The SEC Whistleblower Program and its Benefits to Citizens

The Securities and Exchange Commission is also known as the SEC. The whistleblower program was passed in 2010 when the President signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform alongside Consumer Protection Act. The regulation established an incentive program to incentivize the reporting of different violations through the Commodity Exchange Act that is overseen by Christopher C. Ehrman who is the former senior executive of SEC. As such, the Whistleblower Program offers different awards to individuals who successfully submit different tips related to the violations of the securities laws. Since its launch, the program has provided significant employment protections, a viable reporting system for individuals to issue their reports anonymously, coupled with a monetary award. Whistleblowers are often entitled to a broad range of incentives that range between 10-30 percent of the total monetary sanctions garnered. The funds are usually paid from an Investor Protection Fund. From 2011, the whistleblower tips have made it possible for the SEC department to recover about $1 billion from offenders. The SEC has also awarded over $300 million to different whistleblowers.

Background Information on SEC

Days prior to the implementation of the final rules in 2011, many predicted that history would uncover the establishment of a system that can help fight misconduct. Currently, citizens can confirm that the SEC Whistleblower Program is a leading public-private collaboration in history. As such, the commission has provided the public with quality reporting procedures. Initially, many individuals feared retaliation as well as blacklisting. Corporate whistleblowers were prevented from contacting the SEC to report misconduct. Hidden misconduct would easily fester until they were uncovered amidst controversies. With the help of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, organizations started to highlight fraudulent cases. To reduce the risks of retaliation, SEC’s whistleblower program trains and empowers whistleblowers to report their issues anonymously.

Rules and Regulations

Whistleblowers are allowed to contact a viable law firm that has senior executives to represent them. A person’s ability to report misconduct is a leading pillar of the SEC Whistleblower program. A reporter has to be represented by a lawyer. They must also offer counsel coupled with an original copy of the submission that is often signed under the penalty act. The whistleblower attorney will then verify the whistleblower’s identity prior to submitting information to the SEC. The attorney is also going to serve as a viable intermediary between the SEC and the reporter during the investigation. In addition to these roles, the attorney will advocate for the leading monetary benefits. Before receiving any money, whistleblowers have to reveal their identity to the department of SEC which has consistently guarded the reporter’s identity.


If there’s retaliation, the worker is allowed to act privately in the federal court. This is without involving administrative remedies before filing the report. Besides, some courts have successfully insisted that this private right of action should extend to various disclosures especially if a worker doesn’t offer information to the SEC department. Although the law of reporting is unsettled on this matter, Dodd-Frank confers protection from retaliation.

Who Qualifies for Protection?

Some of the remedies available are such as the reinstatement of the minority, litigation costs, coupled with double back pay. A worker suing under the section has to file a claim within six years from the conduct of retaliation. They may also submit the claim three years after from the moment the worker knew of the retaliation of conduct. For an individual to qualify for protection, the reporter has to have a significant belief that the provided information relates to securities violation. The department of SEC has issued an explanation that the reasonable belief is not just subjective but a genuine belief that the provided information reflects a possible violation. The information should also reflect the possibility of a breach. This eliminates the chances of frivolous submissions.

The new whistleblower program is beneficial to reporters. It also provides a significant benefit over various whistleblower incentives that don’t encourage anonymous submission including the IRS’s whistleblower program. Whistleblowers have to sign a report stating that the information provided is factual, correct, and complete. Attorneys should retain the original signed copy. Besides, Dodd-Frank has enhanced its anti-retaliation protection that was published by the SOX. This has expanded its coverage beyond various companies to employees and affiliates of public companies.


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Jeremy Goldstein Initiates Flexible Communication Channels for Lawyers and Clients

Finding a lawyer who can handle issues can be challenging most of the time. From filing for divorce to child custody and criminal cases, a lawyer comes in handy during a crisis. Amidst the crisis of finding a lawyer, New Yorkers can now rejoice because The Association of New York State Bar is launching a new online platform for people who are in need of a lawyer’s services. The most peculiar feature in the portal is the availability of the services 24 hours every day. According to the management of the platform, people can access these services through the telephone too.



According to the president of the State Bar, Claire P. Gutekunst, most individuals find themselves in difficult situations that call for legal assistance. With the new online portal, such people will be able to access legal services at a convenience. Also, their confidence will be matched since the services are offered confidentially. The platform provides a low-pressure channel for offering services. In addition to trust and reliability, the State Bar provides lawyers with approved credentials. With the New York State Bar of Association having approved the credentials, clients who need legal services can rest assured that the quality of services provided by these lawyers is at a high level.



The Association of New York State Bar established this modern technology platform after partnering with the This is a national service provider of referral management technology as well as the marketplace in the legal industry. The company was proud to partner with a leading lawyers association in the world. In a statement by the chief executive officer of, Tony Lai, it was important to note that lawyers can offer different legal services to many people at a low cost. This is possible through the online platform. As the platform is reliable and can be trusted by many, the online destination offers a variety of lawyer services.


Jeremy Goldstein

As the founder of an organization that promotes peace and justice through a detailed understanding of the law, constitution, and justice, Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent lawyer with top notch skills. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of a law firm called Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. Under the management of Jeremy Goldstein, his law firm has always been ranking top since the establishment in 1990. Currently, the company serves approximately 185 jurisdictions. With an unmatched docket of services, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates offers an in-depth strength of understanding through editorial research.


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