The Rocketship Education Program Soars

Rocketship education may be ideal for those parents that have become somewhat disgruntled by the traditional public school system. Rocketship schools are still part of public schools, but these are charter schools. Some people may not know the difference, but they are definitely starting to learn now that the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is making a great push for the Rocketship styled school formats.

More people are starting to embrace this type of school environment because it caters to a great number of students that are from low income homes. It is a great thing for parents to get a chance to see their children getting motivated to learn by teachers in these types of school systems.

The Rocketship Education phenomenon started in California, but these charter schools have spread because the demand for these schools is in place. One of the major reasons that people can see a need for this has to do with failing schools that often become part of the traditional school system.

The fact that kids are able to go to a public school system that has an elevated style of learning that is similar to private school makes a Rocketship public schools concept very intriguing for most parents. It becomes even more exciting when parents learn that they do not have to have a six-figure income to get their children into the schools. In fact, the reverse is often true for student that attend charter schools. More than 85% of the children that are part of the student body for Rocketship Education are comprised of low-income families.

All of these factors combined, along with the three pillars of education, have propelled Rocketship Education to a new high. There are a lot more students that are engaged in learning because they have access to teachers that are getting a ton of professional development hours. These teachers are getting connected to parents and finding a way to tailor learning based on the needs of the student. All of this plays a big part in how the Rocketship Education concept is starting to evolve in America.