Why Oren Frank Switched up From Advertising To Mental Health Care

Oren Frank is a businessman who started his career in the advertising space, something for which he profusely apologizes. He was an executive and creative at global marketing firms such as MRM Worldwide and McCann Digital. However, he got religion, so to speak, and exited that industry in order to do something more worthwhile with his life.

It all started when he started doing couples therapy along with his wife. He was skeptical at first but soon they both found that it really improved their marriage. He decided that rather than advertising products and services he would rather help people who also needed couples therapy. Along with his wife, Oren Frank founded Talkspace. This is an online therapy service.

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Starting out with couples therapy, they moved into helping everyone who needed therapy before too long. Their company has an app that people can use to find a therapist. This app differentiates itself from traditional therapy because it’s much more affordable. People can also send texts, pictures, or video whenever they want to their therapist. They can expect replies twice a day at least and sometimes more.

Oren Frank has been the chief executive officer of Talkspace since April 2012. For the first six years, his company could only provide talk therapy to its clients. He hired a chief medical officer in April 2018, though. Now, Talkspace can prescribe medications to people who need it because the company has a CMO.

Another way he has expanded his company is by partnering with companies. Companies across the United States offer their employees access to Talkspace so that they can work through any mental health issues they face. Oren Frank says that the goal is to make mental health care as accessible and affordable as possible so that a lack of money and time are no barrier to quality care.

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