The career of Gulf Coast Western president and CEO – Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western or Joint Ventures and credits their rapid expansion to working with other partners. The company was founded in the year 1970, and according to the article from the Daily Forex Report, has locations in – Mississippi, Colorado, and Oklahoma with its main headquarters in Texas. The oil and gas brand contribute two specific deals to their expansion in Southwestern Louisiana with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The two deals allowed the company to produce more wells and other drilling locations. The production of these wells was depicted to put them over the top from what they were prior. Gulf Coast Western has also used seismic data for their other projects to develop the surrounding areas. Another credited partnership that they believe allowed for a lot of expansion was with a partner named Northcote Energy Ltd. to expand in Southeast Louisiana to produce more oil. Aside from just doing this, Gulf Coast Western has invested in other companies. They do not plan to stop just there though as they insist to expand throughout the United States and work with other partners as they have been stamped with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The last section of the article summarizes the work and life of their CEO – Matthew Fleeger as he completed his education from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. He credits the skills he learned in college as being necessary to later work for various oil and gas companies along with leading one in Gulf Coast Western. Prior to being a part of Gulf Coast Western, he founded his own companies in MedSolutions and two successful tan businesses named Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan.

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Investing with TJ Maloney and Lincolnshire Management

TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm with headquarters in New York City and with three regional offices. The firm was founded in 1986 by businessmen Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. Over the last 26 years the firm has invested in over 70 acquisitions. TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993 and became the firm’s President in 1998. Throughout the years, the company has raised nearly $1.7 billion dollars in equity funds.

 TJ Maloney had previous experience in merger, acquisition and securities before working with Lincolnshire Management. He also worked with his family’s business which involved engineering, manufacturing and sales. Graduating from Fordham’s School of Law with a JD gave him the experiences he needed to succeed. With such success and dedication, those experiences also has given him opportunities to elevate with the firm. TJ Maloney was so grateful for the lessons and experiences that he learned from the law school, that he and wife Nancy Maloney gave a $5 million dollar gift to the school to open up the TJ and Nancy Maloney Library. In 2007 Maloney received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. The award was presented by the school.

The inspiration to endow on opening up a library comes about because of the love Maloney has for reading. He and Nancy both enjoy the habit. In recent news, the firm has expanded its company’s board with four new members. One reason for the hires is to invest in growing market companies. With different ideas and aspects, each new member brings something extremely valuable to the table. Lincolnshire Management has really been successful in investing in many industries. Lincolnshire Management was ranked as the 5th top performing equity firm in the industry. Both TJ Maloney and the firm are continuing to be great investing partners.


Isabel dos Santos’s Inner Intuition for Business

Isabel dos Santos has been in the African business industry for quite some time now, and in that time, she has grown to be one of the most successful businesswomen of the modern era. Not only is she the current richest woman in all of Africa, but she was the very first to ever become a billionaire. Reaching that status was an important milestone for Isabel dos Santos for many reasons.

Firstly, she was told all her life that she would never be able to accomplish such a feat. When faced with so much negative attention, it is only natural to soon learn how to deal with it. However, this was not necessarily enough to entirely nullify all the voices that stood in opposition to seemingly anything she would do. It was as though they disliked her simply because she was the daughter of a president and that much allowed her to start off her career rather wealthy.

Regardless of these voices, once Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire, they could do nothing to pull her down from that success. There is a tremendous glory in reaching that status; even if you were to try all your life, you would have trouble spending that much money. This is why Isabel dos Santos does not fear for her financial security. She has plenty saved away and at the ready for any situation she could be faced with, and because of this, she is able to focus entirely on her businesses. When she is allowed this freedom, her creativity opens up tenfold, and her businesses thrive.

Thriving is the best way to describe all of the companies that end up interacting with Isabel dos Santos on some level. When they meet her, it is as though she is like a good luck charm to them. Of course, the truth is actually the reverse of this. She is simply an individual who is able to find the talented businesses and raise them to the glory that she believes they deserve. Because of her intrinsic instinct for finding talent, she is perhaps one of the most desirable figures in business today.

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Luke Lazarus’s Perfected Business Development Plan

A business is a entity that can not exist without a vision behind it. In order to make a business succeed in the modern world it takes a willingness to accept risk and believe in yourself. Based out of Melbourne, Luke Lazarus closely advises and directs countless businesses at any given moment.

He was a gifted individual from a young age, with a MBA from the Melbourne Business School at only 24 years old. In addition, he had cultivated and sold 4 businesses by the time he turned 33 years old. This level of business success is among the highest in the industry for his peers. Luke Lazarus recently sat down for an interview to discusses the essential pillars of business sustainability.

When it comes to advising clients, Luke Lazarus has a multi-layered approach to help get a business off the ground. The inception of a business begins with having a vision. An individual has to know which direction to go, and the amount of resources available.

The early days of a business are stressful times. Luke Lazarus has perfected the strategy of convincing investors to jump on bored with the project. From this point, identifying the target audience and develop a cost efficient plan for the business. Lastly, Luke Lazarus helps to ensure the business remains sustainable for the foreseeable future. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile |  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

A typical day for Luke Lazarus can involve working with various clients, but even he has developed a daily routine to maximize time. The day begins at the crack of dawn with a period of mediation. The business industry is rapidly evolving and this period allows him to clear his mind for the day ahead.

In the first part of his workday, Luke Lazarus is running all over the place to get settled into work and see his family off for the day. By the middle of day through the afternoon, he is working hard to get as much work down as possible. Luke Lazarus is aware that time is a limited resource in the business world. A simple oversight or delay can have ripple down the entire process.

Luke Lazarus has mastered the process of creating, building, and sustaining a business. The surest method to gather an audience is hooking them with a narrative. Selling products that an individual feels complied to buy is an effective method for consumer retention.

In the current economic dynamics, consumers want an experience accompanied with their products. The inherent quality is no longer as valuable in the eye of the average consumer. Luke Lazarus extensively takes records of everything from the ideas in his head to the rundown of meetings. Success only comes to those who strive to achieve that outcome.

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