The developments that Boris Ivanov has brought to the oil and gas industry

The role of most directors in a company is to ensure that the daily works and targets of the venture are attended to as expected. They also have the role of monitoring what their workers do at the workplace. Besides, directors also ought to offer teachings to employees as they are the masterminds at the place. Boris Ivanov is a renowned director at the GPB Global Resources venture. He has continued to make his contributions in the company impactful to everyone. Throughout the time he joined the venture, he has always ensured that failure does not prevail in the latter as, in most cases, the blame would be directed to him.

Boris Ivanov has brought his extensive contributions to numerous fields. He served as a vice president in an aircraft company. The moves he continued taking in the sector immensely impacted the direction in which his career took. After joining the oil exploration company recently, his new role in leadership has been felt by many for the high developments and establishment of new branches in the venture.

For Boris Ivanov joining a new company is, at times, always difficult for some people. It can discourage the individual in his new role, mainly if they are not ready to handle any situation that they may face. For him, he chose to keep motsof his plans short and simple for everyone in the venture to read through them and understand quickly. Most times, he notes that when there is lack of proper coordination and clarity among all the parties in a company, more difficulties and problems may tend to affect those involved. For him, his approaches have always been in favour of everyone in the company, and they are never bound to cause any extra time consumption for anyone. Besides, Boris Ivanov has been able to maintain a high profile in his career even when other high profile leaders tend to drag their names behind. Boris Ivanov has always accepted the fate that he faces in his life. He knows that the actions which he partakes in everything determine his destiny.

Achievements of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

As a young businessman that was born in 1980, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has prospered in his career through the determinations he had always held closer to him. He is an ambitious individual that does not only live on accomplishing his destiny, but he also works harder to make his targets a reality. He ventured in the exploration of oil and gas in the pacific sea. He has earned lots of profits from the projects he handles. He has always taught many people on the benefits of making their careers meaningful. He believes that when an individual keeps achieving failures in their lives and careers, they are bound to fail forever if they do not show interest in correcting the areas that prove to be problematic to them. It is by the principles that guide him that he has always attained what is best for him. Read more on WikiVisually.

Besides, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has always preferred to eliminate the people that act as his motivation killers. As much as he understands that people are bound to give different opinions about the paths that he takes towards building his career, he knows that individuals that do not show him support in the correct choices that he makes are never good friends. His attitude has enabled him to choose his best friends for himself. He does not spend moments with individuals that do not bring any positive impacts in his career and life. To him, friendship would always be about helping each other grow personally and career-wise. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has always given such advice to people that show a sense of rejection from other people.

Additionally, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has identified greater ways of promoting a productive company to a higher level. To him, modification of resources, as well as the process of gamification, enables him to increase the psych of his employees. Through making reports, giving incentives, and eliminating burn out factors, he has realized that he can make everyone happy and motivated to work harder for the success of his company. From the past years that he has been giving contributions in terms of ideas to people, he has realized that productivity majorly lays in the hands of his worker’s efforts.



Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Explains How He Built OSI Group Into A Multinational Firm

Sheldon Lavin is a highly successful Chicago businessman. He is the owner and chief executive officer of OSI Group. He was an independent financial consultant focused on companies in the food industry when one client, Otto & Sons, ended up changing his life. Learn More about Lavin at

He became a consultant because he wanted to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. He focused on companies in the food and consumer products industries. Sheldon Lavin says he was nervous about his skills when he started as a consultant but once he experienced success those feelings disappeared.

When he was hired by Otto & Sons as a consultant it was a small food company that was looking to expand. However, they needed money to do so. Sheldon Lavin thought they could succeed and he turned out to be right. A year later, the company was delivering processed meat to restaurants across the United States. He learned he was able to build large-scale operations from this experience. He became the CEO not long after this company changed its name to OSI Group. “OSI” is a nod to Otto & Sons.

Sheldon Lavin says that “it takes money to make money” is one of those sayings that happens to be entirely true. He had to establish a large enterprise before he started earning serious money. He now earns most of his money as an investor. The money he earns from OSI Group is invested in mutual funds and ETFs.

He says that the key to building a successful business is taking advantage of economies of scale. It was building OSI Group into a national, then international, firm where he was able to bring costs down and profits up. This attracted people who wanted to invest in his company. Sheldon Lavin said this was a mix of good fortune and planning.

A leader in the Chicago business community, he says that being a leader means being humble. If a person doesn’t have humility it prevents them from learning from their employees and others. He trusts in the people he surrounds himself with and tries to listen to as many smart people as he can.


It’s Not All About The Benjamins With JetSmarter’s Sergey Petrossov


And A Way He Goes  

In 2019, Sergey Petrossov has a business that is valued in the millions and millions of dollars. 10 years ago he took his first private jet flight and noted some problems. The main issue was that they rely on analog data rather than digital management systems. Sergey Petrossov had always been a techie at heart. At that time, he saw an opportunity to improve the way private jet services were offered. So he got to work.

Wait A Minute – You Already Got A Job!

Sergey Petrossov began consulting with both friends and private jet industry leaders to see where he can be of use. Improving the management system was just the beginning. Though he was working at another tech start-up at the time. He always thought he would get back to the private jet industry at some point. That first flight and his subsequent consultation gave him an education. His brain started ruminating on an app that would make everything work easier.

As he thought on that thing, this wunderkind noticed that the big issue in the private jet industry was that the flight hours were severely underutilized. Back in 2012 with a few years of consultation work under his belt, he wanted to do something about the fact that private jets flew on an average capacity of 10 to 15%.

In short, Sergey Petrossov felt that “it wasn’t an effective use of the plane”. That’s where the idea of a sharing medium came into play. Fast forward to today. He has ideas to expand to India, China and South America. This is in addition to its current corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. JetSmarter also has offices in London, Dubai, Zürich, Moscow and in Saudi Arabia.


At the ripe old age of 31 there is absolutely no telling how high, Sergey will take this private jet company that has become the Uber of luxury air travel.


Oren Frank’s Quest To Change Views on Mental Health

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, which is the number one online and mobile psychotherapy company. The app is very convenient to those who are looking to improve their mental health. Talkspace has helped over a million users find connections to licensed therapists. The company was founded with his wife in 2012, after going through couples therapy. Oren and his wife, Roni, launched the company after experiencing benefits and believed that everyone deserves access to affordable and convenient psychotherapy. Their vision was “Therapy for all“.

Talkspace has raised over $100 million in financing since being founded. With the new capital, the company has two new targets. They want to leverage its machine learning and AI capabilities, along with accelerating the growth of its commercial business. Talkspace has now partnered up with Optum. This is a pharmacy care service group and benefit manager.

Oren Frank wrote an article called “Mental health and wellness aren’t the same“. The business man notes how several companies and departments tend to believe that mental health and wellness are the same thing. Frank believes that the two should not be seen as the same thing because that makes mental health seem like less of a health problem, which is why the two terms “wellness” and “mental health” should stay separated. With how big of a crisis mental illness is around the world, not putting an emphasis on mental health on its own pushes people to not find proper and professional treatment.

Before becoming successful with Talkspace, Oren Frank mainly worked in fields such as communications, advertising, and marketing. He even had a stint writing articles for Huffington Posts. Oren Frank wrote various articles such as technology, politics, social media, and mental health. One of his articles show that he is also a supporter for U.S Senator Kamala Harris, during her presidential campaign for the 2020 election. Read:

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Prioritizes Each Day with a Work Plan

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is a Brazilian businessman who runs Estaleiros do Brasil. His company builds complex floating storage projects off the Brazilian coast. His company also builds shipyards. His company completed a major shipyard project in Sao Jose do Norte. This project was the result of pre-salt field and oil discoveries. Such platforms can produce up to 150,000 barrels of oil each day.

The government of Jose do Norte was supportive of the project. It was also good for the community because it hired a lot of qualified workers in the job applicant pool. Godoy anticipates that his company will build three to four such platforms each year. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is an excellent manager and leader. His education background includes degrees in business administration and engineering. Professional institutes have also awarded him a number of certifications.

Godoy enjoys challenging his management team to come up with new ideas and to think outside the box. He abandons any ideas that are likely not to succeed. Once he gives an idea a green light, he draws up a workable plan of action. He usually assigns the task to one person to implement the plan.

It is always interesting to look back in time and discover the origins of how a company began. The concept for Estaleiros do Brasil began as a result of overwhelming demand for FPSO platforms. Of course, Godoy was able to use his experience and education as an engineer to design and bring bring projects to fruition from the start.

Each day Maurício Mendonça Godoy starts his days the same. Maurício Mendonça Godoy makes a list of the important tasks of the day. He follows his own progress to make sure he is on track to get things done. He pays close attention to the most relevant tasks on his lis and gives them priority. He also likes seeking out people within the company with insights on both large and small company details. Godoy knows from experience there are a lot of ideas that go undiscovered because people feel that no one will listen. His company maintains an open-door policy.


Philanthropist Niranjan Shah gives to Sen. Hillary 2016 Presidential Campaign

As time draws near to the 2016 election, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has positioned herself to be the next democratic nominee. In order to kickoff the start of Senator Clinton’s potential candidacy, there is a high dollar fundraiser being held with a lot of political giants and donors. Some of these donors have been a part of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012. The event dubbed “Ready for Hillary,” is scheduled to be held in state of Illinois Sen. Dick Durban, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D), and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are the guests that will be scheduled to headline the prestigious event on June 5th, to be held at to be held at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush, a steakhouse by the Magnificent Mile.

As the event approaches, this marks a very pivotal time as Clinton begins to gain support as a member of Barack Obama’s cabinet. There are many prominent figures that will be associated with the event that comes at a price tag at $1000 per person. A lot of staff members from Obama’s political party are helping to push the event. Some of these staffers include Kevin Conlon, a top Chicago-based political strategist and Obama fundraiser; Wendy Abrams, a leading environmental activist; Lou and Susan Manilow, prominent arts philanthropists and Democratic donors; and, Niranjan Shah, a Democratic donor who runs an architectural firm. Shah is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. His corporation is responsible for helping clients discover who is your strongest connection to your target people or organizations.

While this event has already mad history, a lot of supporters for the Ready for Hillary’s fundraiser are excited to be apart of this event and help to support her on her journey as she embarks on becoming the first female president.

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David McDonald and OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing company that works out of China. They have been operation for over twenty years. They first started their business around the 1990’s in Beijing. They did not really begin to take off until they started serving food to McDonald’s. Working with a huge food chain like McDonald’s really brought some fame to the company and helped them to gain some other really big food chains.

2008 was a year to remember for OSI Group. The Olympic’s were held in Beijing which meant a lot of food was needed. They supplied over 100 tons of food products including chicken, eggs, pork, and more. People began to talk about how great their products were after this and more business began pouring in.

Learn more about David McDonald at

David McDonald is the man behind OSI. When he came into the business he brought with him a strong knowledge about getting a company off of the ground and running strong. He knew how to talk to the big name companies in a way that would make them want to work with OSI. He knew what he needed to do to make the company successful and he did just that and more.

David McDonald had to go through many years of schooling in order to be ready for the position that he is in today. David McDonald knew that it would be hard, but he also knew that with the education and knowledge that he had it would be possible. He has worked very hard throughout the years.

Although OSI has had good years and bad they have always remained strong in their game. They are a company that is going to stay around for a very long time. They have a good leadership team behind them that is driving them to the top. OSI Group and David McDonald are both going to see a lot of success for a long time into the future. Source:

James River Capital, Taking Wealth Management in a New Direction

Paul Saunders, the founder and chairman of The James River Capital Corporation, has an abiding passion for finance, a passion that motivated him to earn two advanced degrees on the subject. Before creating JRC, he served as the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. and as the President of KP Futures Management Corp. He acquired KP Futures in 1995 when it was an investment department of Kidder, Peabody, & Co. Then, he transformed it into James River Capital, an independent investment company.

With a focus on asset classes such as equity strategies, corporate credit, global macroeconomic strategies, multi-strategy investing, fixed income arbitrage, managed futures trading, and asset-backed securities, JRC is registered as an Investment Advisor, a Commodity Trading Advisor. and Commodity Pool Operator.

In Zen, there’s a common admonition to extend one’s own line rather than attempting to cut short the lines of others. With a similar mindset, Saunders is more interested in creation than he is in competition. That is to say, he encourages friends and clients to invest their time and effort into creating wealth, rather than in trying to undermine competitors.

To that end, he offers many important tips to those seeking to fund a startup- many of which have a strong tech orientation. For a start, he recommends “bootstrapping.” This means contributing as much as one can on one’s own through savings, credit cards, and borrowing from family and friends. After that, he recommends jumping right into the new tech-oriented methods like crowd-funding, which means using platforms like Kickstarter.

JRC remains unique in its inclination to help entrepreneurs grow in a customized fashion, in a way that runs on passion and the demand for originality. In that way, JRC remains a real stand-out among wealth management firms.


Karen And Brian Salle Are having A Positive Impact On Their Portion Of North Carolina

The Salle family is well known in their region of North Carolina fro bringing high-quality skills and experience to whichever business sector they choose, particularly real estate and internet-based marketing.

Karen and Brian Salle have not only looked at the different ways they can improve their own business opportunities, but they have sought to make sure the local community also benefits. Karen Salle has focused the majority of her efforts on the North Carolina markets while Brian Salle has been willing to bring his skills to a range of different companies.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Salle family has been their willingness to open up their work in Southern Avery County, North Carolina to members of the local community. As real estate professionals, Karen and Brian Salle understand how important access to the latest technologies is to the residents of any new development.

The Blackpoint at Linville Falls development owned and managed by Karen Salle is located in a slow internet area that has limited the business and leisure opportunities of the local community. Understanding their own real estate development will benefit from an upgrade to broadband speeds, Southern Avery County is now getting a major internet speed boost.

The Salle family has invested over $300,000 in the internet upgrades along the IP SkyLine/SkyBest. It is not a doubt that the Salle family would look to innovate to improve their own prospects and those of the local community. Brian Salle has already made a career of this with his decision to establish the internet marketing company, The Salle Group that filled a gap he identified based on his own SEO experiences.

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