Lee May of Beamridge Plans To Raise £20000 for Nemesis Boxing Club

Lee May has been boxing enthusiast all his life and uses part of his finances to sponsor upcoming boxing clubs. He has currently set his eyes on Nemesis amateur boxing club and is planning to spearhead a sponsored 10k run to facilitate the club`s project to purchase a new minibus. Lee May hopes to accumulate a total of £20K from people`s contributions. According to organizers, extra finances generated from the run will be left to the club to facilitate its other activities.


In extension, Beamridge Company has been the official sponsors of the Nemesis Amateur boxing club and the walk will only be fundamental in the purchase of the minibus. The sponsorship has strengthened the team`s training activities and opened up their channels to compete both domestically and across Europe. In addition to boxing, Nemesis facilitates both social and psychological development of young people as they provide a family setting and impart stronger societal values to them.


Beamridge Company


Beamridge was formerly FS contracting limited and was established in 2013 by like-minded partners with huge experience in the construction sector. The company is focused on delivering high-end innovations in the construction industry as they maintain safety. The company has grown to be a dear to many who need construction services and consultancy, thanks to their professionalism, subsidized rates, and quality results. Some of their accreditations include ISO 18001, 9001, and 14001, CQMS, CHAS and Safe Contractor. This is enough affirmation of the company`s credibility in the construction department.


Achieve such heights of success calls for excellent management and the same is reflected in the company. Beamridge`s managing director is Danny Master, who previously led the Barratt London and saw it develop mega-projects like the Marple Quays. Paul Newstead serves as the agency`s pre-development director. He brings on board 30 years’ experience in the construction industry with 20 years in the design and residential. The financial director is Shaista Maartensz who joined in 2016 after a productive 15 years in a similar position. The above team works hand in hand with other well-trained executives and subordinates to ensure Beamridge remains the leading construction agency in London.