Raffaele Riva Stresses Necessary Steps for an Entrepreneur’s Life

From 1997 to 2008, Raffaele Riva launched a multitude of successful startups. The ventures did well, and they did so on an international basis. The one-time accountant and auditing specialist knew the path of an entrepreneur was for him. Riva built many businesses from scratch, and his achievements culminated in the founding of Aurea Multi-Family Office. The international umbrella organization shows what a driven entrepreneur’s hard work delivers.

Questions arise about what makes Raffaele Riva so accomplished. Unlike other entrepreneurs who hide in a cloud of secrecy, Riva remains outspoken about what works for him. The insights and advice he give come off as logical and understandable. Anyone interested in climbing the business world ladder may wish to review Riva’s ideas.

Among the essential duties, per Riva, is taking action. Entrepreneurs can be great thinkers. They plot and plan their business endeavors, which makes sense. However, if thoughts don’t become actions, an idea never turns into a business. Riva sums up everything in three words, “Just do it.”

Riva also reveals he is a curious person who always pursues knowledge. He did not curtail his education after graduating from a university in Milan, Italy. An avid reader, Raffaele Riva continues to build up his knowledge. Added knowledge and self-driven education do help. So does keeping on top of trends, which Riva also advises people to do. A skilled entrepreneur isn’t someone who thinks in terms of the past. He/she always looks forward and avoids complacency.

Riva suggests entrepreneurs stay focused on their priorities. Being flexible is an important trait to possess, but keep it within reason. Raffaele Riva is emphatic about staying true to values and priorities. Allowing other people to set your priorities or change your values can be a bad idea. Be true to yourself and avoid making unwise or unnecessary compromises.

Seymour Segnit: Redefining the Charging Standard with the MAGFAST Family


You may have heard about the newly designed magnetic chargers that have taken the world by storm and, if so, you have definitely heard the magnificent story of Seymour Segnit. Many are duly shocked by his immense marketing success and brilliant inventions that have brought his brand millions of followers.

Seymour Segnit developed the idea of doing what everyone does every day; charging his devices and getting frustrated by the experience. He decided it was time for a change, thus the MAGFAST charger came to fruition.

He introduced his invention to the world in 2017 and was capable of gaining so much support from viewers that the company crowdsourced more than half a million dollars for the company’s launch by 2018. Under the MAGFAST Chargers Family brand, you can find six different chargers all offering the same simple charging experience. You get both portable and stationary options, but they all maintain a simplistic style that makes for an elegant display.

Traditionally, the wireless charging standard is based on an industry term called Qi. It’s used across the board by even the biggest companies and has allowed several companies to effectively enhance the way their users charge their phones. The MAGFAST Chargers Family chose not to follow this norm and it has paid them tremendously. Go To This Page to learn more.

Seymour Segnit didn’t want to completely negate the old way of charging so he developed a charger that was traditional, but stuck to the efficiency aspects put into every MAGFAST Charger. With the use of magnetic connectors that link together, the user doesn’t have to worry about wires or tangling. Visit This Page for related information.

The MAGFAST Family allows for clean and rapid charging. Seymour Segnit has created chargers that work with just about any device and stays completely out of the way. The world is excited to see what’s next from the MAGFAST Family.


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Achievements of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

As a young businessman that was born in 1980, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has prospered in his career through the determinations he had always held closer to him. He is an ambitious individual that does not only live on accomplishing his destiny, but he also works harder to make his targets a reality. He ventured in the exploration of oil and gas in the pacific sea. He has earned lots of profits from the projects he handles. He has always taught many people on the benefits of making their careers meaningful. He believes that when an individual keeps achieving failures in their lives and careers, they are bound to fail forever if they do not show interest in correcting the areas that prove to be problematic to them. It is by the principles that guide him that he has always attained what is best for him. Read more on WikiVisually.

Besides, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has always preferred to eliminate the people that act as his motivation killers. As much as he understands that people are bound to give different opinions about the paths that he takes towards building his career, he knows that individuals that do not show him support in the correct choices that he makes are never good friends. His attitude has enabled him to choose his best friends for himself. He does not spend moments with individuals that do not bring any positive impacts in his career and life. To him, friendship would always be about helping each other grow personally and career-wise. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has always given such advice to people that show a sense of rejection from other people.

Additionally, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has identified greater ways of promoting a productive company to a higher level. To him, modification of resources, as well as the process of gamification, enables him to increase the psych of his employees. Through making reports, giving incentives, and eliminating burn out factors, he has realized that he can make everyone happy and motivated to work harder for the success of his company. From the past years that he has been giving contributions in terms of ideas to people, he has realized that productivity majorly lays in the hands of his worker’s efforts.


Source: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q15814164

Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Explains How He Built OSI Group Into A Multinational Firm

Sheldon Lavin is a highly successful Chicago businessman. He is the owner and chief executive officer of OSI Group. He was an independent financial consultant focused on companies in the food industry when one client, Otto & Sons, ended up changing his life. Learn More about Lavin at angel.co.

He became a consultant because he wanted to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. He focused on companies in the food and consumer products industries. Sheldon Lavin says he was nervous about his skills when he started as a consultant but once he experienced success those feelings disappeared.

When he was hired by Otto & Sons as a consultant it was a small food company that was looking to expand. However, they needed money to do so. Sheldon Lavin thought they could succeed and he turned out to be right. A year later, the company was delivering processed meat to restaurants across the United States. He learned he was able to build large-scale operations from this experience. He became the CEO not long after this company changed its name to OSI Group. “OSI” is a nod to Otto & Sons.

Sheldon Lavin says that “it takes money to make money” is one of those sayings that happens to be entirely true. He had to establish a large enterprise before he started earning serious money. He now earns most of his money as an investor. The money he earns from OSI Group is invested in mutual funds and ETFs.

He says that the key to building a successful business is taking advantage of economies of scale. It was building OSI Group into a national, then international, firm where he was able to bring costs down and profits up. This attracted people who wanted to invest in his company. Sheldon Lavin said this was a mix of good fortune and planning.

A leader in the Chicago business community, he says that being a leader means being humble. If a person doesn’t have humility it prevents them from learning from their employees and others. He trusts in the people he surrounds himself with and tries to listen to as many smart people as he can.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Smita Shah – A Business Woman Commited to her Indian Heritage and Chicago’s Business Community

Smita Shah, an Indian American from Chicago, always knew she was smart. Unlike the rest of her classmates, she would spend time in the back of the class making her English word problems into algebraic equations. As a young adult she found her calling in Electrical Engineering and continued with a Master’s degree from MIT in civil engineering. 

Shortly after graduating, she started her own company called Spaan Technology, a company dedicated to building government and city-backed projects. Now the CEO of this successful Chicago based firm, she shows the same drive as she did while in school. But Smita Shah doesn’t stop there, she also takes on community projects, charities and causes that interest her. She doesn’t put up with mediocrity and works hard to make sure she completes everything she takes on in the very best way possible. 

Smita Shah’s Community Interests

Besides her business interests, Smita Shah also works within the community of Chicago to promote diversity, find ways to uplift ethnic communities and promote ideas she finds interesting. One such project she chairs is the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. As the international representative and committee chair for Delhi, the Indian sister city of Chicago, she decided to establish this yearly luncheon to commemorate Indian businesses in Chicago and to promote ideas to the community of Chicago as a whole. 

This year at the Annual luncheon which commemorates the legacy Mahatma Gandhi left to humanity, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot proclaimed October second to be the official Mahatma Gandhi day in Chicago. The pronouncement is made to recognize the 150th year of his birth and acknowledges the deep peace legacy he left to all humanity and the importance he holds to the Chicago Indian community. Smita Shah was delighted with the outcome of the luncheon. 

Smita Shah reiterated in a recent interview, “It has been a pleasure working with the community of Chicago and it is wonderful that our efforts to bring together the different ethnic communities of the city is working. It was a real honor for the Indian American community here in the city to have this proclamation made. It was also a personal honor to have the work we have done for the Mahatma Gandhi luncheon recognized in this way.” The idea of the luncheon came about when Ms. Shah demonstrated how Chicago was made up of many communities, and mentioned that they should all be recognized for the work they do. This luncheon and program now recognizes Mahatma Gandhi as a great man, an inspiration to the Chicago Indian community and all of us. Learn more: https://shiakapos.com/long-before-stem-was-chic-there-was-smita-shah/

The strong relationship between Delhi, India and Chicago shows the commitment Chicago has with its Indian community and recognizes its cultural attributions to the city. Through young leadership roles like Smita Shahs, the Delhi committee has supported the luncheon since 2014 and will continue to do so as a way of honoring the similarities and differences between Americans and Indians, and the combined effort to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi.

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Successful Venezuelan Businessman Talks Relationship Between Self Improvement And Entrepreneurship

In order to have a successful business, you must learn to adapt and improve not only in your business, but in yourself as well. One person who knows this all too well is Venezuelan businessman Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. He has worked in leadership roles through many organizations throughout the world and has learned all about the correlation between self improvement and running a thriving enterprise. In a article for medium.com, Betancourt Lopez uses his experiences to bring this perspective to other entrepreneurs.

In the article, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez mentions that his business philosophy comes from his great-grandfather, former Venezuelan President Hermogenes Lopez. Alejandro talks about how his great-grandfather went from a farm-worker with a limited education to a successful businessman in the electric and railroad industries. He never met his great-grandfather, but Alejandro talks about his influence on him by inspiring him to take on multiple roles in various industries.

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The article primarily focuses on the steps that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has taken in using change and self-improvement to help his own businesses. The first step he says is to just start out with some sort of goal and direction. Betancourt Lopez also says to take strategic steps forward and do not be afraid to fail and make mistakes. He also mentions getting a great support group around you and be able to learn and grow from them. He also says do not be afraid to embrace change in both your business and personal experiences.

Bentancourt Lopez also states that another way to use self improvement towards helping your business is to accept praise for your business’ successes, but also to accept the blame for the failures as well. He also says to take time, smell the roses and and not to not take anything for granted. A big self-improvement tip that Betancourt Lopez mentions is to not be afraid to change course if things do not work out. Finally, his biggest tip is to continue to develop your skills and grow and learn.

For more on Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and to read the full article, click here.

Oren Frank’s Quest To Change Views on Mental Health

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, which is the number one online and mobile psychotherapy company. The app is very convenient to those who are looking to improve their mental health. Talkspace has helped over a million users find connections to licensed therapists. The company was founded with his wife in 2012, after going through couples therapy. Oren and his wife, Roni, launched the company after experiencing benefits and believed that everyone deserves access to affordable and convenient psychotherapy. Their vision was “Therapy for all“.

Talkspace has raised over $100 million in financing since being founded. With the new capital, the company has two new targets. They want to leverage its machine learning and AI capabilities, along with accelerating the growth of its commercial business. Talkspace has now partnered up with Optum. This is a pharmacy care service group and benefit manager.

Oren Frank wrote an article called “Mental health and wellness aren’t the same“. The business man notes how several companies and departments tend to believe that mental health and wellness are the same thing. Frank believes that the two should not be seen as the same thing because that makes mental health seem like less of a health problem, which is why the two terms “wellness” and “mental health” should stay separated. With how big of a crisis mental illness is around the world, not putting an emphasis on mental health on its own pushes people to not find proper and professional treatment.

Before becoming successful with Talkspace, Oren Frank mainly worked in fields such as communications, advertising, and marketing. He even had a stint writing articles for Huffington Posts. Oren Frank wrote various articles such as technology, politics, social media, and mental health. One of his articles show that he is also a supporter for U.S Senator Kamala Harris, during her presidential campaign for the 2020 election. Read: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/11/talkspace-hires-a-chief-medical-officer-ahead-of-potential-ipo.html

The Success of Smita Shah

It’s not always easy to be the owner of your own company especially when you’re only 24 but Smita Shah has been able to have massive success with her business throughout the years. With so many people curious about how she managed to make it in such a competitive field typically dominated by men, she recently went on a radio show to discuss how she was able to rise to the top so quickly and how she deals with the responsibility of running her own company. As a freshman at Northwestern University, she quickly realized engineering was the field she wanted to go into and declared it as her major. From there, she quickly began performing well in her classes and subsequently graduated at the top of her class in the spring of 1994. 

After her college career came to a close, she decided to continue her education at MIT where she went on to earn a master’s of science in civil and environmental engineering. During this time, she was also chosen to participate in an internship program working for the office of the white house chief of staff in DC and she finished her thesis on the impact of culture on public-private partnerships. After receiving her degree, she went on to work for SOM in November of 1996 as a structural engineer. She remained in this role for about a year before realizing she had all the knowledge and resources she needed to become the founder and CEO of Spaan Tech. 

First opened in 1998, the company was created to build new toll roads, superhighways and suspension bridges to help commuters get to their desired destination. They also install lighting in various places throughout the country such as airport runways, emergency call boxes and sometimes even spotlights. When she was first getting used to running the company, she didn’t do too much to ensure it had a future because she wasn’t sure whether it would make it that far but, now that she knows it can withstand the test of time, she is adamant about ensuring the success of the company for countless decades to come. She knew that if things ended up going south, she could always sell it and then continue her career at a different company. Learn more: https://shiakapos.com/long-before-stem-was-chic-there-was-smita-shah/

However, if this new venture proved to be stable, she would be able to demonstrate how successful women can be in a field that is predominantly male. She was thrilled to learn recently that the number of women in the student population at MIT is now up to 47%, almost equal to the number of men. Over the years, she has dealt with people who come to the office only to mistake her for an intern as opposed to the head honcho but she mentioned that she never takes it personally. However, she does currently advocate for all female employees and encouraged them to be assertive to ensure that they receive fair and equal treatment from their bosses.

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Philanthropist Niranjan Shah gives to Sen. Hillary 2016 Presidential Campaign

As time draws near to the 2016 election, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has positioned herself to be the next democratic nominee. In order to kickoff the start of Senator Clinton’s potential candidacy, there is a high dollar fundraiser being held with a lot of political giants and donors. Some of these donors have been a part of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012. The event dubbed “Ready for Hillary,” is scheduled to be held in state of Illinois Sen. Dick Durban, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D), and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are the guests that will be scheduled to headline the prestigious event on June 5th, to be held at to be held at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush, a steakhouse by the Magnificent Mile.

As the event approaches, this marks a very pivotal time as Clinton begins to gain support as a member of Barack Obama’s cabinet. There are many prominent figures that will be associated with the event that comes at a price tag at $1000 per person. A lot of staff members from Obama’s political party are helping to push the event. Some of these staffers include Kevin Conlon, a top Chicago-based political strategist and Obama fundraiser; Wendy Abrams, a leading environmental activist; Lou and Susan Manilow, prominent arts philanthropists and Democratic donors; and, Niranjan Shah, a Democratic donor who runs an architectural firm. Shah is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. His corporation is responsible for helping clients discover who is your strongest connection to your target people or organizations.

While this event has already mad history, a lot of supporters for the Ready for Hillary’s fundraiser are excited to be apart of this event and help to support her on her journey as she embarks on becoming the first female president.

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Luke Lazarus – Serial Entrepreneur and World-Class Consultant

The world of startups is cutthroat. Nearly 90% of startups fail within five years, yet some entrepreneurs seem to bring success wherever they go, bringing businesses from startup to maturity and selling each for great profit.

These serial entrepreneurs enjoy consistent success through their immense and uncommon knowledge and skill, and a fraction of these people choose to teach their knowledge to the less-skilled business world.

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One such entrepreneur is Luke Lazarus. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Luke was a businessman from the beginning, starting his first business at age 8. He excelled in school, turning down offers from Ivy League schools and full-rides from Division I colleges.

By 24, Luke earned an MBA from Melbourne Business School. He then went on to create company after company, bringing it to success then selling it for profit. By 35, Luke Lazarus had created or sold four companies , and was financially independent.

At this point, Luke took his skills not to another startup, but to the noble cause of helping others find success. He became a business consultant, developing a rigorous consulting process that has been called overbearing. This process focuses on systems, analysis, and puts special emphasis on relationships with customers and stakeholders alike.

Over the years, Luke Lazarus has helped dozens of startups become multimillion-dollar businesses, taking a direct, brutally realistic approach.

One emphasized area of his approach is confronting entrepreneurs about their weaknesses, claiming that most entrepreneurs may be intelligent and talented, but few are skilled in many important areas such as high finance, brand messaging, and road showing. Lazarus also helps startup shape their operations to entice investors, ensuring enough capital is available for the business to grow.

According to Lazarus, many startup owners incorrectly believe finding capital is simple and easy, but the truth is that the world of investment is cutthroat, but Lazarus can help them make their mark.

Lazarus has helped many clients’ capture the attention of venture capitalists through attention-grabbing pitches. He also helps clients craft messages that communicate purpose beyond supply and demand, fostering emotional connection with consumers and stakeholders.

In addition to this, Lazarus helps clients recognize and create operations that investors will recognize as potentially successful. In this way, Lazarus both makes the company attractive to investors, and more likely to succeed with or without venture capital.

Luke Lazarus has spent more than a decade helping satisfied customers create successful businesses. Lazarus owes much of his success to his structured lifestyle, dedicating time to daily fitness, walking his dog, spending time with friends and community, and reading the paper.

This balance is essential to all of his success, making him a better marketing consultant, which translates to more satisfied customers, and more successful businesses. Lazarus looks forward to what comes next, hoping to help clients take advantage of the future economy.

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