Andrey Andreev Gives Direction In Business And The Kitchen

When it comes to food and being an entrepreneur, Andrey Andreev sometimes takes a similar approach to both. While he doesn’t like to have to run things on a personal level, he enjoys being able to contribute his input and help the process along if he needs to. This is why he is known to sometimes step into the kitchen of the Novikov in London to create his own dishes alongside the chefs that work at the renowned eatery (TheTimes).

The successful Russian entrepreneur has stated that one of his favorite types of food to work within this environment is seafood as he is concerned about maintaining good health. Reducing carbs as much as Andrey Andreev possibly can is one of the ways that he is able to stay in shape and he even follows these rules while he is eating out.The Chief Executive Officer of the popular Russian dating app Badoo has created many of his own recipes at Novikov in London.

An important part of the diet that Andrey Andreev is keeping to foods that have minimal carbohydrates. In general, he tries to avoid them as much as he can. This is why he came up with his own recipe for sushi that uses less rice alongside the fresh fish. During an interview with Business Insider, Andrey Andreev showed the reporter the different part of the cooking process. He worked alongside the chefs of the Novikov in order to create a pasta dish with squid, scallops, and prawns.

It’s clear that Andrey Andreev truly enjoys cooking and being able to eat the food that he prepares. His passion for the art of cooking is possibly stronger than his passion for being an entrepreneur. While he enjoys cooking, he doesn’t usually enjoy running the kitchen. This is similar to how he approaches business. Contributing to the effort is important, but he also knows the value of working with a strong team that can get the job done without him having to take charge over every decision that has to be made. He may not be designing the business plan or meal, but he can give direction.

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