Todd Levine Named One of the Best Attorneys in America

The Best Lawyers in America recognized the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levin, P.L. for its expertise, professionalism as well as dedication to serving its clients the best way possible. The Miami-based firm has highly experienced attorneys including Abbey Kaplan, Alan Kluger, Todd Levine, Deborah Chames, Daniel Rosen and others.

The lawyers’ organization recognized Abbey Kaplan, Alan Kluger as well as Todd Levine in the Real Estate Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions as well as entertainment law sectors. Bruce Katzen was also honored for his achievements in the Securities and Capital Markets Law as well as Commercial Litigation. Kluger, on the other hand, was recognized for his roles in the Commercial Litigation, Family Law as well as Finance Litigation categories. Almost all lawyers in the firm were recognized for their contributions in the field of law.

According to one of the firm’s founding members Alan Kulger, they were thrilled for being recognized as among the best lawyers in the United States. The firm has always been dedicated to the legal profession empowering attorneys in the firm to build a sound reputation delivering unmatched services to clients.

Todd Levine, the firm’s founding members, handles almost all litigation areas including real estate litigation. He has represented prominent individuals including developers, property owners, real estate brokers, contractors and investors. He is also passionate about music, art and science. His music, science and art often comes-in-handy in the courtroom to help him crack cases.

Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine, P.L. is based in Miami and it is focused on litigation with offices based in not only Miami, but also Minneapolis, and Boca Raton. It has many litigators who specialize in many areas including commercial litigation, entertainment, construction litigation, sports, entertainment, and fashion law.

Todd Levine has handled many cases in a variety of litigation areas including sports and entertainment. He brings his analytical and creative skills to the courtroom to help him in cracking complex cases. With the unique set of skills, Levine has an edge in the courtroom with the ability to look at evidences and a case from all facets.

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S&P Global Market Intelligence Ranks the Best-Performing U.S. Banks 2018

NexBank Capital, Inc is a financial service company that is based in Dallas, Tx. Just recently, the financial organization announced that it had scooped top three categories for its efficiency, equity, and asset quality. The S & P Global holds this event every year to rank the best the banks that are best performing in the U.S community.

In the event, NexBank Capital came first throughout the nation on the return on average tangible common equity, abbreviated as ROATCE. The bank also got itself the second position for its efficiency ratio and came third among the country’s banks with $3 to $10 billion worth of assets.

S&P Global Market Intelligence ranked the country’s best performing banks with $3 to $10 billion worth of assets basing on six basic financial performance metrics for the past one year, which ended in the 31st day of December 2018. These performance metrics included the following:

The pre-tax return on the average tangible common equity

The net interest edge

Loan growth

Net discounts as a percentage of the average loans

Adjusted Texas ratio

The efficiency ratio

About NexBank

With its headquarters in Dallas, NexBank is currently the 10th largest bank throughout the state of Texas. Nationwide, this bank is ranked as the 158th largest bank. It has a rich history that dates back to 1934 when it was established. Eighty-four years down the line in 2018, NexBank has grown to 85 employees at the three locations, namely 2515 Mckinney Ave, Suite 1100, 6121 Luther Lane, and 2515 Mckinney Avenue, Suite 1700. At the moment, the bank’s money market rates are five times that of the national average enabling it to score a B health rating.

The bank’s leadership merges industry expertise as well as an intense focus to serve its customers. Its objective is to provide the best financial services to all its individual, institutional and corporate clients. The able team is led by Mr. James Dondero, who is the bank’s chairman, as well as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. The bank also has a knowledgeable cream of directors who brings with them a breadth of management, coupling it with extensive leadership experience. The entire team’s focal point is to be committed to the bank’s success by offering customer satisfactory and professional financial services.







Sharon Prince Develops Grace Farms

Sharon Prince has recently discussed how open spaces can benefit nature and the community. When she recently wrote about the value of natural landscapes, she emphasized how they can help inspire people as well as allow them to get a better understanding of the natural environment. Since 2015, Sharon Prince has offered members of he community the opportunity to check out a large 80 acre landscape called Grace Farms. This landscape has allowed many people to educate themselves about nature as well as the wildlife that lives in it. She has gathered a group of knowledgeable people who are aware of such things as nature, justice, art, community and faith. This group of individuals has allowed the organization to benefit the local community.

Since developing Grace Farms, Sharon Prince Grace Farms has been able to make a solid impact on her local community. She has used her leadership skills to develop an organization that is committed to educating the community about nature and how its preservation will benefit society. During the past three years, Sharon Prince has used the Grace Farms Foundation to address a number of important issues in the community and society at large. With her foundation, she has discussed issues such as the trafficking of wildlife, human trafficking and nature restoration. Sharon and all of the members of Grace Farms have been devoted to providing important information to members of the community on how these issues can be addressed in the near future.

Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farms Foundation in an effort to help improve her community. With Grace Farms, she has devoted her time to helping the community get a better understanding of nature’s value. She has looked to create a safe and spacious environment that will allow members of the community to learn more about nature and the wildlife that resides in it. Along with founding Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has also been involved in addressing a number of social issues such as child exploitation and violence against women. Before she founded Grace Farms, Sharon had a successful career in the fashion industry as an executive.

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An Explanation of Shervin Pishevar’s Insightful 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar: A Business Leader With Genius Insight

Shervin Pishevar is a top venture capitalist, angel investor, and entrepreneur. He co-founded Sherpa Capital and Hyperloop. He has invested in businesses that include Airbnb, The Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Munchery, and more.

Mr. Pishevar has extensive knowledge and experience in the financial industry, which is why his insights are carefully listed to by his followers and peers. In February of 2018, Mr. Pishevar took to the social media network known as Twitter and surprised his followers with a series of tweets. This tweet storm was 50 tweets that lasted for about 21 hours, and it was his first time making an appearance on social media in several months. Needless to say, his followers were excited about what he had to say.

Shervin Pishevar’s Tweets Explained

Mr. Pishevar touched on numerous topics, but the most notable topics that he discussed were the United States economy, cryptocurrency, Silicon Valley, and inflation.

When Mr. Pishevar started his tweet storm, the United States economy was in a turbulent state to say the least. Mr. Pishevar said the US stock market could fall by 6,000 points in 2018. Mr. Pishevar noted that tax giveaways, problems with credit accounts, and rising interest rates are a few reasons why 2018 isn’t a good time to invest.

He also said that government bonds are not as powerful as they once were. He explained that central banks will no longer be able to use government bonds to ease a fluctuating stock market because they have been used too much in the past.

Shervin Pishevar explained that Bitcoin will drop but eventually rise again and that cryptocurrency could lead to a global banking system. In addition, Mr. Pishevar stated that inflation was dead and that investors have expected it to manifest on its own for decades, which has had a negative impact on the economy.