, or comes up with new long-term plans.

Of course, he will have time off for lunch. However, there are times when he will still discuss business with his partners while on his breaks. When it comes to finishing up work for the day, he leaves his office at 6pm sharp. He believes that it is very important to dismiss yourself from home at the same time every day because it could affect your creative thinking skills.

After he is done working, the investor is involved with several exercises that involve either boxing, going for a swim, or just getting a workout in at the weight room. His plans for exercise is based on how he feels for the day. After he is done with his exercises, he double-checks his emails and works calls before he heads for dinner.

Once he is on the verge of calling it a night, he will take some time to either watch a movie or read one of the books that he collects. This concludes how Bhanu Choudhrie makes his day productive on a regular basis. It may seem like a busy routine day for a man like him, but it sounds pretty simple if you ask me.

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