Southridge Capital Helps Companies Prepare for Bitcoin

As the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks has many different responsibilities. He works hard to make sure that his company has a leading edge against their competitors in the industry. One of the potential investments that Southridge has been discussing is cryptocurrencies and their prevalence in the market.


According to crunchbase, almost every accounting firm, software company, and bank have shown at least some interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to Southridge Capital’s Stephen Hicks. Despite the popularity, there are still a lot of questions that investors need answers to. Even those not interested in cryptocurrencies themselves are interested in the blockchain technology that powers it.


As more and more institutions have started accepting Bitcoin and using it in their transactions, their popularity is growing. Even some of the biggest financial institutions like Goldman Sachs have plans to offer them to their clients. As more and more businesses are using them, Southridge Capital is there to help them make their investment decisions.


While cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept in the world of investing, Southridge Capital sees it becoming a wide-spread accepted type of currency rather than just an investment. While many companies were hesitant to accept the currency, some even calling it a fraud, mindsets seem to be changing. Bitcoin appears to be here to stay no matter the opinions and it’s going to change the financial industry.


Stephen Hicks, the CEO of Southridge Capital, founded the company in 1996. He has more than 3 decades of experience in the financial industry, a BS from King’s College in Business Administration, and a Fordham University MBA. After spending years working in other companies, he decided that it was time to create his own. For more info you can checkout



His extensive experience in the industry has helped Stephen Hicks achieve what he has with Southridge Capital. Not only do companies go to Southridge Capital to get help with their financial needs, they approach companies who they believe could make use of their services. He has learned that sometimes the companies that Southridge Capital invests in fail, and they just have to do their best to recoup losses and move on.