Seymour Segnit: Redefining the Charging Standard with the MAGFAST Family


You may have heard about the newly designed magnetic chargers that have taken the world by storm and, if so, you have definitely heard the magnificent story of Seymour Segnit. Many are duly shocked by his immense marketing success and brilliant inventions that have brought his brand millions of followers.

Seymour Segnit developed the idea of doing what everyone does every day; charging his devices and getting frustrated by the experience. He decided it was time for a change, thus the MAGFAST charger came to fruition.

He introduced his invention to the world in 2017 and was capable of gaining so much support from viewers that the company crowdsourced more than half a million dollars for the company’s launch by 2018. Under the MAGFAST Chargers Family brand, you can find six different chargers all offering the same simple charging experience. You get both portable and stationary options, but they all maintain a simplistic style that makes for an elegant display.

Traditionally, the wireless charging standard is based on an industry term called Qi. It’s used across the board by even the biggest companies and has allowed several companies to effectively enhance the way their users charge their phones. The MAGFAST Chargers Family chose not to follow this norm and it has paid them tremendously. Go To This Page to learn more.

Seymour Segnit didn’t want to completely negate the old way of charging so he developed a charger that was traditional, but stuck to the efficiency aspects put into every MAGFAST Charger. With the use of magnetic connectors that link together, the user doesn’t have to worry about wires or tangling. Visit This Page for related information.

The MAGFAST Family allows for clean and rapid charging. Seymour Segnit has created chargers that work with just about any device and stays completely out of the way. The world is excited to see what’s next from the MAGFAST Family.


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MAGFAST Family of Chargers -Gives People What They Want


Why do we call our product line MAGFAST? Because MAGFAST safely delivers a powerful charge to any device so that life does not have to stop when the power dies.  Isn’t that what you want from your charger?

A POWERFUL, SUPER FAST, WIRELESS charge is what everyone wants and is exactly what MAGFAST delivers. In fact, a MAGFAST Charger is so dynamic, it is powerful enough to jumpstart a car.


The MAGFAST product Line

MAGFAST Family of Charging Products – A collection of Super-Fast and extremely convenient power banks.


  • MAGFAST Extreme USB & 3Qi wireless charging. Powerful enough to jumpstart a car.
  • MAGFAST TIME for Apple Watch charging
  • MAGFAST LIFE pocket power bank with swappable cords, USB A & C and Qi wireless options.
  • MAGFAST ROAD has 6 USB outlets and a built-in flashlight.
  • MAGFAST AIR is an attractive charging stand.
  • MAGFAST WALL is an ingenious design to organize charging wires.

*Available in Alpine White and Forest Green.

*The extended and detailed list of products are available on the website.

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MAGFAST’S Beginnings

Seymour Segnit MAGFAST’s CEO and founder is an engineering graduate from Oxford University. He has had a long professional career as a radio personality and co-founder of a venture capital startup company based in the Silicone Valley. Get Additional Information Here.

In 2017, Mr. Segnit set out on a path to transform power bank and charger industry by designing a family of magnetic, wireless, multi-port, supercharging banks.

The crowdfunding campaign to promote MAGFAST Charger was so successful that a budget goal of $300,000 was reached within 15 minutes.

MAGFAST has made a commitment to the community. For every product ordered a tree will be planted.


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The Story of MAGFAST’s Wireless Product known as the MAGFAST Charger


Seymour Segnit stepped onto the scene with a passion for change. He had been steadily working his way up the industry, but there was a desire to change something that turned the creative wheels. He was an individual known for his creative marketing ideas and helped greatly in expanding the internet in its infancy.

Now in the modern era, charging cords have turned into headaches for many consumers. Nearly every single device comes with a generic cord or specific cord from that manufacturer. Seymour Segnit founded MAGFAST to change the industry in the only manner he knew. The MAGFAST Charger was going to expand the wireless revolution, and Digital Trends was there to document the occasion.

In the eyes of Seymour Segnit, there are a pair of fundamental flaws with charging cords. At the core of the design, they are cheaply made and often do not reflect the quality of the accompanied product. He set out on a mission to revolutionize the charger in every aspect. Go Here for additional information.

It would first and foremost be able to wirelessly connect with all devices on the market and take equal or less time to complete a charge. Additionally, the MAGFAST Charger would have design features that demonstrate the high level of care that went into something users will need daily.

Once the basis of the MAGFAST Charger was determined, the article describes the next steps taken by MAGFAST. The company launched a product page on Kickstarter to give potential backers a chance to see the product with their own eyes. See This Article for more information.

All parties involved where floored when they saw huge amounts of money being poured in within minutes. Seymour Segnit knew MAGFAST was going to be hit, and he had to act quickly to meet consumer expectation. The path to change is never easy, but rewarding.

The goal of MAGFAST Chargers is to simplify your charging experience by limiting the number of cords you have to deal with. They have six different chargers on sale currently, each for a different device or a different location. Their lineup of chargers includes the LifeCharger, the LifeCharger Extreme, the AirCharger, the WallCharger, the RoadCharger and the TimeCharger.


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