Bhanu Choudhrie On Managing Your Priorities

CEO Choudhrie has always hoped to be the type of man that people can depend on, and it is through his career endeavors that he finds the greatest satisfaction in pursuing this. It is our pursuits, he believes, that make us who we are, and when we are willing to put our being into a pursuit, we find that we are at our greatest as human beings. This is a state of being that Bhanu Choudhrie is greatly interested in accomplishing, and this is why he works to make himself as productive as he possibly can be. While the work he does often demands a lot mentally, he finds it easy to push through on the simple basis that his work is for the sake of helping others.

If it were not for this factor, he would almost certainly find difficulty in his pursuits, but because he knows that it is for the greater good, there is never a moment of hesitation throughout his career. While his devotion is never questioned, someone as shrewd as Bhanu Choudhrie knows that it is important to consider the possibilities before you move forward with any plan of action. Oftentimes, it can be tempting to simply chase after a certain path that opens itself up to you because it seems compelling, but acting in this way can oftentimes be far more impulsive than we mean to be, and Bhanu Choudhrie wants to make sure he has a good grip on his impulses.

Because of this, he is the type of person to continually search for a better lifestyle at every possible junction. His commitment to his career is not arbitrary, either. Although it might seem this way given all the paths that stood before him, Bhanu Choudhrie was always mostly interested in the field of investment, and it is through the process of making new investments that he finds the greatest amount of satisfaction. He believes that this is what we should be looking for when we search for a suitable career, and unfortunately, it would seem as though our priorities have shifted over the years.

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Ara Chackerian Notes How Bamboo Use Can Benefit The Environment

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and investor who has spent the past several decades creating and developing a variety of businesses in the STEM and medical fields. Throughout his career, Chackerian has spent much of his time looking to bridge the gap between technology and the health industry. Alongside this, he has been engaged in a variety of philanthropic causes, with much of this being focused on the environment.

For the past several years, Ara Chackerian has looked to find ways where many businesses can reduce their environmental impact and overall carbon footprint. Much of this can be seen with his sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua, Limonapa Teak. The company, which has been in operation for several years, features a variety of sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua. Alongside this, the firm is involved in a variety of community-driven causes.

One of the more notable aspects of this is finding materials for operations that don’t cause environmental damage. As Ara Chackerian notes, deforestation is something that plays quite a noteworthy role in climate change, which is something that the furniture industry has a significant hand in. The majority of this can be seen with wood, which is commonly used in a range of areas in the niche.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives that can be sustainably driven. Ara Chackerian highlights bamboo as an example of this, as the material isn’t as vital to the environment as many other options. Alongside this, bamboo can be grown in large quantities while doing much less harm to the climate. The majority of this is seen through the fact that fewer harmful practices are needed to farm bamboo.

Chackerian has also noted that reforestation efforts can play quite a substantial role in this. As he’s noted, this can not only minimize the damage done through the use of wood but also have a net positive effect. Because of this, he’s suggested that reforestation can be an essential part of combating climate change, although this will be primarily seen if done in large amounts.

Outside of this, Ara Chackerian has also been involved in highlighting mental health issues in the technology industry, especially among start-ups.

How Michael Nierenberg is Helping Clients

With so many individuals wanting to get into investing, it can sometimes be difficult and downright time-consuming to do all of the work on your own. For this reason, hiring an expert like Michael Nierenberg is a great place to start. Not only does Michael Nierenberg have the dedication and experience behind him, but has has worked for some of the largest investment banks in the industry. One such bank is known as Bear Stearns and has helped Michael Nierenberg reach his goals within his career.

Not only can Michael Nierenberg help businesses worldwide, but he is able to take on the help and investment decisions of individuals just like you. You can feel confident in working with a professional like Michael Nierenberg and all of the work he has done. You can feel good knowing you’re hiring someone who has all of your best interests at heart. To learn more about Michael Nierenberg and the work he’s done, be sure to check him out online through his numerous social media pages and his online site that is kept updated regularly. You can feel great in knowing that Michael Nierenberg is there to help you out with all types of investments.

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Marc Beer On How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

It’s never easy going into the business world and becoming an entrepreneur but that certainly never deterred Marc Beer. The 58-year-old founder and CEO of Renovia have had a lot to contend with in his three-decade career but he has never let adversity get in his way. So how has he managed to get to where he is today? Well, his academic career first begins in the autumn of 1983 when he first matriculated at Miami University and decided to major in business. Four years later, he found himself with a business degree and no idea what he wanted to do until he received a job offer from a company known as Abbott. After working in their sales department for over half a decade, he decided it was time to move on and accepted an offer from Biostar working in their marketing department.
In 1996, he was offered another position at Genzyme where he served as one of their vice presidents in the global advertising department. He stayed with that company for almost five years before realizing he wanted to open his own company and left to do exactly that. In May of 2000, he became the founder and CEO of Viacell. Based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the primary the mission of the company is to analyze the genetic makeup of stem cells found in umbilical cords in an effort to uncover any potential cures they may hold. Although the company employed a significant amount of people and went public in 2005, it wasn’t long before they had to sell the business in 2007.
Shortly thereafter, he had to deal with a family tragedy as a pulmonary embolism tragically took the life of his wife, Jennifer, at just 42 and he had to become the sole caregiver of his three children. He spent the next two years attending PTA meetings, helping them with whatever homework they needed and taking care of them whenever they were under the weather. Before long, however, his daughter made him see the truth that the business world still needed his philanthropic passion so he decided to start working on creating a brand new company called Renovia in 2016. Based out of the Boston area, the sole mission of the company entails developing and mass-producing medical products to help patients suffering from various conditions.

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Despite only being around for a few years, the company already seems to be taking off as they were recently awarded a grant to help continue their development and medical research projects. They also had their first product receive a stamp of approval from the food and drug administration. So we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Connect with Marc Beer on Facebook is Proud to Help Nespresso with Their Recycling Program to Help Many Go Green

The loyal patrons of Nespresso in China will be happy with the news that they can now recycle their capsules in a much easier way. Thanks to’s broad and country wide in-house logistics network, Nespresso was able to partner up with the prestigious e-commerce platform to help them with facilitate their recycling program.

To get things started in this noble endeavor,’s team crafted a wonderful recycling page that is able to seamlessly integrate itself with the Nespresso’s WeChat mini-program. Now, all Nespresso clients all over China can take advantage of the mini-program. It is very easy to use and everything can be done on their mobile device. These esteemed clients can easily schedule a JD courier to pick up their used coffee pods on the same day or the next day. Previously, this service was only available for Nespresso Boutique locations or selected clients with massive order like restaurants, hotels, or offices.

Thanks to their high tech geo-location capabilities, can easily determine the location of the user and deliver the empty pods to the nearest recycling facility inb Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. The aluminum component of the pods can be utilized for the production of novelty gift products such as the popular Nespresso-branded knives. In the same token, the used coffee grounds serves as the perfect fertilizer for Nespresso’s eco-farms located in Chongming Island, along the Yangtze River in Shanghai.

The officials at Nespresso consider it a great privilege to work with a company like They are thankful to for helping them fulfill their advocacy for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. They acknowledge that they are only able to get this wide reach and support of more customers because of the technology and support provided by With JD’s help, the Nespresso company hopes to achieve their goal of one hundred percent recycling capacity around the world by 2020. This is their utmost goal because they know that protecting the environment is important so that the future generations cans still enjoy mother earth. shares the same vision and advocacy so they are more than happy to partner with Nespresso. They feel grateful for being instrumental in helping not just large conglomerate but smaller homes into going green. also believes that environmental awareness and protection are both critical to sustain the planet and all the inhabitants living in it.’s: Twitter.

The Career Path of Ashley Lightspeed

An American entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed, is an investor. She is currently a member of Lightspeed Ventures Partners. Lightspeed Ventures deals in cloud computing, Bitcoin, finance, and it is also a venture capital firm. Previously, Ashley worked as product personnel and consultant at Thumbtack and Bain & Company respectively. At Bain, she used her consulting role in customer simulations. At Thumbtack, she was responsible for overseeing customer services in the company’s Events and Wedding section.

She studied Bachelors of Arts between 2008 and 2012 at Duke University. In 2018, she graduated with MBA from Stanford Continuing Studies. During her childhood years, Ashley Lightspeed was passionate about architecture. The influence originated from her architect father. However, she was not destined for that world. While pursuing her studies abroad, she ventured into the business of prototyping. Her position at Thumbtack exposed her to the knowledge of prototyping because it is the strategy that the firm utilizes to collect customer feedback, generate ideas, as well as in product advancements. See More about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley’s involvement with the activities of Thumbtack gave her the courage to help other growing firms to realize their goals. She specializes in the development of new ideas by crafting, an endeavor that has helped to sharpen her skills in the business of prototyping.

Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Ventures Partners upon the completion of her MBA programme. She joined the firm alongside four other women. They all took up different roles and also introduced a 50% ration. In the beginning, the firm had only two female members of staff. Thankfully, her participation in client support helped to speed up the investment activities of Lightspeed Ventures Partners.

For someone who is just beginning her career, Ashley has an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Having been instrumental in the development of top-ranked organizations in the last few years, the future of Lightspeed Ventures is undoubtedly bright with her involvement.



Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan into a Jewish family in 1969. After High School, he went on to the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors in 1991. He then proceeded to get his law degree within the same University. He and his wife, Elizabeth have 3 children.

Eric is now the co-founder of Tempus, which is located in Chicago and concentrates on precision medicine solutions. Tempus is a technology focused company that is dedicated to getting patients on their own personalized therapeutic path that will enable them to live fulfilling lives. This has been done by analyzing the genetic code to assist doctors to better understand a patient’s tumor. Although there is no cure as of yet, his method has been proven to be successful on breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Tempus is composed of experts from every area of medicine and science who all have their contributions to the mission. Everyone involved with this research are all passionate about solving medical issues that we face today.

Eric also serves on the board of several charities such as Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Arts Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Steppenwolf Theatre Company. With all that Eric has given to the community, he doesn’t stop there.

Approximately 12 years ago, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz had started a private charitable foundation which focuses on human rights, civic causes, medical discoveries and education. This was an area that they both felt needed attention and they both remain 100% devoted to the quality of human life.

In his book titled ” Accelerated Disruption ” Eric draws out a plan on how to grab onto a smart idea and flourish it into a growing business which will create an aggressive advantage within the conventional trades. His approach has been proven by Eric and his staff.

Sudhir Choudhrie Is Excited About The Future Economic Situation Of His Home Country:

Sudhir Choudhrie, the Executive Director for the Magnum International Trading Company, has a rich and fascinating professional history that has been characterized by continuous success. He founded Magnum International Trading Company in 1975 and has spent a great deal of effort in guiding the firm in areas such as marketing and the leading export markets across east Asia. His professional history also includes work with Ebookers. He currently serves the firm as its Chairman of the Compensation Committee. In the past, Sudhir has been on the Board of Directors with Deccan Aviation. Sudhir Choudhrie set himself up for success early on by attending Delhi University in his native country of India. At the university, he studied the subject of economics. He graduated from the program with his Bachelor of Arts Degree.

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His willingness to invest in a diverse portfolio of companies within varying industries has aided Sudhir Choudhrie greatly in maintaining consistency as an entrepreneur. Industries that he is involved in include aviation, the hospitality sector, healthcare, and the real estate market. His excellence in achievement is something that he has been able to maintain for over thirty years now. This is due in large to his ability to correctly study markets. The level of respect that Sudhir commands led him to be awarded the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award. He received the prestigious honor in 2013 in a ceremony presented by the Asian Business Awards.

Sudhir Choudhrie recently weighed in on his thoughts about where the economy of his native India is heading shortly. One of the predictions that he has made is the concept that the United Kingdom’s pending exit from the EU is going to be a positive development for the economic situation in India. The reason that he makes this bold assertion is due to what he foresees as a positive working relationship that can now develop between the United Kindom and India concerning trade. He also believes that this development is going to carry strong benefits for both countries. Sudhir Choudhrie believes that the two countries will have the opportunity to strengthen their bonds in the world of trade.


A Brief Look at Ara Chackerian- A Voice for Sustainability and Health

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, famous for his efforts in healthcare technologies and sustainability. He has co-founded several companies which have integrated modern technology to deliver better and affordable services to patients.

For instance, PipelineRx is famous for using ‘telepharmacy,’ which is essentially a telephone-based pharmacy service. The company provides staff to hospitals for the provision of efficient pharmacy services while operating on the principle of telemedicine. PipelineRx ensures that hospitals can access pharmacy services when on-demand and reduce them when demand decreases. This balance between demand and supply is significant in reducing hospital costs. He also co-founded BMS Diagnostics where he served as CEO for six years.

Besides founding these companies, Ara Chackerian is also vocal about his knowledge of mental health issues and global sustainability. In one of his medium posts, Mr. Chackerian highlights the rising mental health issues among tech entrepreneurs. One of the companies he co-founded, TMS Health Solutions, is at the forefront of creating better solutions for mental health problems. The company is famous for performing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for mood control. The procedure will hopefully gain traction over the years since it is noninvasive and has fewer side effects than typical medication.

Ara is currently a Managing Director at ASC Capital Holdings. The company invests in healthcare startups that introduce revolutionary ideas to the healthcare industry. Given his vast experience in the healthcare industry, Mr. Chackerian is ready to change the U.S health sector. His focus on the link between technology and health is crucial in the innovation of more efficient solutions.

Mr. Chackerian sits on several boards and manages several businesses. Besides working as an angel investor at ASC, Ara Chackerian is a board member at Mint Medical Education, TMS Health Solutions, Juma Ventures, Pipeline Healthcare, among others. Ara Chackerian is a product of Florida State where he graduated with a B.S. in Marketing.

Richard Liu – An eCommerce Success Story

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder of His story is an interesting one, as he really had no intention of creating the largest e-commerce online retailer in Japan when he first went into business. His aspirations were not so high, even though he always knew that the entrepreneurs path was his destiny, he rarely thought of the online business model in the early days.

What Does Specialize In?

According to Richard Liu, the eCommerce website sells everything. You can find products, appliances and even food items, much like Amazon. However, a significant difference between both these companies is that is privately held and primarily serves China. Delivering products to the most remote location in China in a matter of a few hours to a few days, has become renown throughout the world for its impressive logistics system.

The Beginnings

Richard Liu Qiangdong has not always had business success. In fact, like many other entrepreneurs, his first business venture failed and went “Belly Up” as he likes to say. His very first venture was a restaurant while still in college. It was a business that did not see a year. However, the experience taught him a great deal about running a business and allowed him to open his first computer accessory shop upon graduating from Beijing University. That one shop soon turned into 12, and soon Richard Liu had a small succesful enterprise. It was certainly enough to help pay for his grandmother’s medication (the reason for starting the shop in the first place).


Tragedy hit in 2004. The SARS epidemic was rampant in Beijing and Mr. Liu did not want any of his employees to fall sick, so he sent them home and temporarily closed the stores. Faced with revenue loss, Richard Liu needed to find a way to make sales without having a physical location, and that is when he decided to take his products to the world of online commerce. This led to the launch of the first website in 2004.

The Key to Richard Liu’s Success

Richard Liu knew that the key to standing out from his competition was to improve the delivery times of the products he sold. As such he developed an incredible logistics system which allows delivery of products in as little as 6 hours. Today, Mr. Liu sits as head of, a company that now has more than 100,000 employees and 500 distribution centers.

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