Basic Info About Highland Capital Management Everybody Needs To Know About

Financial services is an essential line of work in today’s world of commerce.

Without financial services widely available, American consumers wouldn’t be able to readily make sense of their personal financial situations, make solid investment decisions, plan for their futures using known and unknown personal and financial information, and much more. Further, businesses would struggle to derive proper utility from their free cash flow and cash reserves.

Without the help of both corporate and personal financial advisors, the world’s greatest economy – the United States, that is – would sink quite quickly.

The role of financial services sector businesses is undeniable, one of which is Highland Capital Management of Dallas, Texas.


What is Highland Capital Management?

Highland Capital is an international manager of investments that specializes in the use of alternative investment strategies. The company was founded in 1993 by a pair of then-young entrepreneurs, each of whom boasted a relatively short yet impressive career in finance. The two co-founders were Mark Okada and James Dondero.


What is alternative investment management?

In other words, alternative strategies are those that utilize strategies far outside of the mainstream investment management market. In many cases, such strategies are inherently riskier than their mainstream, reliable, tried-and-true counterparts. See Related Link for additional information.


Where all does Highland Capital Management work?

Many financial services companies are satisfied with being able to serve clients on a national scale. Highland Capital Management, on the other hand, operates offices all over the world, including two in South America – one in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and another in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Two also exist in Asia – in Singapore and Seoul, South Korea. Go Here for more information.

In addition to its Dallas, Texas, headquarters, Highland also has a field office in New York City. Highland Capital Management experienced its big breakthrough onto the financial services market after JPMorgan Chase purchased the firm’s self-developed, proprietary software for tracking loan portfolios.


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