FreedomPop Helps Families Starting Out On A Budget

Freedom pop is a new phone service that has fantastic new deals and free phone service for customers. Freedom pop offers plans that start at free. Free voice minutes and free text come with every free plan. Each individual has the choice to sign up for free usage or for cheap unlimited usage. The plan is a great way for a young couple on a budget to afford necessary phone service without breaking their pocketbook.


Young couples begin their lives with minimum wage jobs and little expenses. When they need to hunt for new jobs they are required to put down a phone number so that the employer can contact them for an interview. If the young couple is unable to afford the high cost of phone services they may miss out on a job opportunity. This is because they may not be able to afford a phone so they will miss the call. With Freedom pop, this same young couple can afford free phone service so they will always have a place for potential new employers to call.


The parents have the choice of free service or unlimited for less than 20 dollars a month. Parents are opting for the free phone service because it provides them with a way to locate their kids 24/7.


Through Freedom pop, the customer can access the freedompop review and a five dollar a month hotspot for internet service. The customer will have no contract to worry about and will not pay for shipping costs of the phones. Freedom pop works with Sprint towers so the coverage is great and so is the network. Anyone that purchases this service can access the 4GLTE service if it is in the area you live in.


Phone plans are available for customers that purchase the Freedom Pop phones. Anyone can begin with the 200 voice minutes and 500 texts. The 500 MB of data is also part of the free plan. If you find you need more phone calling minutes you have the opportunity to add up to get the unlimited service plans for only $19.99 per month. This allows customers to access unlimited phone voice and text minutes. Tablets are available to use on this service and are also available on the Freedom Pop Website.