What Do We Know About Ashley Lightspeed?

Ashley Lightspeed’s extensive career began after she graduated from Duke, having traveled and studied abroad in Copenhagen. The daughter of an architect, she herself aspired to be an architect like her father and sketched building designs and prototypes throughout her collegiate career and teen years. Something that would inspire her outlook on business in the future. Ashley Lightspeed began working with Bain, the global management and consulting firm. There, she wanted to do more operational work and wanted to explore the realm of tech in places like Silicon Valley; a place where innovation and trends are shaped by the future that hasn’t yet happened. Eventually, she would leave Bain to work for Thumbtack, where she was a category manager for the “Weddings & Events” category of the website, which helps to pair local people with professionals in their area. It was during her time with Thumbtack that she started to see her vision and mantra more clearly. Prototyping as a way to design and sculpt the future; a way to innovate faster and better, much in the way an architect creates blueprints for future buildings. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Techcrunch.com

At a fundraising event with Thumbtack, Ashley got a glimpse into the world of venture capital, which is all about future trends and growth. She left Thumbtack and attended Stanford GSB while running a few small business to financially support herself before becoming a member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Here, she keeps an eye on consumer trends and helps businesses and entrepreneurs innovate based on where the market lies and where consumers are going. Ashley Lightspeed aspired to be an architect and now she makes blueprints for companies to help design and build their futures. Her goal is to help businesses innovate rapidly and to allow their leaders live healthier and more inspired lives.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20888573-ashley-brasier

What Works In The Real Estate Business

Are you searching for a way to get into the real estate business? Do you want to consult a professional team that comes highly recommended in the real estate industry? Perhaps you are aware that JHSF is a highly reputable firm and has well-qualified real estate professionals.

Jose Auriemo is one of the leading real estate developers out there. For many years, Jose Auriemo provided real estate services to clients and is well known in the industry.

Property development can be highly profitable for firms that do it right. In Brazil, JHSF is considered one of the most successful firms in the industry. It is important that developers do their best to get a good understanding of the process.

JHSF has built a highly talented team of real estate professionals. Jose Auriemo manages the projects at JHSF and skillfully lead these experts to develop a successful outcome, which means these professionals need to be proactive.

The professionals at JHSF are also creative, flexible and have the skills to face the challenges that show up during the development process. They work hard, have patience, and stay focused on their goal.

Real estate is a highly lucrative industry and many people amass their fortune in this industry. Successful entrepreneurs and real estate professionals like Jose Auriemo know that it’s important to follow proven strategies to reach their goal.

As an experienced real estate professional, Jose Auriemo has access to the right resources and systems that enable him to work efficiently and achieve the desired outcome. Real estate projects, particularly property development can be extremely complex and require highly knowledgeable professionals.

Jose Auriemo knows that unnecessary delays should be avoided at all costs. He has excellent problem-solving skills and works together with the team at JHSF to avoid costly construction delays. He is the type of developer who can find the various hot-spots and visualize what he can do with it.

Jose Auriemo knows that when negotiating a deal, sometimes he needs to think outside the box to meet the needs of all parties.

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Betterworks Is Helping Companies Grow

A lot of employees do not like when their employers make them go through reviews of their performance. Usually employers make their employees complete these types of reviews at least once a year. These reviews help employers make sure that their employees have a healthier workplace to work in. It helps them to find the problems within the work field so that they can focus on these problems and work hard to fix them.

Employee performance reviews are very important because they help keep leadership and motivation within the company. The reviews help to make sure that the employers are not being bias to any employees. There are many different types of biases that come into play when it comes to the work field. These include recency bias, halo effect, and gender bias. Recency bias has to do with employees having achievements or failures within the workplace. Halo effect helps employers focus on the behaviors of employees. Gender bias is just as it sounds criticizing someone over their gender.

By removing biases from the workplace things will run smoother. There will be less tension between employees. Performance reviews help out a lot within job sites. The feedback helps employers pick people to lead the company shifts and so much more.

Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management program. It helps employers set goals and be able to reach them. It gives them feedback from things like performance reviews in real time so that they do not have to wait a long time to be able to review their employees results. It helps to organize the results from the performance surveys.

Betterworks is helping companies move forward with their business. They are helping companies to run more smoothly. Betterworks is quickly growing and advancing. They are going to be around for a very long time and there is no telling just how far they are going to go.

Download the Betterworks App – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/betterworks/id1232326234

Betterworks Helping Companies Advance Their Future


Betterworks is a company that was started in the year 2013. Betterworks was started with the hopes of allowing people a way to make their companies more productive in their work, allow them to make more money, and help them to run in an easier way. Betterworks keeps up with a lot of the data that it takes to run a company on a daily basis.

Betterworks has a lot of different things that will help people out no matter what they are trying to do. The software that they use is very heavy duty. There are features that you can use to make sure that you and your team stay on the right track to complete all of your projects. Betterworks tries to keep everything that you are doing as simple as they possibly can.

A lot of other programs that are available like Betterworks are very expensive and this is why people do not like to use them. Betterworks always tries to give people the very best price that they can. They want their products to be affordable and easy for people to use.

Download the Betterworks App – https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/betterworks/

Betterworks is still pretty new to the business but they have been working very hard to make sure that they get off of the ground and running in a very successful way. Betterworks is going to be a company that is going to be a huge hit and they are going to stick around for many more years into the future.

Investing with TJ Maloney and Lincolnshire Management

TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm with headquarters in New York City and with three regional offices. The firm was founded in 1986 by businessmen Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. Over the last 26 years the firm has invested in over 70 acquisitions. TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993 and became the firm’s President in 1998. Throughout the years, the company has raised nearly $1.7 billion dollars in equity funds.

 TJ Maloney had previous experience in merger, acquisition and securities before working with Lincolnshire Management. He also worked with his family’s business which involved engineering, manufacturing and sales. Graduating from Fordham’s School of Law with a JD gave him the experiences he needed to succeed. With such success and dedication, those experiences also has given him opportunities to elevate with the firm. TJ Maloney was so grateful for the lessons and experiences that he learned from the law school, that he and wife Nancy Maloney gave a $5 million dollar gift to the school to open up the TJ and Nancy Maloney Library. In 2007 Maloney received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. The award was presented by the school.

The inspiration to endow on opening up a library comes about because of the love Maloney has for reading. He and Nancy both enjoy the habit. In recent news, the firm has expanded its company’s board with four new members. One reason for the hires is to invest in growing market companies. With different ideas and aspects, each new member brings something extremely valuable to the table. Lincolnshire Management has really been successful in investing in many industries. Lincolnshire Management was ranked as the 5th top performing equity firm in the industry. Both TJ Maloney and the firm are continuing to be great investing partners.


The Heart of José Auriemo Neto’s Priorities with JHSF

José Auriemo Neto has believed throughout the entirety of his life that the importance of someone’s character is more than just their annual salary. Unfortunately, he believes that many of his contemporaries in the Brazilian real estate industry do not have the same value for human life, and this troubles him greatly as a businessman who is focused on progressive values.

However, he does whatever he believes he is capable of in order to ensure that values are kept whole throughout the course of his business. Everyone he hires is guaranteed to have a driving passion to move forward within the business industry, because José Auriemo Neto would not accept anything less within JHSF, the crowning accomplishment of his life’s work.

JHSF is one of the most influential companies the current state of Brazilian real estate has operating, and it is for this reason that José Auriemo Neto has become such a publicly-acclaimed figure. He is simply compelling as an individual, sure, but he is also a genius in his own regard. His natural intuition for business cannot be denied, and he is likely to change the world in the future with all the developments to the world he plans on making.

Of course, these are simply plans until José Auriemo Neto finds a genuine way to secure them as possibilities. He believes that figuring out a way to carry out your dreams is an important part of life, but at the same time, many people tend to do so in unhealthy ways. Dedicating yourself to something that you do not believe you have a future in doing is often one of the most difficult things to face as a human being, and many people feel this way about the state of their careers. Those involved at JHSF, however, are under José Auriemo Neto’s guidance, and he would not let his employees sink to such a mood.

It is for this reason that he exercises so much compassion towards his employees. He believes that to not do so would almost be a sacrilege; one’s employees should always lie at the heart of their priorities.

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OSI Food Solutions: The Food Industry’s Most Innovative Food Processor

OSI Food Solution has grown into one of the most efficient food providers in the world. This American-based food giant is estimated to generating more than $6 billionper year. Since 2011, the company’s revenue has consistently increased. OSI Food Solutions wasn’t always the powerhouse that it is today. The company started out as a neighborhood meat market in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. Since business and profits were so good, the company relocated to a larger facility in Maywood, Illinois. This is when food wholesale became OSI’s main generator of wealth.

Meeting the demands of the public is what this food giant does best. OSI Food Solutions can provide a list of services to ease the logistical process for its clients. This includes handling processing, development, distribution and sourcing. In addition to that, the company is now a marquee custom-food producer. If a client has an idea about a new food product, OSI’s R&D specialists can potentially turn it into a reality. These specialists have been thoroughly trained in global cuisines. By taking the clients precise instructions, these food specialists can definitely work wonders to the highest degree, and the client will be involved through the entire process.

The total amount of food that OSI Food Solutions produces is quite enormous. Metric tons of ingredients are harvested every year. The company produces and sells beef patties, hot dogs, marinades, turkey products, panini, pizza, Tofu, flatbread, tomatoes, lettuce, pasta, chili, soups, beans, cooked sausage links, fresh dough products, chicken wings, meatloaf, steak, chicken nuggets and many others. The options are nearly endless. OSI Food Solutions is the epitome of what a modern-day food processor truly is.

For More info: osigroup.jobs.net/

Bhanu Choudhrie Continues To Cement In His Legacy As He Makes All Of The Right Business Moves

Bhanu Choudhrie continues to catch people’s attention as one of the leading businessmen who serves multiple business sectors. He was born in India but studied in the UK where he eventually created his own company. He is the founder of C&C Alpha Group and has built a reliable team who he counts on every day. He feels that it is highly important to invest in a strong leadership team and attributes his willingness to do so as the reason for his many successful investments.

Bhanu Choudhrie was honored at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards when he was selected as the Top Asian Entrepreneur of the year in 2008. He has been recognized many other times for his ability to create wealth but is still a very humble entrepreneurs. C&C Alpha Group is located in London, but it has offices in India, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. His company is a global private equity firm that watches over venture capital investments.

Bhanu Choudhrie has ensured that the portfolio of C&C Alpha Group is a diverse one that includes investments in many different industries. His firm has invested in the real estate industry, banking industry, hospitality industry, and many others. Even though his company has been around for many years, he has kept it a family business. His father and brother work within the company, and his father has won quite a few awards of his own. A large part of the focus of his company is to expand companies who need the help and to help develop startups or companies that are in their earlier phases of growth.

Bhanu Choudhrie enjoys taking part in multiple industries and enjoys working with all of the diverse companies he helps. One of the things he likes the most is meeting a variety of people at all of the events he attends. Instead of just investing in companies, he likes to become a partner, and he generally likes to work with established companies that need an influx of cash to help them get to the next level. Choudhrie is expecting great things for C&C Alpha Group in the future.

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Isabel dos Santos’s Dreams and Goals

Isabel dos Santos is known for the work she does for the local communities around her, and this is a reputation that she values very much. She knows that the importance of having a good standing in the eyes of the public with her job is quite strong, and if she does not make sure that she is maintaining such a reputation, she knows that there could be serious consequences.

As a result of this, Isabel dos Santos wants to ensure that she is acting entirely on a principle of ethics, and so far, she has been able to do this. This is why her career has grown to the height it stands at today. Her ability to speak with the public is very compelling, and as a result of this, many people are invested in the way she operates her business. It is almost as though she views the work she does as an art. If this is the case, it would make sense, because she has certainly perfected her craft within the industry. This is something that she did not ever think she would be confronted with as a businesswoman, but after so many years of working in the field, she has noticed that she is finally reaching a point where she is confident in her abilities, and this is something she cannot take for granted.

To put it simply, there have always been issues in her past with telling herself that her value in the world was strong, and the fact that Isabel dos Santos has been able to change the world for the better in such a significant way is the reason that she feels so responsible for the way in which the world of business is operated today. She does not have to take on this responsibility, but she feels that when she does this, she opens herself up to becoming close with the businesses that surround her, and it is this kind of strong connection she wants to have with other businesses in the industry. To put it simply, Isabel dos Santos is one of the most influential figures in Angola for a reason.

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Betterworks, never losing sight of your team goals, and ensuring OKR success.


Betterworks helps getting objectives and key results techniques, or (OKR) by improving interaction between managers and team players as a continuous performance management solution.

Good management begins with team planning by setting priorities for strategic development. By clearly explaining the game plan to your team and scheduling time with each team member you can complete target objectives.

As a manager, you monitor progress. Multiple ways of checking teamwork mean you understand development, communication and handling of project risk at a glance to guide a team to success, while avoiding micromanagement of team players.

Success is categorized by

1. A weekly review or checklist to ensure team workload completion.

2. The sorted list view or custom save filter functions in Betterworks.

3. Notifications and alerts, which lets you view and update the objectives of your team through email.

With all your objectives confirmed, you’re now ready to observe their progress. As a manager, you provide helpful direction to your team, asking how you can help and pointing out areas where they’re successful or where they need improvement.


Finally, giving commendation and recognition, by helping your team players to feel inspired and connected to the company. Team players who have a strong connection to the company are pillars in its future strength and prosperity.

Betterworks strives to improve the way employees and managers interact by providing tools to make companies more productive. By tracking performance and implementing design templates Betterworks is helping managers become more effective through motivation, and encouragement of its team members.

Download the Betterworks App –https://apps.apple.com/us/app/betterworks/id1232326234