Karen And Brian Salle Are having A Positive Impact On Their Portion Of North Carolina

The Salle family is well known in their region of North Carolina fro bringing high-quality skills and experience to whichever business sector they choose, particularly real estate and internet-based marketing.

Karen and Brian Salle have not only looked at the different ways they can improve their own business opportunities, but they have sought to make sure the local community also benefits. Karen Salle has focused the majority of her efforts on the North Carolina markets while Brian Salle has been willing to bring his skills to a range of different companies.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Salle family has been their willingness to open up their work in Southern Avery County, North Carolina to members of the local community. As real estate professionals, Karen and Brian Salle understand how important access to the latest technologies is to the residents of any new development.

The Blackpoint at Linville Falls development owned and managed by Karen Salle is located in a slow internet area that has limited the business and leisure opportunities of the local community. Understanding their own real estate development will benefit from an upgrade to broadband speeds, Southern Avery County is now getting a major internet speed boost.

The Salle family has invested over $300,000 in the internet upgrades along the IP SkyLine/SkyBest. It is not a doubt that the Salle family would look to innovate to improve their own prospects and those of the local community. Brian Salle has already made a career of this with his decision to establish the internet marketing company, The Salle Group that filled a gap he identified based on his own SEO experiences.

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The Career Path of Ashley Lightspeed

An American entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed, is an investor. She is currently a member of Lightspeed Ventures Partners. Lightspeed Ventures deals in cloud computing, Bitcoin, finance, and it is also a venture capital firm. Previously, Ashley worked as product personnel and consultant at Thumbtack and Bain & Company respectively. At Bain, she used her consulting role in customer simulations. At Thumbtack, she was responsible for overseeing customer services in the company’s Events and Wedding section.

She studied Bachelors of Arts between 2008 and 2012 at Duke University. In 2018, she graduated with MBA from Stanford Continuing Studies. During her childhood years, Ashley Lightspeed was passionate about architecture. The influence originated from her architect father. However, she was not destined for that world. While pursuing her studies abroad, she ventured into the business of prototyping. Her position at Thumbtack exposed her to the knowledge of prototyping because it is the strategy that the firm utilizes to collect customer feedback, generate ideas, as well as in product advancements. See More about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley’s involvement with the activities of Thumbtack gave her the courage to help other growing firms to realize their goals. She specializes in the development of new ideas by crafting, an endeavor that has helped to sharpen her skills in the business of prototyping.

Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Ventures Partners upon the completion of her MBA programme. She joined the firm alongside four other women. They all took up different roles and also introduced a 50% ration. In the beginning, the firm had only two female members of staff. Thankfully, her participation in client support helped to speed up the investment activities of Lightspeed Ventures Partners.

For someone who is just beginning her career, Ashley has an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Having been instrumental in the development of top-ranked organizations in the last few years, the future of Lightspeed Ventures is undoubtedly bright with her involvement.

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What Do We Know About Ashley Lightspeed?

Ashley Lightspeed’s extensive career began after she graduated from Duke, having traveled and studied abroad in Copenhagen. The daughter of an architect, she herself aspired to be an architect like her father and sketched building designs and prototypes throughout her collegiate career and teen years. Something that would inspire her outlook on business in the future. Ashley Lightspeed began working with Bain, the global management and consulting firm. There, she wanted to do more operational work and wanted to explore the realm of tech in places like Silicon Valley; a place where innovation and trends are shaped by the future that hasn’t yet happened. Eventually, she would leave Bain to work for Thumbtack, where she was a category manager for the “Weddings & Events” category of the website, which helps to pair local people with professionals in their area. It was during her time with Thumbtack that she started to see her vision and mantra more clearly. Prototyping as a way to design and sculpt the future; a way to innovate faster and better, much in the way an architect creates blueprints for future buildings. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Techcrunch.com

At a fundraising event with Thumbtack, Ashley got a glimpse into the world of venture capital, which is all about future trends and growth. She left Thumbtack and attended Stanford GSB while running a few small business to financially support herself before becoming a member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Here, she keeps an eye on consumer trends and helps businesses and entrepreneurs innovate based on where the market lies and where consumers are going. Ashley Lightspeed aspired to be an architect and now she makes blueprints for companies to help design and build their futures. Her goal is to help businesses innovate rapidly and to allow their leaders live healthier and more inspired lives.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20888573-ashley-brasier

How Isabel Dos Santos Became The Richest Woman In Africa

Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of a former president of Angola but she is popularly known for being the top richest woman in Africa. She is currently worth over $2.4 billion. She has been able to inspire numerous women and she is a living proof that being a woman does not stop you from being a successful businesswomen.

Early life and academic background

Isabel Dos Santos was born in Azerbaijan on April 1, 1973 by a Russian woman. The highly successful woman usually ascribes her massive success to her father’s stance on education. According to her, her father spared no expense to make sure that his children got top-notch education and she is the biggest beneficiary of the gesture. She attended Cobham Hall, a school in Kent, England. It was there that she built the foundation of her academic career and financial success. After graduating from the secondary school, she attended King’s College in London where she studied electrical engineering. She later met SindikaDokolo, while she was an undergraduate and they got married a few years after.

Business and investment

Her major position was that of a project manager engineer for a reputable group of companies. The project was to clean up the streets of Luanda. After that, she also modernized a trucking company with the use of walkie talkie in their daily operations. At that point, Isabel Dos Santos was just getting started. She also established a state-of-the-art nightclub on Luanda Island, making way for other businesses to spring up on the island. Her nightclub and the other organization on the Island gave employment to several Angolan youths. Isabel Dos Santos was able to invest in several other companies in Angola and Portugal.

One of them is the Portuguese Corporation Condis from which she used her 51 percent stake to develop a chain of retail stores in Angola. Other notable organizations where she invested heavily are BancoFomento De Angola (BFA Bank) and Nova Cimangola, a reputable cement company in Angola. She has her huge shares in ZON too. Apart from these, she has shares in many companies in Portugal. The best part is that she has a foundation where she provides for the needs of over 10,000 Angolan children and she encourages her employees to be as charitable as possible. Most importantly, Isabel Dos Santos noted that she enjoys huge support for her husband too.


Isabel dos Santos on Controlling the Ego

One of the most impressive feats of Isabel dos Santos is her ability to control the flow of a market in general. It would appear as though she could probably introduce her own industry into the mix in the Angolan market and it would likely be extremely successful. She is extremely grateful for the following she has attained over the years, but it is also important to remember that she has had to struggle for what she possesses today. Many people do not give this to her, as her father has a lot of influence within the political industry of Angola, but in all honesty, politics and business do not always cross over so well. Isabel dos Santos could not simply have made it to where she is today, which is to say far further than her father, only on the merits of his skills as a politician.

Isabel dos Santos wants to be remembered for the work she has done in business, and this is why it can bother her to no end when she is constantly connected with her father instead of recognized for her own talents. Because there are so many of them, people find it hard to list them all off. That being said, it is worth the time to do so if you are considering investment, because familiarizing oneself with the history of Isabel dos Santos is the best way to understand why she thinks the way she does today. She is truly something of a marvel in the modern business world simply because she has been able to maintain her sense of compassion even with all the fame she has seen.

This is often something that goes unappreciated, because people think it should be a guarantee for a businessperson not to lose their head, but many of them do along the way. This is not necessarily because they are horrible people; oftentimes, they are good people that simply received too much power. It is important for businesspeople to be more like Isabel dos Santos in the sense that they are able to keep their ego in check.

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How Isabel dos Santos on How Africa Can Utilize Technology to Be Empowered Economically

While it’s not the only measure of success, the uniqueness of being one of the world’s billionaires can be claimed by a small number of individuals. At last count, the exact number of approximately 2,000. Being a varied group in the world’s wealthiest people, it’s also limited with some respect to a particular kind of diversity. One person that’s highly respected in the African continent for having made it to the list of the wealthiest billionaires is Isabel dos Santos. She hails from Angola and is the first daughter of Jose dos Santos, who served as the president of the state from 1979 to 2017. In a report by Forbes, Isabel dos Santos is one of Africa’s wealthiest women. In fact, she is the richest of them all. The report also indicates that she amassed her wealth from companies she invested in after serving in them for more than five years.

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De Angola para o Mundo 🇦🇴🌍Não podia ser mais verdade mesmo… Nossa Luandina, nascida no Bom Jesus, percorreu dois continentes e é agora reconhecida internacionalmente: produto de alta qualidade. Esta é a confirmação de algo que sempre defendi e passei às minhas equipas: o que produzimos em Angola é top, de qualidade mundial. Temos de atingir os padrões que o nosso país merece. Na Sodiba conseguimos. Aqui está o nosso Gold Award, um prémio da Luandina para todos os angolanos. Bem hajam 🙏🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #Work #Success #Angola #Luandina #SuperBrands #proudlyangolan #madeinAngola #GoldAward #MondeSelection From Angola to the World 🇦🇴🌍 It could not be more true… Our Luandina, born in Bom Jesus, has crossed two continents and is now internationally recognized: a high-quality product. This is the confirmation of something that I’ve always defended and passed on to my teams: what we produce in Angola is top world quality. We have to meet the standards our country deserves. At Sodiba we did it. Here is our Gold Award, an award for all Angolans. Thank you all 🙏🏾

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Isabel is also the 9th wealthiest individual in the continent. As she will often tell young girls and emerging business professionals from various parts of the world, becoming successful hasn’t been easy for her. It took tremendous hard work coupled with resilience, particularly in a world that’s dominated by men. Isabel dos Santos made her wealth and fortunes by investing in media, retail, finance, telecommunications, and energy sectors. She is well aware of what it takes for someone to be successful in business and entrepreneurship.

Isabel dos Santos will also tell you how stigma has been affecting the success possibilities of various individuals residing in Africa. She holds that women in different sectors have been marginalized simply for being females. All too often, they are defined as the weaker version of humans. She understands that it’s vital to empower such individuals especially when it comes to ensuring that they have access to viable resources to support the growth as well as the development of their business. Besides, on many occasions, at her request for an assistant, a man has been sent to take up the job. She understands that for women in Africa to economically impact the world, they should be supported by others who have been in the same position in the past. To help these individuals, Isabel dos Santos has been engaging in various mentoring sessions with youthful African women. She mostly initiates these sessions in Angola, her home country.

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Isabel Dos Santos Empowers Africa to Use of Technology

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and the wealthiest woman in Africa. She was born in 1973, and she is the firstborn of one of the Presidents of Angola, Jose Eduardo. Isabel became rich by venturing into businesses with organizations in her home country and with the assistance of the respect and networking from her family. Isabel dos Santos was appointed as one of the top one hundred women with most impact over the globe.

Isabel dos Santos stated at “Africa Summit 2019” that the market in Africa has embraced the use of digital marketing and the knowledge of the customers to stand out. During a parliamentary meeting in Europe, Isabel said that one of the problems in the African market “is how to be digital.” The business lady went on saying that for Africa to stand out in the competitive world, and they have to utilize digital means and also offer knowledge and skills to the consumers of technology. The parliamentary meeting was attended by a team of politicians where she acted as the speaker.

According to Unitel’s president, after Africa transforms to use technology innovations, the following step would be to embrace digital change. The president went on saying that a lot of business and ventures on electronic marketing would be made and that the moment Africans will use financial accounts, then they would have changed to e-banking. Related article click here.

Isabel dos Santos further stated that making plans for the towns and the agricultural sectors are fields that also face the issues of digital revolutions. She said that many municipalities do not have safe, cost effective and comfortable transport services. Thus it is essential to use digital means in creating plans for the cities to enhance and better the standards of living while reducing prices.

The agriculture field should be competitive, something which Isabel has strong faith that it is possible. Ms. Santos stated that if Africa needs to remain competitive in the agricultural market, then it has to concentrate on the use of digital practices of agriculture because technology helps in creating cost effective products. Isabel believes that it is important to encourage local authorities and the people to stop running away from technological revolutions.

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O que fazem 6 jovens angolanos no Reino Unido? Estão a construir o futuro do nosso país 🇦🇴 Mais um sonho que se torna realidade. Nós na Unitel temos um sentido de missão com Angola. Há três anos sonhámos em apostar na Agricultura do nosso país. Fizemos uma grande campanha de recrutamento e de 500 candidaturas, temos agora 6 jovens angolanos a fazer uma pós-gradução em Agricultura, na Royal Agricultural University e eles serão os futuros líderes fazendeiros deste projecto, que está a crescer na província de Malanje 🤞🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Unitel #ProduçãoNacional #JovensTalentos #Agricultura #FuturosLíderes #Angola What are 6 young Angolans doing in the UK? They are building the future of our country 🇦🇴 One more dream coming true. We at Unitel have a sense of mission with Angola. Three years ago, we dreamed of investing in our country's agriculture. We developed a wide recruitment campaign, and from 500 applications we now have 6 young Angolans studying Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural University and they will be the future leaders of this project, which is growing in Malanje 🤞🏾

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Isabel dos Santos Makes Her Way Back To Unitel After Ouster

Over the past few months, Unitel has faced a significant amount of civil lawsuits from several investors. This has chiefly been because investors felt that dividends on the company’s profits weren’t being paid out appropriately; a recent court ruling also found this to be true and ruled in favor of investors. Because of this, investor confidence in upper management has naturally been low. With that in mind, there have been a number of significant changes in the company within the past few months. Chief among these has been Isabel dos Santos being placed on the company’s board, two years after being replaced as President by Joao Lourenco in 2017.

However, the African billionaire’s family still had a 25% stake in the company, so she still had some input into the business, albeit minimally. Having said that, Joao Lourenco tried to reduce this controlling interest as much as possible, although this wasn’t too significant. Isabel dos Santos being named a member of the board isn’t the only recent shakeup at Unitel’s upper management; three other members were brought onto the board at the same time as dos Santos. On top of this, Miguel Geraldes has been confirmed as the replacement of Antony Dolton as general director of the company. Having said that, Isabel dos Santos and the other board members won’t be taking their positions until May 6.

This is because there has been somewhat of a transition period between Isabel dos Santos and the other board members and those that they’re replacing. However, when they do take their positions, they’re set to vote on a new chairperson; so far, there has been no indication as to who this may be. Dos Santos has been well known in the business world in Africa for the past few decades. As the daughter of former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, she was able to grow her fortune over his forty-year presidency. Through this time, Isabel dos Santos has created a diverse portfolio of businesses across a wide range of industries. Chief among these have been media, retail, finance, and energy; furthermore, these companies have spanned both Africa and Portugal.

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Doe Deere: A Russian-American Extraordinaire

Being an extraordinaire at any subject means that the person has excelled beyond traditional standards. This is exactly what designer Doe Deere has done as she has accomplished great things throughout her professional career. Doe Deere is more than just a Russian beauty. This particular person can be viewed as an army of one. Life in America was quite hard when she and her family immigrated to the US. Cold nights and homelessness was the agenda for a span of two years. In hindsight, Doe Deere can now appreciate the things that she has accomplished because this woman knows what it takes to survive.

Fast-forward to present day and Doe Deere is a well-known entrepreneur that possesses a heart of gold. Her new business endeavor, Poppy Angeloff, has solidified her as a force to reckoned with. Deere surely has a strong passion to succeed. Developing vintage jewelry is now her new profession. “I actually fell into this industry by accident,” said Deere. This woman actually came across some of her family’s unknown heirlooms. Deere was amazed at what she found, and this discovery lit a bulb in her train of thought. Starting a company that specializes in selling vintage jewelry ran through her head, but it took some assurance from her sister to really set the ball in motion. Deere’s sister told her that this could be more than just an idea. A lot of research and strategy was taking place before Poppy Angeloff came into fruition.

The imaginary girl who dreamed of, wore and collected jewels was the focal point of this exceptional and dynamic brand. Poppy Angeloff perfectly personifies modern-day females that reside in the Victorian era. Feeling unapologetic about combining contemporary fads with a tried-and-true jewelry style is what Doe Deere does best, and she has become very successful in finding great balance.