Toyo Setal Continues To Lead

Founded in 2012, Toyo Setal has grown to become one of the leading offshore construction companies in Brazil. The majority of the work that the company does has been focused on the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning, or EPCC industry. In the years since it’s been founded, the company has continued to expand steadily according to Because it’s a subsidiary of TS ParticipaƧƵes e Investimentos S.A, the business has been able to benefit from a significant amount of expertise in the area while developing much of its own. This has allowed the company to create a variety of different products and services that have drastically benefited each of its clients.


Since being founded, Toyo Setal has aimed to meet and exceed customer expectations consistently. Much of this as been done through the design and development of a variety of integrated technologies to help serve their needs. This has led to the company developing a number of integrated end-to-end solutions that have a few key focuses according to Chief among these are increasing the safety, productivity, profitability, and sustainability of each of the offshore clients that they work with. The advancements in the industry that Toyo Setal had a hand in has led to quite a significant amount of praise within the niche. This has included the likes of Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects award while at the AVEVA World Summit 2014 event.

While Toyo Setal initially serviced the domestic market in Brazil, it’s become an increasingly international business. Furthermore, the Brazilian giant has developed expertise, creating products and services for a few different industries. Some of the most notable of these include the likes of Petrochemistry, Mining. Steelworks, Fertilizers, Infrastructure, Chemistry, and Energy. Throughout this time, the company has continued to dedicate itself to customer satisfaction. This has not only meant that the products and services it offers are to a high standard, but their customer service team maintain a high degree of professionalism. This is chiefly on show with their expertise in helping clients troubleshoot a variety of problems that they may come across, while also ensuring that they’re getting the product that they need.

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