Mark Holyoake

Oakvest Holdings’ Mark Holyoake Building Successful Companies through Collaboration

Mark Holyoake, founder and owner of Oakvest Holdings, has taken his interest in collaboration and restructuring to building up prosperous companies. As a result, he has accumulated an extensive background in the food industry, seafood operations in particular.

Mark’s latest venture has been a manifest success. Using his knowledge and experience in the sector, Mark Holyoake invested in Iceland Seafood International in 2010 through his investment companies, Oakvest Holdings and International Seafood Holdings. Iceland had just experienced an economic collapse, and Holyoake’s decision to pick up stock in the country might have seemed a bit risky. However, Holyoake perceived the robustness of Iceland’s traditional fishing culture and saw a way to pull together the disparate players in a combined effort and drive profitability for ISI.

Holyoake’s thoughts at the time were that he was bringing a common-sense approach – gained through professional experience – to building evident infrastructure. His philosophy was to do the work necessary over the long term. Mark Holyoake arranged a partnership between ISI and 27 percent of Iceland’s professional fishing operators. Ten years later, ISI has become ten times more profitable.

In the latest news entitled “Holyoake, Sveinsson Step Down From ISI Board…”, Mark Holyoake revealed that he would be stepping down from active membership in the board team of the Iceland Sea Food International. He first came into close interactions in 2010 after purchasing shares from the company through his investment vehicle International Seafood Holdings. This move made Mark Holyoake the largest shareholder in the company for a couple of years. He, however, sold down his shares to make space for more investors before eventually stepping down.

Holyoake has since stepped down from the company’s board and sold a large portion of his shares to make room for following interested parties who would play their part in ISI’s future. Though not necessarily easy, the move allowed the company to start on its new chapter. Holyoake still owns about 9 percent of ISI’s shares, and ISI expanded its reach and leverage even further in 2018 by acquiring Icelandic Iberica.

The resulting returns on Mark Holyoake’s current stake in ISI illustrate the rationale behind his collaborative approach in long-term development. He now sees more significant returns from having laid the groundwork over a long time, even though he now has a smaller share in the company. Go To This Page for related information.

Holyoake looks forward to utilizing his position in Oakvest Holdings for the acquisition of other food-industry niche companies that could benefit from infrastructure and combined effort. He sees a lot of untapped potential in an emerging public awareness of wellness and healthy foods.

Mark Holyoake recommends finding success through a team of like-minded players with common goals and a sense of shared leadership and collaboration.




Successful Venezuelan Businessman Talks Relationship Between Self Improvement And Entrepreneurship

In order to have a successful business, you must learn to adapt and improve not only in your business, but in yourself as well. One person who knows this all too well is Venezuelan businessman Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. He has worked in leadership roles through many organizations throughout the world and has learned all about the correlation between self improvement and running a thriving enterprise. In a article for, Betancourt Lopez uses his experiences to bring this perspective to other entrepreneurs.

In the article, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez mentions that his business philosophy comes from his great-grandfather, former Venezuelan President Hermogenes Lopez. Alejandro talks about how his great-grandfather went from a farm-worker with a limited education to a successful businessman in the electric and railroad industries. He never met his great-grandfather, but Alejandro talks about his influence on him by inspiring him to take on multiple roles in various industries.

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The article primarily focuses on the steps that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has taken in using change and self-improvement to help his own businesses. The first step he says is to just start out with some sort of goal and direction. Betancourt Lopez also says to take strategic steps forward and do not be afraid to fail and make mistakes. He also mentions getting a great support group around you and be able to learn and grow from them. He also says do not be afraid to embrace change in both your business and personal experiences.

Bentancourt Lopez also states that another way to use self improvement towards helping your business is to accept praise for your business’ successes, but also to accept the blame for the failures as well. He also says to take time, smell the roses and and not to not take anything for granted. A big self-improvement tip that Betancourt Lopez mentions is to not be afraid to change course if things do not work out. Finally, his biggest tip is to continue to develop your skills and grow and learn.

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Returning Hippos

The hippos are back at it again and happier than ever before in their new outpost area within the Dallas Zoo. Did you know that it had been more than 15 years since this zoo has had a hippo arena or even one hippo in it? In fact, since the death of a very loved hippo at the zoo, people have felt unready to place new hippos in the zoo – until earlier this year, when James Dondero made a generous donation, and everything changed.

James Dondero, President of HCM – otherwise known as Highland Capital Management – made it all possible when he donated $14 million to the fund. Dondero is a man of influence power. He is obviously a man of uncapped earnings as well.

This proud CMA and CMA is also a chair member for many boards. He analyzes. He collects. He advises and consults. He’s done it all.

This waterhole habitat comprises 120,000 gallons of fresh water for the hippos to enjoy. It comes next to their beautiful new 2.1-acre outpost. It’s often hard to decide who it is that enjoys this new zoo addition more – the hippos, the zoo staff or the paying customer. Perhaps it’s even Dondero himself, a man who derives a sincere zoo from every one of his unique philanthropic efforts. He loves to see the end result of his work, and this time it smiles at him in the look of each customer and hippo.

As a result of the new outpost construction, the Dallas Zoo has likewise seen the growing influx of customers on a daily basis, especially during the spring and summer seasons. Those faithful Dallas residents who had not seen a hippo in years could not be happier in having their wish come true. In turn, they have spread the news all over social media, and more people have paid to come and see the hippos. The zoo employees were happy with the new addition as well as it offered them a new area of challenge and expertise as well as a break from the routine.

Bhanu Choudhrie: A Typical Day In The Office

Based on an article relating to his life, Bhanu Choudhrie, who is the investor and founder of C&C Alpha Group, speaks on what his typical day is like and how he makes his days very productive. He wakes up just right before Seven o’clock in the morning.

The first thing he does once he wakes up is to check his emails and check out recent news. Some mornings, he will watch TV and learn the global gains in the financial world, while he checks out business strategies on CNN and Bloomberg. Regardless if he is traveling from one place to another or if he has a scheduled breakfast meeting, Bhanu Choudhrie goes to his main office and begins his work between 9:30 am and 10:30 am.

While he is working, he is mostly involved in several business meetings and conference calls. His meetings and calls focus on either issues in various businesses, discuss the company’s strategic development, or comes up with new long-term plans.

Of course, he will have time off for lunch. However, there are times when he will still discuss business with his partners while on his breaks. When it comes to finishing up work for the day, he leaves his office at 6pm sharp. He believes that it is very important to dismiss yourself from home at the same time every day because it could affect your creative thinking skills.

After he is done working, the investor is involved with several exercises that involve either boxing, going for a swim, or just getting a workout in at the weight room. His plans for exercise is based on how he feels for the day. After he is done with his exercises, he double-checks his emails and works calls before he heads for dinner.

Once he is on the verge of calling it a night, he will take some time to either watch a movie or read one of the books that he collects. This concludes how Bhanu Choudhrie makes his day productive on a regular basis. It may seem like a busy routine day for a man like him, but it sounds pretty simple if you ask me.

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Sharon Prince Receives A High Level Of Well-Deserved Praise For Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is the founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she is the president and chair of the private foundation. She created the foundation in 2009, and she operates Grace Farms in CT as a non-profit nature reserve.

Her mission was to establish a public space where visitors can engage with nature, arts and faith. The reserve is a peaceful place for people to come and gain perspective on their lives and, equally as important, their faith. Grace Farms offers acres of natural surroundings, the wonders of small species of animals roaming freely and respectively designed architecture.

Sharon Prince took great strides to raise awareness in the construction industry with her undertaking at Grace Farms. She was committed to the goal to reduce the use of forced labor. This is largely found in the manufacturing process of building materials and products. Professionals of stature in architecture, design and engineering were brought in to create the architecture in Grace Farms. The project proceeded without“slavelabor”and with responsible sourcing in mind.

Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur whose focus is on sustainability and the social good. She built Grace Farms Foundation for good of the society as a whole. Grace Farms provides an environment where solace and peace prevail in a world where these emotions are often overlooked. She opened Grace Farms in 2015 in New Canaan, and it has been a welcome addition to the community.

The 80 acre property is a work of art brought to fruition by Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the Pulitzer Prize award winning design firm Of SANAA. With an amphitheater that seats 700 people, Grace Farms hosts an array of year-round cultural activities.

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2015 Was A Standout Year For Gino Pozzo And His Family

In 2015, the Pozzo family was celebrating the success they had achieved as the owners of three soccer clubs in Europe all playing in the top-flight of their respective leagues. For Gino Pozzo, the success of Spain’s FC Granada and Udinese was something to savor, but the arrival of Watford FC in the top flight of English soccer was the main goal of the Italian-born owner.

Despite us thinking of Gino Pozzo as an Italian business leader, the Watford Chair is undoubtedly an international executive who has traveled the world to achieve his most aims. Gino Pozzo began his life in Italy before traveling to the U.S. to study for a master’s degree from Harvard Business School. After leading Udinese to the Champion’s League in 1995-96 after arriving at a club in crisis during 1993-94 season and went on to reach th4e Champion’s League across 20 consecutive seasons.

By 2015, Gino Pozzo had moved his family to London from their home in Barcelona, Spain to take a hands-on approach to run a soccer club. At Watford, Pozzo had arrived in 2012 with the aim of bringing success to the club as quickly as possible, which meant pushing himself harder than ever before. Working with existing CEO, Scott Duxbury, Gino Pozzo pushed forward his plans to take Watford into the Premier League as quickly as possible. Whether the owner believed the passage of the club would take just three seasons is unknown but we can believe he had plans for arriving on this fast schedule.

Gino Pozzo and his family would later sell their stake in FC Granada with the family now focusing on the success they are achieving at Watford. Pozzo believes the best option for his family is to focus their efforts on Udinese and Watford where the biggest gains can be made in business terms.

MaurícioMendonça Godoy discusses the process of business ideation

MaurícioMendonça Godoy has become one of Brazil’s most prominent business leaders. For more than 30 years, MaurícioMendonça Godoy has worked in heavy industry, wedding engineering experience with administrative skills to an extent that makes him almost peerless.

Since 1996, MaurícioMendonça Godoy has headed various divisions of Toyo Setal, including serving as that company’s CEO. Over the course of his long career, MaurícioMendonça Godoy has attributed much of his success to his ability to promote business ideation from himself and those under his management.

Among the most important features of this process is a constant open door to his office and a structured means of determining the success or failure of a new idea, which Godoy refers to as action plans.

In business, new ideas are a competitive cornerstone, but most don’t pan out

One of the most important things that Godoy says he has implemented is a structured ideation process that helps him distinguish between good and bad ideas and quickly abandon a new path if it is not meeting expectations.

While this may sound almost obvious, it is far from it. Many businesses simply don’t know at what point they should abandon new projects that are not bearing fruit because choosing the right point at which to do so is effectively arbitrary.

But with his background in engineering, Godoy brings a more scientific approach to the table. He says that, like in the case of running a controlled study, it is necessary to fully enumerate expectations of a project’s outcomes before ever starting. And part of that process is defining what constitutes success and, more importantly, failure.

This is where Godoy’s action plans come into play. He and his team lay out precise criteria for judging when a new idea or project is not working and, therefore, should be rejected. Godoy says that the importance of this step almost cannot be overstated. By not continuing to dump resources into ideas that aren’t panning out, he saves his organization massively on opportunity costs, redirecting manpower and funds to projects that have a higher expected return on investment.

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Todd Levine Named One of the Best Attorneys in America

The Best Lawyers in America recognized the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levin, P.L. for its expertise, professionalism as well as dedication to serving its clients the best way possible. The Miami-based firm has highly experienced attorneys including Abbey Kaplan, Alan Kluger, Todd Levine, Deborah Chames, Daniel Rosen and others.

The lawyers’ organization recognized Abbey Kaplan, Alan Kluger as well as Todd Levine in the Real Estate Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions as well as entertainment law sectors. Bruce Katzen was also honored for his achievements in the Securities and Capital Markets Law as well as Commercial Litigation. Kluger, on the other hand, was recognized for his roles in the Commercial Litigation, Family Law as well as Finance Litigation categories. Almost all lawyers in the firm were recognized for their contributions in the field of law.

According to one of the firm’s founding members Alan Kulger, they were thrilled for being recognized as among the best lawyers in the United States. The firm has always been dedicated to the legal profession empowering attorneys in the firm to build a sound reputation delivering unmatched services to clients.

Todd Levine, the firm’s founding members, handles almost all litigation areas including real estate litigation. He has represented prominent individuals including developers, property owners, real estate brokers, contractors and investors. He is also passionate about music, art and science. His music, science and art often comes-in-handy in the courtroom to help him crack cases.

Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine, P.L. is based in Miami and it is focused on litigation with offices based in not only Miami, but also Minneapolis, and Boca Raton. It has many litigators who specialize in many areas including commercial litigation, entertainment, construction litigation, sports, entertainment, and fashion law.

Todd Levine has handled many cases in a variety of litigation areas including sports and entertainment. He brings his analytical and creative skills to the courtroom to help him in cracking complex cases. With the unique set of skills, Levine has an edge in the courtroom with the ability to look at evidences and a case from all facets.

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Geologist Matt Badiali Explains Why Commodities Play A Part In Investment Portfolios

If you’re looking for the best way to make money from commodities the expert you should be listening to is Matt Badiali. He isn’t just an expert when it comes to financial analysis and investing. He’s also a geologist so he completely understands the science of investments like gold mines, oil wells, lumber, and marijuana. Unlike any other person that shares advice about investing in commodities, he will fly to something like a gold mine, take measurements, calculate the speed at which workers drill, and figure out if it’s a great investment or one that should be avoided.

Many thousands of investors listen to what he has to say. His email financial newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, is one of the bestsellers for Banyan Hill Publishing. That is why when he wrote that he thought oil stocks were undervalued in early 2019 a lot of people perked their ears and paid attention.

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Why would Matt Badiali write that? It’s because he visited refineries and oil fields rather than stare at computer screens and reports. He thinks that first-hand evidence would have shown investors that what other investors believed was based on emotion and bad information.

Matt Badiali has done research that shows oil in January 2019 hit its low point. There are many reasons why it will increase in value across the course of the next year. Not least among these is that the United States reimposed trade restrictions on Iran, a major part of OPEC. This action meant that there will be less oil & gas on the international market which, according to the laws of supply and demand, will mean that oil prices will go higher.

Matt Badiali is pretty confident in most oil & gas firms but he is not without his reservations. He doesn’t believe that many small oil & gas firms will survive low oil prices. He shows in his investment newsletter that if you invest in the right firms you can have exceptional returns.


Investing with TJ Maloney and Lincolnshire Management

TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm with headquarters in New York City and with three regional offices. The firm was founded in 1986 by businessmen Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. Over the last 26 years the firm has invested in over 70 acquisitions. TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993 and became the firm’s President in 1998. Throughout the years, the company has raised nearly $1.7 billion dollars in equity funds.

 TJ Maloney had previous experience in merger, acquisition and securities before working with Lincolnshire Management. He also worked with his family’s business which involved engineering, manufacturing and sales. Graduating from Fordham’s School of Law with a JD gave him the experiences he needed to succeed. With such success and dedication, those experiences also has given him opportunities to elevate with the firm. TJ Maloney was so grateful for the lessons and experiences that he learned from the law school, that he and wife Nancy Maloney gave a $5 million dollar gift to the school to open up the TJ and Nancy Maloney Library. In 2007 Maloney received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. The award was presented by the school.

The inspiration to endow on opening up a library comes about because of the love Maloney has for reading. He and Nancy both enjoy the habit. In recent news, the firm has expanded its company’s board with four new members. One reason for the hires is to invest in growing market companies. With different ideas and aspects, each new member brings something extremely valuable to the table. Lincolnshire Management has really been successful in investing in many industries. Lincolnshire Management was ranked as the 5th top performing equity firm in the industry. Both TJ Maloney and the firm are continuing to be great investing partners.