Barbara Stoke’s passion is changing the community

When it comes to Disaster Relief Construction, no one shines brighter than Barbara Stokes. Her unceasing efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey have proven that she is dedicated to improving lives in her community and those affected by natural disasters.

Barbara Stokes is the co-founder and operator of Green Structure Homes; a holistic disaster relief contractor in Huntsville, Alabama. Her company, GSH, was tasked by FEMA to provide a turnkey solution to the 200,000 homes affected by the hurricane. With time running out for the most vulnerable, Barbara Stokes utilized her background in Biomedical Engineering and GSH’s resources to provide chemical and toxin-free temporary housing that would stand up to the elements. They were successful and providing a feasible solution, but there was a problem.


Barbara Stoke’s company was only contracted for 28.5 million dollars, and while they made a significant impact it wasn’t enough. GSH decided that the best solution was to up with Habitat for Humanity and donate over $50,000 in materials. This allowed the non-profit to fortify their grassroots building efforts in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Barbara Stokes has proven her creative thinking can create change the community. When people have to rely on the government they know it isn’t easy to see the silver lining. However, when CEO’s care about the community it provides a tangible impact that gives them hope for the future. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.