Meet Ryan Seacrest: The Radio Personality with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ryan Seacrest is one of the few radio personalities who have demonstrated incredible talent within his career line. He has held prominent positions across the broadcasting industry not only as a host but also as a producer. Seacrest has steered one of the most iconic music competition series’: the American Idol show. He has created so much thrill among hundreds of its views. The show is making a comeback for its second season (Instagram).

The multi-talented award-winning celebrity is perhaps one of the most sorts after Hollywood insider in the entertainment industry. He is also the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, a morning drive-time show in Los Angeles. Ryan Seacrest is this simple person who relates easily with his listeners. He has created a personal bond with his fans.

His strong character has also landed him a host position in Live with Kelly and Ryan show. It outlines the everyday pop culture happenings in the lives of their guests. Performances by musical guests accompany the discussions. From these and many other involvements, Seacrest has received various awards and nominations both for himself and various shows he hosts.

The television host will not leave it at that because he is also a celebrated entrepreneur. Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction says it all. The clothing line features men’s tailored clothing and accessories. It is an inspiration from his sharp dressing lifestyle of tailored three-piece suits. Spread-collar dress shirts accompany these. Seacrest’s brand is exclusively available at Macy’s following a successful launch last decade.

To top it up, the youthful-looking host and producer is also entering the beauty space. He is teaming up with Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to launch a skincare line. The upcoming line christened Polished is targeting skin issues that men face. Dr. Lancer has an unmatched understanding of the benefits behind taking care of your skin.

Meanwhile, Seacrest is also into charity work having initiated a non-profit organization; Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). It has been running for eight years, with about ten broadcast media centers in various pediatric hospitals across different cities.

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Glenn Schlossberg: Research And Hard Work Are Important In Fashion

Glenn Schlossberg knows that hard work is important and one of the main reasons he has found such success in the fashion industry. He founded the fashion company that produces clothing for Bebe, Macy’s, and many other brands known as Jump Design Group. Since the company was founded by Glenn Schlossberg in 1990, it has been devoted to producing high-quality fashions in an efficient way that allows them to keep up with all of the latest styles and trends. His company has grown into a leader in the world of fashion.

One of the lessons that Glenn Schlossberg has learned over the years in fashion is that it requires a lot of hard work but can be worth it. It takes a lot of dedication and research to stay relevant and he is willing to invest what he needs to in order to stay on top of the game. As a child, he had the opportunity to learn a lot about the world of fashion while working in his father’s factory that produced clothing. From a young age, Glenn Schlossberg learned that efficiency was important along with quality.

While Glenn Schlossberg initially attended college for a semester, he quickly realized that it wasn’t for him and decided to work for his father’s factory instead. He performed many different jobs within the company and realized that he was good at it. He wrote up a business plan with the help of his wife who graduated from Cornell with an MBA. They were able to get the financing that they needed to found Jump Design Group. Glenn Schlossberg had already built up valuable connections with retailers from the work that he did with his father’s company that proved important when starting his own business.

Along with his pursuits in business, Glenn Schlossberg is involved in different charitable actions. He works with inner-city children in order to show them the importance of entrepreneurship and gives them important tips on how to make it in the business world. In addition, he has made sizeable donations to the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

While Schlossberg tries to utilize domestic labor and materials, he travels to Asia to get ideas on how to produce clothing more efficiently. He also travels to fashion hubs like London to learn about the latest trends. He spends a lot of his life traveling and the hard work is all worth it. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit

The Academy Of Art University’s Students Once Again Wow New York Fashion Week

Students from the impressive Academy of Art University in San Francisco have once again made their way to New York to take part in the annual Fashion Week event where they proved themselves a success once again. New York Fashion Week regulars, including Miss J. Alexander and many other fashion experts who made their way to the 21 runway shows created by BFA and MFA graduates in both the menswear and womenswear sectors.


The former students of the Academy of Art University have been at the heart of the growth of recent New York Fashion Week events involving recent graduates from the school which assists graduates in making their debut at the annual series of events. Students require some assistance with their designs as the 15-minute shows at New York Fashion Week can be the result of many years of work.


A diverse range of designers debuted their work with ten graduates showing at New York Fashion Week, including Eden Slezin who used the denim-based history of the San Francisco area as inspiration for the line of vintage jean-based designs; showcasing the different areas of inspiration used by graduates of the institution included the death of the aunt of Dina Marie Lam who explored the sense of transition she felt following her own loss.


The Academy of Art University has been a major part of New York Fashion Week when a bi-annual tradition began with a number of graduates from the school making their way to ‘The Big Apple’ to show their latest designs in 2005.


Despite now being known as a leading fashion school the academic institution began life as an advertising and marketing school under the leadership of advertising editor Robert Stephens; the grand-daughter of Robert, Elisa Stephens has been instrumental in expanding the range of options open to students since she took over the Presidency in 1992.


Over the years the college has become accredited to a range of bodies such as the National Association of Art and Design. As the range of courses on offer has expanded the number of accreditations has also expanded to include a Bachelor of Architecture program accredited to the National Architectural Accrediting Board.


Kate Hudson Is An Amazing Influence On Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown a successful, $250 million dollar business selling activewear in only three years. The brands are convenient, inspirational, and powerful with her success based on customer experience, service, exclusivity in design, brand recognition, and high value. There are currently sixteen stores with more openings scheduled for the future. Their membership model gives Fabletics the ability to offer trendy fashions and high value brands for approximately fifty percent of their competition.


One of the main reasons Fabletics has become so successful is their use of reverse showrooming. Where their competition allows customers to browse while offline and then make their purchases elsewhere at a lower price, Fabletics has taken the model and reversed it by turning negatives into positives. They take the time to build relationships and use activities and events to get to know their clients. Thirty to fifty percent of all individuals who walk through Fabletics doors have already become members. An additional 25 percent take out a membership while in the store. From online shopping to their retail locations Fabletics gives their customers what they want.


Fabletics has collaborated with the pop superstar Demi Lovato. She adores the clothes and loves the message they represent. The clothes empower and inspire women to be strong and at their very best. A woman’s age, shape or size become irrelevant because Fabletics makes them feel good regardless. Fabletics was founded in 2013 and has established a reputation as an empowering and inclusive athleisure brand. The idea came from the founders, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. They wanted to establish a brand that was priced reasonably and stylish.


The concept of Fabletics led the founders to Kate Hudson. She was approachable, living an active lifestyle, and did not take herself way too seriously. From the design process to the strategy for social media she quickly became an asset to the company. She makes certain the clothes remain fresh and knows what is selling well and what is not. Kate is just so easily pictured as going to the gym wearing Fabletics or running around town with her children. She also strongly believes in authenticity and if she does not truly believe in something she simply will not participate.


Fabletics had to surpass numerous hurdles when the company began despite a celebrity founder, experienced investors, and a fabulous idea. They have succeeded in their goals and established a company representing quality.

EOS Lipbalm: Taking the World of Fashion by Storm

The EOS company is one of the most famous beauty products on the market today. Most consumers take advantage of their products because it is both cheap and useful. The company is focused on providing only the best beauty products for their customers. They have a broad range of lip balms, lotions, shaving creams, hand lotions, as well as other personal hygiene products. Since the firm only has a focused group of individuals in the United States and Canada that they want to target first, they also want to expand their market as soon as they reach their targeted number of consumers. The EOS company was first originated in 2006, and currently holds office in New York, New York. Watch to know more about EOS lip balm products.

Now, a lot of people might have wondered why there has been a sudden surge of this product all over the market today; it is because the EOS products are sweet smelling and both safe for the skin. The company’s lip balms are the number one choice for millennials today all over the United States and Canada. They have an excellent selection of lip balms that are non-toxic and natural. They are also very affordable and come in a variety of different flavors and colors. Since the product was first introduced to the public, women have scoured department stores and personal hygiene retail shops for these commodities. For more interesting stories, hop on to

As of seven years ago, a selection of pastel-colored lip balms called the EOS began to become available to the public and started to take up all kinds of shelf space in outlets like Target, Wal-mart and other stores, view now. EOS is short for Evolution of Smooth, Since this is their catchphrase, the company has managed to deliver on the reputation, which is why so many customers are happy with the products.

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