Article Title: The Success Journey Of Paul Mampilly

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Paul Mampilly used his education in MBA from Fordham University in the finance field. He assisted the portfolio manager of Bankers Trust in 1991. The more he achieved expertise in investment sector, the more he landed himself significant roles in legal businesses, like the ING and Deutsche Bank. Paul worked in multi-billion dollar companies. He managed the financial sector of Kinetics Asset company and helped it develop to twenty-five billion dollar firm.

But finally, Paul Mampilly got tired of being in the wall street. He got exhausted of creating and making funds for big wealthy firms, and he decided to spend much of his time with his family. Paul is yet one of the financial influencers internationally where Paul Mampilly is a researcher and an investment analyst. He loves to assist local people in making funds. He trains the people on how to acquire many finances for them to live happy lives. Most of his articles and news views offer great pieces f advice and tips on how to invest successfully to assist people in making progress. Paul has been seen in platforms like Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business news.

He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, and since then more than ninety thousand subscribers have subscribed for his news platform called Profits Unlimited. The platform entails an eight-page newsletter content. The newsletter offers new investing chances every month. It also incorporates a portfolio used by Paul Mampilly to keep a track record of his content he lists for the viewers on purchase. Paul also runs two elite service providers, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. He is also a writer of the Winning Investor Daily weeks article.

During an interview, Paul talked about his transition from Wall Street to the main street. He also talked of how he grew his love for assisting people in growing their riches. He was invited for the interview by Eric Dye, and they discussed the transformation in the stork industry in a previous couple of years. They also talked about the many mistakes people commit to investment ventures in the trading sector during their early stages. He did not forget the emerging valuable things to take note of and famous business people to look up to.

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Article Title: Live Longer & Drink Coffee

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The Annals of Internal Medicine reported that drinking coffee may lead to a longer life. Two recent studies consisting of more than 185,000 participants who regularly consume coffee over a period of 16 months had reduced rates of heart disease, stroke, and other diseases and conditions when compared to non-coffee-drinkers. Now there is even more reason to make coffee a part of your life if it’s not already. You can drink your next cup of coffee with complete confidence, especially if it bears the Organo Gold name.

Organo Gold coffee is infused with Ganoderma mushrooms which hail from Asia where they’ve been used for more than 2,000 years already. The mushrooms give  coffee a distinct, flavorful taste that you’ll appreciate. More importantly, Organo Gold coffee improves your immune system, your heart health, and more, thanks to the Ganoderma mushroom addition. Organo Gold is sold at a warehouse in Los Angeles, but if you’re not in California, independent distributors are found across the world to help with your order.

Not only did the Annals of Internal Medicine study conclude that drinking coffee is good for you, but it also showed an 18% decrease in death rates amongst drinkers. No matter how you take your coffee, it’s time to make it a part of your daily life and do it with a smile and full confidence that it’s going to do great things for your health.

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Article Title: The City Of Cambridge Recognizes Agera Energy

Agera Energy is a utility company that continues to specialize in natural gas and electricity supply services. The company simply aims in educating and empowering its customers across the world on their energy consumption and needs. Recently, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts signed an 18-month contract with the company and Agera Energy is now in charge of energy supply. The people of the city are now part of the Cambridge Community Electricity program that was established because it was included in their contract with Agera Energy. The program was created for cost-effectiveness and better price in terms of electricity. The prices of the program are fixed and prioritizes the value of saving.

In addition to this, Agera Energy will provide better solar energy for the state of Massachusetts. They also have a Standard Green option where customers will receive more solar energy than most of the people residing in the state.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Secrets Behind My Success In Business

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Richard Liu Qiangdong is the business mind behind the immense success of His visionary leadership and acute business acumen have enabled the e-commerce retailer to bounce from a small startup into a major player in the industry. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Richard Liu has dedicated his best time to ensure that the company has a global presence.

From its inception in 2004 as a small online shop with just a few products to offer, is now a one-stop destination for shoppers across the world. The company’s online shop offers a wide range of products including fresh foods, toys, computers and accessories, cosmetics, electronics, movies, apparel, and other fast moving consumer goods.

Apart from offering wide range of products, Jingdong has also spread its tentacles throughout the world. The company has a substantial presence in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam among other countries. Additionally, the company has also experienced notable growth in terms of revenue. According to a recent Forbes’ release, is worth $57.6 billion. The Chief Executive Officer, Richard Liu Qiangdong is worth $7.3 billion.

During the recently held World Economic Forum, Richard Liu shared the secrets behind the rapid growth and development of Jingdong. According to the business guru, one of the factors that have enabled his company to leapfrog others in the sector is a robust logistics system. Liu noted that time is of great essence to clients. With this knowledge at hand, has invested heavily in logistics, making it possible to accomplish customer deliveries within a day of purchase.

Through JD Logistics, a subsidiary of, Richard Liu has managed to establish an elaborate and seamless supply chain network. JD Logistics offers supply chain support to JD Business through transportation, warehousing, sorting of orders, loading, and delivery of orders to the client’s doorstep.

Richard Liu also pointed to investment in technology as another secret behind the success of his online retail business. For instance, through JD Logistics, Richard Liu has employed technology to hand billions of tasks every week. The company operates unmanned robotic vehicles, sorting centers, drone deliveries, and other technologies to make online shopping great fun.

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Article Title: How Is Involved In Corporate Social Responsibility

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Giving back to the community is considered as an important gesture that may play a vital role in the success of a company or an individual. This explains why companies are required to adhere to corporate social responsibility. Jingdong, as an e-commerce company is not only involved in profit making activities. The company has been involved in environmental protection, helping the needy in the society, and helping rural farmers in China among other corporate social responsibilities.

The world is dealing with devastating effects of climate change such as cyclones, drought, and flooding. With such problems affecting the world, has been heavily involved in environmental protection strategies. One of the strategies that the company has been using is giving its customers recyclable packaging bags. This means that the customers can use the same bag for shopping several times, which reduces the level of polythene papers on the surroundings.

Jingdong has also been using advanced vehicles that don’t emit harmful gases to the atmosphere. It is important to highlight that delivery vehicles significantly pollute the air through harmful emissions. However, has been using cars that convert fuel into water and hydrogen, which means very little gas, is released into the atmosphere. The company has also been delivering its products to the customers using unmanned drones, which has significantly reduced traffic congestion.

Over the last few years, Jingdong has been involved in a strategic plan that is focused on helping needy people in the society. The company has been collecting clothes from willing families and learning institutions so that all those clothes can be donated to orphans and other people who need assistance. has gone ahead to establish collection points around the country where it encourages people to donate anything they would wish to give to the needy people.

In another unprecedented act of philanthropy, Jingdong has been helping farmers in rural China so that they can increase their product yield and also enhance the quality of their harvests. The company has been urging farmers to use drones to control crop pest and diseases, which is cheap and less time consuming.

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Article Title: OSI Group Adopts Modern Technologies

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OSI Food Industries is now one of the best performing businesses in the food industry. The privately-held business was ranked by Forbes as one of the top 100 private businesses in the country. The company has been in business for the past century and has in the process recorded significant growth. Very few companies can match the growth that has taken place in this company in the past century. The leadership of the company has been focusing on making positive changes, and this is the reason growth has not been a major issue. The leaders knew what they wanted right from the beginning, and they worked hard to accomplish the goals. Over the decades, subsequent leaders have not disappointed. They have been making every attempt to ensure that the company is successful.


OSI Group has its origin in 1912. It was created by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who had just settled in the country. He started a meat shop which developed rapidly to become a wholesale business and later a regional supplier of food products. It is in the 1980s that the company finally became an international food company. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO is one of the leaders who played a very critical role in the expansion of this company in the global space. OSI Group was initially known as Otto & Sons before it was renamed OSI Industries and later OSI Group, LLC.

Adopting technology

One of the main reasons why OSI Group has excelled in such a big way in the past few decades is because of the leadership role that has been carried out with the best interests of the future of the company in mind. Technology is one of the reasons why OSI has performed better than any other company. From the 1960s, the company was quick to embrace any technology that proved helpful in the accomplishment of the goals set by the company. Sheldon Lavin is behind the application of most recent technologies to make dream of sustainability a reality. Sustainability will improve the way business going into the future since it makes businesses more responsive to the issues that affect the people.

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Jeunesse Global: HydraShield Protection Against Pollution

Many people may not know that the environment has a lot to do with how their skin looks. Jeunesse Global is a youth promoting company that focuses on research and creating products to help people maintain healthy skin, healthy bodies, and healthy minds. The company’s co-founders have been working with their direct-sales team members to spread the word to interested individual about how certain conditions outside of their control can affect the way they look. Jeunesse Global has many solutions that can help rid the skin of these toxins that build up daily.

An example of toxins that can affect everyone’s skin is secondhand smoke. Often times there is nothing you can do about smoke drifting in from other parties, so your best defense will be to remove any traces on your skin. Other types of environmental factors outside of your control are exhaust from vehicles and factory emissions.

Jeunesse Global has perfected a facial mask called HydraShield, which works by lifting away build-up and residue from environmental factors. The hydrating mask has a blend of moisturizers from shea butter and natural grasses to help clean the pores and tighten the skin. The HydraShield covers the entire face like a soft glove, and as it settles in, it begins its work. This mask is not for daily use but for deep cleaning. This will depend upon the environment that you live in how often you should use it.

Jeunesse Global has an international base of team members trained in their products. There are other products that they offer to help protect your skin and body from the environment include daily vitamins, skin cleansers, and other facial masks. Jeunesse Global is proud to offer training and events to insure their members know about the latest research and understand the benefits of all of their products and how they can be combined to fit every individual’s needs.

Article Title: Agera Energy Company

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Agera Energy was founded at the perfect time. It was one of coldest winters in a while, and customers were desperate for something new. Energy is necessary and one of the most expensive bills for typical home.

Agera energy sought to stand out from other companies and offer more for their customers. They set out to guide each customer and make sure they have the plan they need at the best price. They take their responsibility seriously, which is what makes them different. Customers needed guidance, change, and more protection. Agera Energy dove in head first to be that change.

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Introducing the Motivated Workforce

BetterWorks celebrates its recent fundraiser, which gained an additional $27 million in a series-B round for funding. The brand’s inspiring software, dubbed as “the” new way of performance management, is expected to create a standardized process for businesses to follow. The company has raised a $51-million total since its fundraiser was started. Emergence Capital, Kleiner Perkins and common-retail investors came together to raise this money.

The funds raised will now go toward innovating BetterWorks’ motivation software and its own offices. Its technology has, since last year in 2018, provided a 100-percent increase in sales and productivity. If its funding moves to a series-C stage, then we can expect the promises of the brand to reach a global market—within little time.

Businesses are examining their levels of “employee motivation” through basic performance tests. The drive of employees, their attention to details and the initiatives they take are a direct result of motivation. The BetterWorks team believes that if you can motivate your workers, then you can improve their work. A business can then set goals that only a team can achieve together. BetterWorks sees the competitive world changing in regards to the values that it holds.

What was once about products is now about motivation. BetterWorks is encouraging companies toward examining their managers and the work they’re doing. BetterWorks, with new-edge software, wants businesses to question the goals which they’ve set. Considering these factors may build a foundation for improving team motivation with. The next stage of work, in conducting an analysis of office motivation, is a look at internal relationships.

BetterWorks wants to ensure that the right connections are being made. Businesses can now discover these things through data-driven software that’s sold in the market right now.

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Carsten Thiel Focused and Found Success

Carsten Thiel always had a passion and an interest in the sciences ever since he was a child. He would find that he would do well in his studies and would find that he did amazing in his studies in the field of science. He didn’t just do well in the sciences he would love to go to class, learn, and understand the new concepts. Carsten Thiel was very interested in enhancing skill set and knowledge in the sciences and would devote a good portion of his life to advancing the field in some form or fashion.

He was so enthralled by his education that he went from Germany to the UK to study it in a different light. He would go to the UK and would learn organic chemistry, then go further and study biochemistry. He wouldn’t stop with his four-year degree, he would continue to learn more by attending the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and earn his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He would specialize in one segment of the sector where he would study how one protein cells turn from healthy to the opposite of it.

This interest in the sciences would not burn him out, he would then jump into the workforce by working with a biotechnology firm called Hoffman La-Roche. He would do well within the roles that were assigned to him and then be promoted to other roles with greater responsibilities within the company. He was able to help be a part of an innovative movement and do more for the sector.

Carsten Thiel would then be part of other firms where he would launch more pharmaceutical products. Carsten Thiel believed in the power of humanity and in the fact that ethics was very important in society and in regular business interactions. As such, Carsten Thiel has been able to utilize these principles in his studies and find success.

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