PodcastOne Research Results Announced By Norman Pattiz Indicate An Increase In Product Awareness

Norman Pattiz, the chairman, and CEO of PodcastOne released impressive results of a study conducted by Edison Research. The 2016 study took a deeper and comprehensive look at the results of advertising tests using major brands across the nation. It involved a pre and post brand campaign featuring podcast advertisers. According to the results revealed, a significant increase in consumer willingness to consider buying and using the product featured.

PodcastOne Research was the first of its kind ever conducted. On a grocery brand, the results indicated an increase from 7% from the pre-study to 60% during the post-study. The results showed an increase of 47% on financial services products, 37% automobiles and 245% for garden and lawn products. During the post-study study over 66% of the respondents provided a positive opinion on the product a rise from 18% recorded in the pre-study.

Of these, 22% of the respondents interviewed in post-study indicated they were likely to consider owning a garden or lawn product a number that increased from 16% in pre-study. On product awareness, there was an increase of 60% on the automobile commodities and 76% for a restaurant from the pre-study to the post-study.

Edison Research, the company contracted to carry out the research conducted three separate studies. The study took 4 – 6 weeks for each of the products using the same approach for all the commodities involved. Online surveys took place before the podcast campaigns with the results indicating increased awareness from the podcast campaigns.

The final findings show that the increased awareness led to more likelihood to purchase or use the brand.

While launching the results of the findings, Norman Pattiz lauded the process as a new and reliable proof that use of podcast gives better outcome compared to traditional advertising models.

At the event, Tom Webster of Edison Research applauded the new approach and use of podcasts in advertising. He noted that contact with the consumers before and after the campaigns provided practical measures of the impact of the advertising campaigns.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz is the founder and Chairman of Westwood One the largest radio network in America. Westwood One provides news, sports, and programming of traffic to the broadcast industry in the US. He created Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 that is a leader of podcast marketing and sales in the country.

He received the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009 for his numerous contributions to the industry.