Alexis Kennedy beats the giants

The video game industry is one of the most competitive out there. The issue is that there are plenty of big companies churning out content but there are also smaller firms doing the same thing. There aren’t as many gate keepers out there as there used to be and that allows smaller firms to find their way into the business more and more.

Alexis Kennedy is one of those people who has managed to make the fact that the business is more open, a way for him to become one of the kings of the video game world. Kennedy is someone who has made his name on smaller games that are also incredibly popular.

He’s best known for coming up with the title, Cultist Simulator. This is a game that allows people to get some idea as to what it would take to join a rather out-there cult. This is the kind of game that can only be put out by a smaller firm. It’s got a massive fan following, but might not be something a larger studio would touch.

Alexis Kennedy isn’t someone who is worried about taking risks when it comes to the games he puts out. That doesn’t mean he’s doing something that is so out there that it isn’t plenty profitable. In fact, his games have been massive hits among the people who are looking for something that the bigger companies can’t offer. That is the great thing about the video game industry. There are all kinds of offerings out there. The smaller companies fill a void the bigger ones are simply too big to fill.

Alexis Kennedy has found the secret weapon when it comes to this kind of thing. He knows what his public wants, even before they do and he aims to bring exactly that to the table.