OSI Food Solutions Purchases Another Food Packing Company

OSI Food Solutions Purchases Another Food Packing Company

For decades, OSI has been the largest food solutions company in the world. Originally founded as a small meat market by a German immigrant in Chicago, IL, OSI Food Solutions is now a global food juggernaut operating in more than 15 countries.

One of its most recent acquisitions is the Rose Packing Co., Inc. in Barrington, IL. Rose Packing has been in the industry nearly as long as OSI and specializes in pork products. Though the financial terms of the deal were never made public, many speculated in the following weeks after the announcement was made.

OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909; Rose Packing was founded in 1924, and both were founded in family neighborhoods in Chicago. Over the years, OSI Food Solutions grew exponentially larger than Rose thanks to its personal and professional connections to McDonald’s, but Rose Packing earned its own reputation in the Midwest.

At the start of the acquisition, Rose has over 700 employees and produced some of the finest pork products in the region. The company offered some of the highest-quality Canadian bacon, hams, ethnic sausages, Guinness beer brats, breakfast sausages, meatballs, burgers patties, loins, chops, ribs, boneless turkey, and pork shoulder; not to mention the dozen or so pizza and salad toppings.

OSI North America Senior Executive Vice President Kevin Scott recently talked about how excited he is that the two longtime companies will finally join together. From a strategic standpoint, adding Rose Packing to OSI Food Solutions’ existing business will allow the company to provide new processing capabilities.

When it comes to acquiring such a longstanding company, it’s important to make sure to have the right people in charge of the transition period. For that reason, CEO of Rose Packing Dwight Stiehl and other members of the management team will stay on throughout the sensitive transition.

Like Scott, Stiehl is excited that the two companies are finally working together. Combined, they have over two centuries of experience. Learn More: https://ruhrgebietjobs.de/arbeitgeber/osi-food-solutions-germany-gmbh-38661

USHEALTH Group Shares Fun Facts About The Human Brain

Most people don’t often think of their brains but it’s the most amazing organ in the body. Every thought and feeling we have occurs in the brain, pain in the body is registered by the brain, and simple things like reading a book entirely rely on it. People have been studying the brain for thousands of years, although for most of those years researchers had no idea what they were looking at.

USHEALTH Group released an article to share just how awe-inspiring our brains are. In 1993, an organization was founded just to research and celebrate it. This is the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. It is now a global organization that has more than 600 members. Their goal is to spread information about this organ in a way that regular people can understand.

This organization hosts events throughout the year. Among their events in the United States are the New York City Regional Brain Bee Competition and Cognitive Fitness at Work. Their biggest annual events take place during Brain Awareness Week. This annual event was established in 1996 and now thousands of organizations are taking part. The events are held in 44 U.S. states and 42 other nations.

Check out USHealth Group on Youtube channel.

Each organization recognizes Brain Awareness Week in their own way. This can include social media campaigns, library displays, open-houses at neuroscience labs, and workshops held at universities, among other events.

USHEALTH Group shared some fun facts about the human brain. For example, it weighs just three pounds on average. 75% of this weight is water. This explains why keeping hydrated is so important for brain health. By the time an infant has reached age one, their brains have tripled in size. It grows until the teenage years and then starts to shrink later in life.

There is evidence that as far back as the Stone Age people were attempting to perform brain surgery. When the Egyptians would prepare a body to be mummified, they pulled the person’s brain out through their nose.

About 20% of the blood and oxygen in the body is used by the brain. It contains around 100 billion neurons. Signals between these neurons can occur at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.

It is commonly thought that people only use 10% of their brains. This isn’t true at all. Even when someone is sleeping, the brain is using 10% of its size. Most of the brain is used at some point every day.

Read More: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/us-health-group

Karen And Brian Salle Are having A Positive Impact On Their Portion Of North Carolina

The Salle family is well known in their region of North Carolina fro bringing high-quality skills and experience to whichever business sector they choose, particularly real estate and internet-based marketing.

Karen and Brian Salle have not only looked at the different ways they can improve their own business opportunities, but they have sought to make sure the local community also benefits. Karen Salle has focused the majority of her efforts on the North Carolina markets while Brian Salle has been willing to bring his skills to a range of different companies.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Salle family has been their willingness to open up their work in Southern Avery County, North Carolina to members of the local community. As real estate professionals, Karen and Brian Salle understand how important access to the latest technologies is to the residents of any new development.

The Blackpoint at Linville Falls development owned and managed by Karen Salle is located in a slow internet area that has limited the business and leisure opportunities of the local community. Understanding their own real estate development will benefit from an upgrade to broadband speeds, Southern Avery County is now getting a major internet speed boost.

The Salle family has invested over $300,000 in the internet upgrades along the IP SkyLine/SkyBest. It is not a doubt that the Salle family would look to innovate to improve their own prospects and those of the local community. Brian Salle has already made a career of this with his decision to establish the internet marketing company, The Salle Group that filled a gap he identified based on his own SEO experiences.

Follow Karen Salle on Twitter – https://twitter.com/karensalle?lang=en

Follow Brian Salle on Twitter – https://twitter.com/brian_salle

Does Jason Colodne Really Know Harrison Ford?

For many Hollywood movie producers, getting a big-name actor to appear in their movie is only a dream. But for those who persevere and gain a reputation within industry circles as producers who have the Midas touch, it becomes more and more common for their projects to be sought out by some of Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses. In the case of Jason Colodne, his career as a financial services entrepreneur and Hollywood movie producer have intertwined in many ways. Best of all, he has made many great friends over the years, including Harrison Ford.

Producing such Hollywood hits as Act of Valor, Earth to Echo, and Brick Mansions, Jason Colodne has positioned himself as one of Hollywood’s most efficient and effective producers. Thus, when the film project Paranoia was being discussed, many well-known actors came up as possibilities for the leading man role. Yet when making the final decision, Jason knew Harrison Ford was the only man for the part. As luck would have it, Harrison felt the same way, and the result was yet another blockbuster hit for producer and actor. See more at imdb.com

While he has achieved high levels of fame in Hollywood, Jason Colodne actually got his start far, far away from the West Coast icon. Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Jason chose to begin his career in financial services by working with many different firms. In doing so, it allowed him to learn many facets of the business, which would go on to serve him well in the coming years.

In 2009, after working for others at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, Jason Colodne decided the time was right for him to begin life anew as an entrepreneur. Thus, with his partners and an incredible amount of motivation, he co-founded and became a managing partner of Colbeck Capital Management. With his new company, Jason became involved in many of the day-to-day operations, but eventually began to focus mostly on portfolio management, investment analysis transactions, and documentation of investment strategies.

Now that he has achieved tremendous success as an entrepreneur and movie producer, more people than ever are wanting to know just how Jason was able to do so much in such a short period of time. Thus, he is always finding himself giving speeches and informal talks to various business organizations around the United States. Whether speaking to enthusiastic college students, prospective entrepreneurs, or other groups, Jason always brings a level of enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience that is impossible to match.

As his success continues to build, Jason Colodne has also chose to help others who are in need in a variety of ways. For example, as a committee member of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, he not only plays a prominent role in business decisions, but also gives encouragement to families and their children. Along with his work in this organization, he also gives much time to the Centurion Foundation, which also tackles many important issues that are critical to the future success of individuals and families. Visit: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/celebrity/jason_colodne

Unroll Me – An easy way to prune your inbox

According to Lifewire.com at  Fascinating Email Facts  the average office worker in the US receives over 121 emails a day, and many business pros get over 4 times that

amount, which represents a lot of wasted time. .

One course you can be a devout deleter, but manually deleting takes time.

One way to avoid a lot of emails is to unsubscribe to the countless lists and email subscriptions out there.

But did you ever notice that it takes less than a minute to subscribe to a list but seemingly 10 minutes to unsubscribe? Then consider a free service called Unroll Me.

Unroll Me, which works with Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo and AOL Mail is an app

that scrolls through your inbox, finds all subscription mails, and allows you to delete

subscription of unwanted mails with the flick of a mouse.

Meanwhile, if you currently do enjoy a subscription, rather than them showing up within your inbox, the emails go into a special roll-up folder which provides a written

digest of all wanted but nevertheless email cluttering mails.

Using roll-up prevents a lot of distractions.

When you use Unroll Me to unsubscribe to an email list, within 24 hours, a properly formatted “request to unsubscribe” message is sent to the originator of the list, and even if by some chance the unsubscription isn’t recognized, Unroll Me’s software will

block the emails from getting into your inbox. 

And Unroll Me is reversible, you can subscibe one minute and then unsubscribe the next.

To subscribe to Unroll Me, simply go to either the Google Play or Apple App Store. 

Unroll Me isn’t the panacea for a bloated email box, as ultinately, more than 50 percent of all emails on the web are considered spam. But it’s a great start. 


BetterWorks CHRO Shares Her Passion For Continuous Performance Management®

TecHR recently published an in-depth interview with BetterWorks CHRO Diane Strohfus. Although her career choice was originally finance, she eventually wound up in HR in a position that put her around a lot of companies and leaders who were in transition periods. Her job involved working with new leaders, helping them set goals and assisting them in monitoring their progress. She said that when an opportunity to work with BetterWorks came along, she took it since the company embodied everything that she was passionate about.

Ms. Strohfus explained BetterWorks and its platform during the interview. She started by pointing out that most employers use outdated and ineffective ways of managing and tracking employee performance. This applies to leaders, managers, teams and individual workers.

BetterWorks is a Continuous Performance Management® solution that tracks productivity. With the program’s tools, managers can identify, develop and reward talent. They can help employees set actionable goals and can continually monitor their progress. This gives them the chance to encourage or correct employees quickly to prevent actions or issues from becoming long-term problems. With a design that engages and empowers employees, the program helps reduce attrition.

According to Ms. Strohfus, drawing real-time insights is far more valuable than tracking completion rates. She said that companies can boost their performance monitoring goals with BetterWorks since it is easy to implement and to use. It is designed for professionals with busy schedules and multiple tasks to complete. The reports are easy to read, and the features are easy to use.

Impossible Foods Meets Global Demand with Partner OSI Industries

The past few years have given consumers a chance at a meatless food option that tastes just like the real thing, giving rise to California startup Impossible Foods. It may seem strange that a business that pushes sustainability as part of their core mission has partnered with OSI Industries, one of the most well known meat supplies in the global food trade, but its a union that benefits them both.

Impossible Foods got popular because the press around their burger boasted a taste nearly identical to a beef patty. A plant-based option that could compete with what graced the menu of every fast food establishment made food industry want to carry it themselves. That’s a lot of demand for what was once a humble startup, so they sought out a partner.

For OSI Industries, the partnership is about looking towards the future. The management sees Impossible Foods as a company is concerned with the future of business and the environment, but they need help to see their vision in action. Impossible Foods has processing sites in both Oakland and Redwood City, and between them will be able to satisfy orders from 10,000 commercial customers by the end of 2019. OSI Industries will open up facilities that will allow that number to rise to 17,000 in the same time frame. Learn about OSI Industries and Companies at Forbes.

This partnership is how Impossible Foods will honor the many deals they’ve struck across the industry as their profile has risen in the media. Chief among them has been Burger King. Buzz around the Impossible Burger’s debut at select locations pushed the fast-food chain to make the item available in every location in the US.

Who’s behind all this demand for no-beef burgers? Young people concerned about the impact on the environment from industrial ranching and the processing of other meat, namely the production of carbon emissions. Having a food option that moves away from those issues gives them a product they’re proud to buy and promote online.

Impossible Foods also opens up a space for vegans and vegetarians in an industry that has not made enough room for them in the past. With the Impossible Burger, fast-food restaurants have the opportunity to reach out to infrequent customers in new ways.

The benefits aren’t limited to favorite burger places. Supermarkets and grocery stores will be carrying the Impossible Burger some time in September. Between OSI industries and Impossible Foods, consumers will have options on what to grill for the remainder of the summer and the fall.

Check out: http://www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

Toyo Setal Builds Major Light Oil And Petrochemical Facility In Itaborai, Rio De Janeiro

Toyo Engineering Corporation and SOG Oil & Gas are two firms that both design and build complex engineering projects. They formed a joint venture in 2012 and created Toyo Setal. This company builds onshore industrial complexes across Brazil. It has a sister company dedicated to building offshore complexes. Its two parent companies each own 50 percent of it.

The types of industries Toyo Setal builds facilities for are petrochemicals, oil and gas, mining, energy, and chemical. Since their projects are highly complex they needed to build a highly robust project management software solution. This is the EPC portal through which all of their operations are accounted for. EPC helps management and employees keep track of everything on a single online platform. Read more reviews at indeed.com

EPS led to such an increase in efficiency that it was awarded at the 2014 AVEVA World Summit. This software package was celebrated at a ceremony that took place in Berlin, Germany. The award granted was the “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration.” It was hailed as the best solution in the category “Challenges and Advances in Integrated Technology.”

Its biggest client is Petrobras, the largest oil & gas firm in Brazil. Toyo Setal has built several facilities for them with the largest one in Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro. This facility, completed in 2016, consists of two hydrogen production units and a substation, all inside the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (COMPERJ).

The work Toyo Setal performed on this project included electromechanical assembly, executive design, pre-commissioning, testing, civil works, and start-up assistance. The complex uses heavy oil produced in the Campos Basin near the South Atlantic and turns it into petrochemicals and light oil. There is a growing demand for both of these products in Brazil.

Toyo Setal was recognized for its work for Petrobras who awarded them the “Best Supplier Petrobras 2018” designation. It had exceeded expectations on an important facility, the FPSO P-74 project, which it completed almost two months ahead of schedule.

Read: https://abemi.org.br/criado-para-reforcar-a-cultura-etica-nos-negocios-programa-de-compliance-da-toyo-setal-e-considerado-referencia-no-setor/

Colbeck Capital Management Focuses On Creative Solutions

Creativity is a must in the modern world. People must be prepared to think out of the box. This thinking can apply to many fields. One area that may require the ability to think about existing systems in new ways is that of finance. Real experts in financial matters are those who can look at this industry in a different way and come up with increasingly innovative solutions that allow their clients to profit. Such is the case with Colbeck Capital Management. At this firm, they believe in looking at the world of capital in new ways. They know that doing so enables them to find possibilities that other capital management companies might miss. This kind of insight has enabled them to assume a leading role in the field.

Highly Flexible

Another area where the firm excels is in being flexible. The markets are changing constantly. What is true one week may not be true anymore the next. Any firm should be prepared to move out of set ways and into new patterns. Clients depend on a firm that understands that the world of finance never rests even for a moment. The firm’s partners also know that each client is different. Each client has entirely different requirements. They also know that each client’s needs can change over time. What worked for them at one stage in life or at one point in time may not work for them going forward. This kind of flexibility has been crucial to the company’s success in the world of finance.

Targeting Niches

Another area where the experts at Colbeck Capital Management can really move past the competition is in the ability to spot niches that may only exist for a short time. Niches exist everywhere. These kinds of specialized markets offer the ability to make a profit. Their experts are trained to locate opportunities that are only apparent to the highly trained mind that can spot things that others might miss. This allows them to act quickly. In doing so, they can gain an advantage by investing in a profitable niche before others see it.

Using Diversity

Diversification of assets is another area that the company finds extremely useful when advising their clients. It is important to avoid putting all of one’s assets in a single market. When people are able to diversify their investments, they can overcome such problems and avoid the possibility of risking their capital. Diversification thus serves as a hedge against possible loss. With help from the experts here, anyone can learn how to diversify their working capital and protect their all-important nest egg. They can show their clients how make sure that all of their investments are based on the principle of broadly investing in the world of finance. In doing so, they can help any client achieve the kind of fiscal independence they want when they are investing. Doing so can provide people with the financial freedom they’ve always wanted in life.