Sharon Prince is Transforming Grace Farms into an Oasis of Peace and Pleasure

With its peaceful sceneries of rolling vistas, interesting natural spectacles at every turn, and beautiful backgrounds of nature’s gifts, the Grace Farms offer an unbelievable natural experience. Occupying more than 80 acres of conserved natural lands, the state-of-the-art cultural haven purposes to stir considerate introspection, informative conversations, attain unpredicted outcomes, and create a sense of togetherness among people of different backgrounds. A team of competent staff at Grace Farms generates opportunities for education, activity, motivation, and community involvement. One of the highly anticipated annual events within Grace Farms is Earth Day. This year’s fast approaching event will sum up the significance of restoring wilderness, establishing conducive environments for wildlife to flourish, and preserving ecosystems and infrastructures required to help native species go back to their formerly abandoned homes.

In this year’s Earth Day, Grace Farms will collaborate with The Nature Conservancy to organize expert-led debates and insightful sessions, family-oriented activities, and other unique programming tailored to celebrate Earth Day. Visitors will enjoy all these special adventures on April 27, 201, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Earth Day has metamorphosed into a yearly tradition at Grace Farms respected by all visitors as well as staffs.

Sharon Prince in Brief

Sharon Prince is the president and chairperson of a private operating foundation called Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation began its operations in 2009 and leverages engagement with community, nature, justice, faith, and arts to improve lives. Ms. Prince steered the dream of Grace Farms, a new form of public space shared by not only individuals but also non-profit entities, and she contracted SANAA to design its complementary River building. Grace Farms opened in October 2015, and since then, it has transformed into a place where peace and grace converge. It has bagged many accolades for contributions to environmental sustainability, architecture, and social good.

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Edwin Miranda and His KOI IXS Company

Edwin Miranda is the man behind the inception of KOI IXS Company. This company is a full-service agency aimed at increased performance. The company is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The primary purpose of this company is to meet all the marketing needs of its clients concerning research and performance tested results. This company, therefore, is a marketing firm operating on data collection, in-depth research techniques to make the clients on the top of their competitors. This company can create the best marketing platform to meet the targeted audience by the client.

Edwin Miranda serves as the founder and CEO of this company he founded when he was only 21 years and has grown the company for some time now. He has achieved all these because he has employed the best time with a highly talented team with creative, marketing, designing skills and those with stratification skills.

This company offers several services aimed at the digital ecosystem, performance and optimization and innovation, and strategy categories. Each category has sub-services that clients have to pick the ones that fit their desires. Through teamwork, therefore, the team under Edwin Miranda has moved several milestones and made the brand trustworthy.

His advice to the other entrepreneurs

According to Edwin Miranda, for a person to succeed, they must pursue their dreams. They should also possess the right skills to perform the desired tasks then surround themselves with the right people, skilled and creative ready to change the world. He also tells them not to be thwarted by the impending or existing challenges but to move on.

The managers should also work together with the team under them to bring ideas to life. They can only achieve this by impressing everybody in the team and regarding them equal. They should be outward focused in their endeavors.

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Equities First Holdings Australia – Offers High-Quality Financial Services

Equities First Holdings have received worldwide fame due to the range of financial services it provides, especially the securities-based loans. The securities based loans can be highly helpful for enterprises that are struggling to get a loan from a bank. The bank loans are available for sure, but it has stringent eligibility criteria, and if you do not meet it, it would be difficult for you to get the loan. However, if you own visibly traded stocks, Equities First Holdings would provide you the loan you need. These loans are very useful if you need a loan fast and for a short period of time. You no longer have to wait for long to get the loan amount in your bank.

Equities First Holdings have offices in many different cities across the world that holds commercial importance. In Australia, there are offices in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. It has made it easier for the residents and companies in Australia to get access to securities-based loans with ease. If you are looking for some cash inflow in your business, but don’t want to wait in the long queues at the bank or have a poor credit score and find it difficult to get the conventional loans, rest assured Equities First Holdings would come to your rescue.

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Article Title: How Richard Liu Qiangdong Built A Hugely Successful Company In China

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese entrepreneur who is well-known on the internet for his strong personality and wealth. He founded and is its Chief Executive Officer. His company has been called the “Amazon of China” as it sells a huge variety of products online. His company started as a small business in Beijing in 1998 and now has a market cap of roughly $44 billion.

He is a graduate of Renmin University where he studied sociology. He also attended the China Europe International Business School where he earned his EMBA. After briefly working for Japan Life, Richard Liu launched his own business that sold electronics. This company was named Jingdong. When he took his company online in response to the SARS epidemic that swept China, he renamed it to reflect its shift to an e-commerce firm.

By 2005, Richard Liu Qiangdong had closed all of his company’s physical locations since the online site was doing so well. He established this company with the mission of being able to provide products to customers at any time and from anywhere. Richard Liu Qiangdong spent a lot of resources making the user experience on a high-quality experience.

He also focused on his company’s logistics network. Today, Richard Liu’s company can ship products to anybody almost anywhere in China. His company offers same day and next day delivery service. This is made possible in urban areas through the use of both human and robot delivery systems. In rural areas, his company uses its fleet of drones to deliver things.

He has offered many products on that hadn’t been available to Chinese consumers before over the years. Richard Liu Qiangdong introduced many high-end luxury goods in China, for instance. Fake products are a big issue in China. His company only sells authentic products which is one of the reasons it is able to sell luxury goods.

His company became traded on the NASDAQ in 2014, the first Chinese company to do so. Several prominent investors bought large numbers of shares in such as Google and Walmart. Richard Liu is now looking to expand into Thailand and Europe in order to further drive the reach of

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Article Title: Wes Edens: Former Skier Turned Business Owner Of The Bucks

Article Text:

Wes Edens is proud to be a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. Because of how well he knows business, the Bucks have seen tremendous numbers in their field of work. They haven’t stopped scoring and winning. Wes Edens is backing them up.

Recently, the businessman has set his eyes on international goals. Wes has always been able to admit that he loves sports. As a result of his love for the games, he contributes to them. In other words, Wes Edens loves more than just basketball.

Edens has been introduced to soccer. Today, the owner loves to travel around the globe and participate in one on one interviews to talk to other business owners about networking and achieving goals. As a result of his efforts, he has continued to be able to work with former professional basketball players as well.

Edens knows that great opportunities spring-forth whenever he’s working with his closest friends. You can find him actively socializing on Twitter and Facebook. The game of basketball has always been a thrill for this former athlete. He was known as one of the best skiers in his prime.

In spite of what the Media says, Wes Edens will never “put all of his eggs into one basket.” He will continue to strive for the best, especially since he’s learned that as a retired skier. In his early life, he graduated from Oregon State University. His degree in business administration and finance has truly paid off for him.

The Wall Street Journal has coined the phrase “knack for business” whenever Edens is the topic of discussion. It’s truly remarkable to his family and friends to know such great man. Edens knows that his upbringing has taught him how to cherish and value life as well.

Wes Edens is proud to continuing reaching for the skies. He feels that his work goes well for him. Although he may be headed for retirement, he will still be able to hold on to the dream of once owning the Bucks.

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Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold Honored with Bayan Awards

Bernardo Chua is the Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold. His origin is rooted to the Philippines, and has grown to be an international leader in the marketing industry. On the 27th of January 2015, he travelled to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. In Manila, there was an awards ceremony specifically held at Hemady Square. He attended the award giving ceremony in the company of two Organo Gold personnel. The trio received two prestigious awards, the People’s Choice Awards, on behalf of the brand, Organo Gold. On a personal level, Bernardo Chua received three awards known on the Philippines as Dangal ng Bayan Awards.

See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

Organo Gold is a firm that is based on providing coffee and related products. These products contain a mushroom as an ingredient, Ganoderma Lucidium. Ganoderma Lucidium is a mushroom rich in antioxidants and has legendary been used for centuries as a form of medication by the Chinese. Organo Gold was founded in 2008. Organo Gold has grown to be an internationally recognized firm. Chosen by the people of his home country, the Philippines, Organo Gold was honored with two People’s Choice Awards: People’s Choice Award for being the Leading Global Network Advertising Firm and another People’s Choice Award for being the Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee.

Organo Gold is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a company that is based on selling coffee and other certified Ganoderma Lucidium organic products. Organo Gold’s products that contain Ganoderma Lucidium include their renowned coffee, tea, personal care items and nutraceuticals. The company has a distribution network through it supplies its consumers with their products. Their coffee is distributed by Coffee Connoisseur Club that is located in both the United States and Canada. Organo Gold is an independent equity firm that operates in more than 35 countries globally. Read more:

Isabel dos Santos Makes Her Way Back To Unitel After Ouster

Over the past few months, Unitel has faced a significant amount of civil lawsuits from several investors. This has chiefly been because investors felt that dividends on the company’s profits weren’t being paid out appropriately; a recent court ruling also found this to be true and ruled in favor of investors. Because of this, investor confidence in upper management has naturally been low. With that in mind, there have been a number of significant changes in the company within the past few months. Chief among these has been Isabel dos Santos being placed on the company’s board, two years after being replaced as President by Joao Lourenco in 2017.

However, the African billionaire’s family still had a 25% stake in the company, so she still had some input into the business, albeit minimally. Having said that, Joao Lourenco tried to reduce this controlling interest as much as possible, although this wasn’t too significant. Isabel dos Santos being named a member of the board isn’t the only recent shakeup at Unitel’s upper management; three other members were brought onto the board at the same time as dos Santos. On top of this, Miguel Geraldes has been confirmed as the replacement of Antony Dolton as general director of the company. Having said that, Isabel dos Santos and the other board members won’t be taking their positions until May 6.

This is because there has been somewhat of a transition period between Isabel dos Santos and the other board members and those that they’re replacing. However, when they do take their positions, they’re set to vote on a new chairperson; so far, there has been no indication as to who this may be. Dos Santos has been well known in the business world in Africa for the past few decades. As the daughter of former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, she was able to grow her fortune over his forty-year presidency. Through this time, Isabel dos Santos has created a diverse portfolio of businesses across a wide range of industries. Chief among these have been media, retail, finance, and energy; furthermore, these companies have spanned both Africa and Portugal.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Secrets Behind My Success In Business

Article Text:

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the business mind behind the immense success of His visionary leadership and acute business acumen have enabled the e-commerce retailer to bounce from a small startup into a major player in the industry. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Richard Liu has dedicated his best time to ensure that the company has a global presence.

From its inception in 2004 as a small online shop with just a few products to offer, is now a one-stop destination for shoppers across the world. The company’s online shop offers a wide range of products including fresh foods, toys, computers and accessories, cosmetics, electronics, movies, apparel, and other fast moving consumer goods.

Apart from offering wide range of products, Jingdong has also spread its tentacles throughout the world. The company has a substantial presence in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam among other countries. Additionally, the company has also experienced notable growth in terms of revenue. According to a recent Forbes’ release, is worth $57.6 billion. The Chief Executive Officer, Richard Liu Qiangdong is worth $7.3 billion.

During the recently held World Economic Forum, Richard Liu shared the secrets behind the rapid growth and development of Jingdong. According to the business guru, one of the factors that have enabled his company to leapfrog others in the sector is a robust logistics system. Liu noted that time is of great essence to clients. With this knowledge at hand, has invested heavily in logistics, making it possible to accomplish customer deliveries within a day of purchase.

Through JD Logistics, a subsidiary of, Richard Liu has managed to establish an elaborate and seamless supply chain network. JD Logistics offers supply chain support to JD Business through transportation, warehousing, sorting of orders, loading, and delivery of orders to the client’s doorstep.

Richard Liu also pointed to investment in technology as another secret behind the success of his online retail business. For instance, through JD Logistics, Richard Liu has employed technology to hand billions of tasks every week. The company operates unmanned robotic vehicles, sorting centers, drone deliveries, and other technologies to make online shopping great fun.

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Article Title: How Is Involved In Corporate Social Responsibility

Article Text:

Giving back to the community is considered as an important gesture that may play a vital role in the success of a company or an individual. This explains why companies are required to adhere to corporate social responsibility. Jingdong, as an e-commerce company is not only involved in profit making activities. The company has been involved in environmental protection, helping the needy in the society, and helping rural farmers in China among other corporate social responsibilities.

The world is dealing with devastating effects of climate change such as cyclones, drought, and flooding. With such problems affecting the world, has been heavily involved in environmental protection strategies. One of the strategies that the company has been using is giving its customers recyclable packaging bags. This means that the customers can use the same bag for shopping several times, which reduces the level of polythene papers on the surroundings.

Jingdong has also been using advanced vehicles that don’t emit harmful gases to the atmosphere. It is important to highlight that delivery vehicles significantly pollute the air through harmful emissions. However, has been using cars that convert fuel into water and hydrogen, which means very little gas, is released into the atmosphere. The company has also been delivering its products to the customers using unmanned drones, which has significantly reduced traffic congestion.

Over the last few years, Jingdong has been involved in a strategic plan that is focused on helping needy people in the society. The company has been collecting clothes from willing families and learning institutions so that all those clothes can be donated to orphans and other people who need assistance. has gone ahead to establish collection points around the country where it encourages people to donate anything they would wish to give to the needy people.

In another unprecedented act of philanthropy, Jingdong has been helping farmers in rural China so that they can increase their product yield and also enhance the quality of their harvests. The company has been urging farmers to use drones to control crop pest and diseases, which is cheap and less time consuming.

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Alec Sellem Discusses Africa And His Business

Alec Sellem is the founder of Sellem Industries. This company is involved in gold mining and refining on the continent of Africa. Mr. Sellem was born in France. He received his education in the nation of Switzerland, but he was also able to spend a considerable amount of time in Africa during his youth. One of Alec Sellem’s first experiences in Africa occurred while he was in boarding school. His school was working on a charitable program in the nation of Mali. This trip put a love of Africa into the heart of Alec Sellem, and he has visited most African countries at this point.

Sellem Industries is different than many other companies involved in the gold mining business. Alec Sellem has his company set up in such a way that the mining and the refining process is handled right at his African base of operations in Sierra Leone. Alec Sellem has developed a system whereby his company is involved in assisting the local community. The company helps with infrastructure and schools. The company provides employment for a number of people.

Alec Sellem views business success in a number of different ways. Profits are certainly important. However, Mr. Sellem is also concerned about the long-term growth of his business. He isn’t just interested in short-term profits. He wants to work with people and their local governments so that his business can carry on long into the future.

Currently, Alec Sellem divides his time between his family who reside in England and his business ventures in Africa. While he is with his family, he spends time with them interacting and being as much of a part of their lives as possible. While in Africa, his time is totally consumed with leading Sellem Industries into the future.

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